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Creeping Black Part 1

Who: Everyone
Where: Mountains, Drake Castle
What: Trying to dispose of an artifice that is leaking dark energy into a well containing the trapped souls of Unspeakables? BAAAAAAAD idea!
Rating: R for language, violence, lots of fun stuff!

It's been a long trek through some rocky high-land, up a stony path and past all the evils that hang about the Well of Souls. More dangerous creatures than one could imagine have greeted them all along the way. A group of angry centaurs were the first, guard the way. A chimera. A very large, nasty runespore too. Plus more. Each fight was deadlier than the last, and each fight has caused pain and suffering to some, but not to all. They're almost there, though.

The most recent was against a dragon. A very angry dragon. How it got here, no one knows, but it /wasn't/ happy in the least. Lots of fire was shot and there was just no possible way to take it out nicely.

The weather seems to have turned to the worse from when the started this journey, pathetic fallacy. It's a very angry area.

At least that is what Daniel is saying, despite the wound in his side, the blood leaking down his cheek from a gash on his forehead and the like. He has the key held close, in a warded to heck and back box. He is on the lookout for more creatures to rise up and attack them.

There was no way to get around this, was there? Flying too high meant exposure to that nasty, nasty weather, and flying in close brought them to their perils. So onwards they had to fight. Vincent Nosfertum is still on his broom, however. Flying up a mountainside and flying in combat gives him greater manoeuverability. Wand in one hand, rapier in the other, he rubs his face across his coat sleeve to wipe away a slick of blood. "Is everyone all right?" he calls out. "We need to press on!"

She's on her broom, flying and flanking the rest of the crew. Chase's face is grim and determined, she's already had a busy day, what with delivering the snidget to Hogwarts and then fast-tracking herself to the rally point to join the group. She's now trailing with them, eyes bright and alert. Her hackles are up for some reason - there was SOMETHING in the air. Le Ninja Senses tell her so. Unfortunately she lacks the brainpower to determine what it is.

And yes, long, dangerous fights. The left side of Marcus' face is bleeding, one of his sleeves was completely ripped off and now it shows a deep cut on his shoulder that is also bleeding. However, his wand holder is still there, holding the two backups while his main is held in his hand, still ready for anything. "Still alive, sir." offers Marcus to the Enforcer after his question. Like the Enforcer, he is also on his broom, flying with the rest of the team.

Randy has brought her 3 feathers in their spell hardened wooden case. She's been careful, protecting them along with her life, but she's taken a bad wound to her bad knee and has tied off that with a strip of clothing. There are other wounds, but she's been on broomstick because that's the safest for her.

Having brought his sword and wand, Dillion has one in each hand. He's taken a few gashes and bruises, but is otherwise trucking along. So far, no broken bones, though he's sure this has taken years off his life down the line. He rolls his left shoulder, a faint cracking sound auidible. "Still here," Dillion states, moving along.

Adelaide is with the group, staring down at the Well of Souls. It is a massive and impressive thing: a massive stone disc in the ground that looks like it pulls apart. There are eight symbols marching around it: Dragon, Wolf, Swan, Raven, Basilisk, Manticore, Bull, Bear. There's a pulsing gem in the center of it, letting out a light that is reminiscent of nothing so much as a bruise.

Braewyn's got her share of gashes and bruises too, for all that she's been sticking near Dillion. "Still here, sir." she replies to the question. Her wand is out and in her hand and she's got a small bag slung across her back. She stares at the disc along with the rest of the group, her eyes wide.

Jamie has her wand, a borrowed broom, and quite a bit of damage to herself, already. But she's still here, still moving.. and still flying along with the others. A long gash down her right arm, places where she got just a little too close to that dragons fire, bruises, and more cuts and scrapes. One particular cut on her forehead is still dripping blood, and on occasion she reaches up to wipe at the blood to keep it out of her eyes. A glance is spared for Randy as they go. "Still here." She joins the chorus of replies.

Alphonse is more of a melee fighter anyway, so no sword for him. At least that means his hands are free so he can hold his wand in one hand and his broom handle in the other. He's got his bagh nakh on, however, and that's all he needs, even if he's just had a week of lessons. Wear 'em, and slap people silly, that's the first lesson. "Still here." he calls over.

Daniel stares down, swallows. A legend, a tall tale about the office, this is all this was to him until this very moment. Getting his hands on the true information proved to be a pain, but he did it. And now he is staring down at it. "Alive and well." Daniel murmurs softly. He cradles the key against his chest like, fingers wrapped about it possessive gesture. For all the hate that it supplies, he sure does like the thing. Maybe--- well, who knows what he is thinking. "It's so disturbingly beautiful." He says. "The animals. The gem. What is that, I wonder..."

Drake is here of course, his wife is going into danger and he's coming along for the ride. The hitwizard, there with his broom, looks quite well after the flight. Of course thats mostly because he worked as a dragon chaser, he liked thease kinds of heights. Axe on his back, wand at his side, he sails up though the air towards the goal. He'll hang close too both Daniel and Chase for most of the climb.

"......if a 1200 foot Yeti decides to come at us next, I quit," Chase mutters from where she is. Despite that, she grins, a trickle of blood already running down the side of her face. Her back ACHES LIKE THE DICKENS, but she pushes on.

Randy drifts down towards the gem, getting closer and closer to look at it, look into it. She's a curious person right? She's stupid, she's not that stupid. "Dan? I kinda feel like I want to get closer." Randy, you /are/ closer.

Marcus looks at the well and well, at everything. He takes everything in, nothing is left out of sight. "Maybe some..." the man moves blood away from his face with his hand and continues "Some activation mechanism?" He doesn't know, but it doesn't hurt to trow ideas to the pile right? He hovers with his broom, just a little closer to the thing, but stays with the group. "A yeti would be bad, yes"

"Provided you are all still /alive,/ then... let's get this done," Vincent says. Seeing the well of souls, he dismounts at last from his broom and moves stiffly up to the side of it. He walks down to the edge as if drawn to it, staring at it with transfixed eyes. "That's a wolf," he says softly to Adelaide. "And a dragon. You know... I can't help but wonder if there's some significance to that. There has to be."

"I want to touch the gem. I think that's how you open it," Adelaide says. "Its possible some of our ancestors were here, closing this place up. It would have taken a lot of power, and we know there were some powerful Houses spread all over the wizarding world, not just England. That has to be the Averescu wolf. I'm sure of it. And that's the Drake sigul right now, straight up."

"Well, what about the other six then?" Alphonse asks, landing nearby. "I wouldn't suggest touching it. It looks very dangerous to me." he eyes it warily. "Know any other important families?"

" mean..." Chase pauses. "....the other families. Their sigils would be around too. The Raven....and the Swan." There were five families, weren't they? She wracks her brain, trying to remember the fifth. The dormant archaeologist in her is dancing with glee. This place? In an academic level - is AWESOME. In an auror level? A place where something must be done. For great justice.

Jamie glances down at the well, as well... guiding her broom down to a soft landing and dismounting. Jay doesn't say much, she's in pain. She hobble limps over towards the others, one hand moving to her injured arm to hold it. Wide eyed she tilts her head at the well, as she takes it in, studies it, narrowing her eyes a bit, as she glances up at RAndy then Del.. and finally to Alphonse as he speaks. No, she's still not adding anything just yet.

When Randy gets closer, she nods. "That's right. I see it. It is," she agrees with Adelaide. She is the first to reach out and touch it, on faith that it won't send her into the netherworld.

As soon as Randy touches it...

"Don't get too close." Daniel tells Randy. "It's dangerous." He just flies about the thing, looking closely at every sigul, eyeing the gem in the center. "The gem, yes. Alright. Touch the gem and see what happens... each of you get by one of the siguls and touch it." He lands. "

Marcus lands along with the others to take a better look at the figures. He walks around them and softly says "The central node of magic..." random words of course. Marcus doesn't feel any connection with this figures, he is the first wizard in his family. He kneels next to the Manticore figure and looks at it, but doesn't touch it.

The gem takes on a bright hue, and then it seems to open, like an eye. A beam of light splits the sky, shooting straight up like a pillar. And then, slowly, the stone starts to pull back. Slow enough for people to hop back off of it rather than get sucked into the swirling vortex of violet (and violent) energy beneath. There is a pulsing, humming sound. Thrum thrum. Thrum thrum. Thrum thrum. Thrum THRUM. It echos through the body.

Dillion looks over at the thing. The great families and the like? Not something that Dillion was terribly strong on, truthfully. His own family, being halfblood, isn't terribly well-known or anything like that, not unless the Garsides somehow ended up here. He's about to go touch one when Randy touches it and he instantly jumps back. "Whoa!"

Yay for great justice! Drake though alights and glances down at the Well before he hrmmms a moment. "Would make sence as were all..." Then a blink and a pause. "...Marie! What do you think your...." Of course, he knows what she's doing. Acting without thought. *sniffles* What a good Drake she is. Part of him is so proud. However the other part of him. " least it didn't go an explode." He says easily enough as he steps far far back from the opening vortex.

Vincent had come to stand before the Avarescu wolf, but he had yet to touch it. He nearly /leaps/ back at the splitting beam of light, and reaching out, he seizes Adelaide to draw her back with him. "Oh, holy fucking Hell shit fucking son of a bitch DRAKE!" he roars. "Soong! Is this supposed to be happening?"

Alphonse just sighs. "Jesus Christ, people. We KNOW it's dangerous!" he steps back, trying not to, y'know, end up DEAD.

Marcus jumps back looking at the others and then into this well of doom. "What the bloody hell..." he is still next to the Manticore, but just because he got drawn by the image of it. Now, he is looking at everyone again. "Now this is interesting...!"

Adelaide stumbles back as Vincent draws her away. But after that? The light piercing the sky just stops, and the Well of Souls hangs out

Randy's eyes go really wide and then she twists back on her broom to STEP AWAY FROM THE COOKIE JAR, so to speak, and get to solid ground.

Jamie looks back at RAndy with Wide eyes... Though Dan says to touch one.. so Jay reaches out towards the Raven, though stuff starts happening. "Fuck!" JAy.. even with her injuries jerks her arm back and takes a leap backwards the nearly sends her tumbling... instead she just crashes down to a knee as her leg gives out under her. "What the fuck is it doing?" Jay glances up and then back at the well.. from a hopefully safe distance.

Braewyn's family is so mixed that it's hard to say what any one member might gravitate to, but Braewyn landed near the swan after Daniel directs them to try an animal. She doesn't have a chance to touch anything though because Randy already did that and "Uhhhhh..... that looks ominous....." she says no doubt unnecessarily.

Daniel is watching with his calm, collected expression. Unreadable. He licks his lips and nods his head. He flies back and lands a good distance back. "Just let it equilibrate." He says. "It's supposed to be locked up, and now we've disturbed it." He starts moving forward, unwrapping the key still held tightly in his hands. A cloth from the box and then opening the box itself. "Get back, all of you." He says. "I'd be ready to fly now." The key is taken out of the warded box he had it in, emitting it's evil, negative, hateful, unstable energy.

Chase reaches out to seize her husband's arm, drawing him back. "As much as it's pretty and shiny, love, I don't think you want to get too close to it," she teases - but she's a little nervous about it, swallowing. Oh god. What the hell. What about the days where she could just point and shoot? She misses those days.

Dillion grabs his broom and mounts it when Daniel says to be ready to fly. "That bodes poorly," Dillion comments. Yep, he's so ready for takeoff right now. Whenever the word is given. And forget point and shoot, Chase. Dillion is starting to even miss NEWT exams these days!

Marcus is holding his broom with his left hand and his wand with his right hand. He remains next to the Manticore thing, mainly because he is curious of what is going to happen, these figures are here for a reason. Pretty colors! But yes, Marcus does take a step back and gets ready to fly if he has to. The Manticore remains to be his partner for the moment, as he stands behind the figure.

Vincent heeds Dan's advice and mounts his broom, pulling Adelaide about and scooting forward so that she can ride behind him. His eyes are tightly narrowed with worry, and his mouth is pursed into a tight line. "Be careful," he says to Soong. He's sure the boy will be but.... well, he can't stop himself from saying it. "All right, lot... Get ready to /book it./"

Drake, no relishing the fact that things might get EXPLODEDIATED, follows Daniel's advance. Up on the room he hops and he smirks slightly about Chase. "I kinda figured that one out love, mount your arse up." He quips towards her before he grins towards her. " least its intresting!" He adds after a moment.

Jamie takes Dan's advice. Eyeing Randy for another moment before she manages to push herself up... and remount her broom. She's ready to get the hell out of there. She watches Dan remove the key, eyes narrowing... teeth grinding. She watches him for a moment then looks back at RAndy.. and then back at DAn. Her grip around her broom handle tightening. She's soo ready to book it.

Braewyn also hops back onto her broom, kicking off so that she can just hover the better to get the heck out of there if necessary and looking warily at the proceedings with the well.

"I'm always careful, sir." The usual cheerful quip is so perfectly calm and neutral right now. Daniel is so feeling mad right now. Completely bonkers. Gotta put your life on the line to save the world. "Please don't have a horribly epic end." He whispers softly. "Don't turn into Mordor after Frodo tossed the ring into Mount Doom." The key is held over it, hesitating for a long moment. Where is Gollum to get the task done for you when you need him. "Here goes nothing." He whispers. And he lets go. Goodbye key.

No, it turns into worse.

The broken key tumbles end over end until it is swallowed by the well. And for thirty seconds everyone's allowed to believe that's it. And then? The slightest dark swirl appears in the vortex. It swirls faster and faster, up and up...until shooting upwards and spreading into the sky like the world's largest octopus spitting out ink. North, south, east, and west it goes. From here? The sky looks BLACK. And then? It takes notice of our heroes....and streaks back down towards them at top speed, tentacles hungry.

A face appears in the Well.

It is a face with no eyes, a grayish pallor, and a yellow top hat. He has the creepiest mouthful of sharpened teeth you ever did see. He tips his hat to the group and says, softly, "Checkmate." He flashes the peace sign, and then disappears.

"Shit, I knew this was a bad idea!" Alphonse yells, jumping back from the ZOMG BLACK TENTACLES OF DEATH.

"Oh shit." Daniel murmurs, as the black starts seeping /everywhere/. He starts to back away from the well, just as the face appears. "OH FUCKING SHIT!" He /screams/, and is suddenly /running/ for his broom. "GO GO FAST. GET. SHIT. WORTH! FUCK GOD DAMN MOTHER/FUCKER/!" He grabs his broom.

Randy tries to disapparate to...somewhere else. Somewhere along the way to here even as she's jerking her broomstick away from a tentacle of doom.

And then, darkness. Chase watches the sky go dark as the key is shoved inside the Well of Souls.

Black tentacles shoot out of the sky, slamming near her. Her heart almost jumps out of her chest. Before another one can snag her, she leaps onto her broom and streaks away. "OH HELL NO!" she cries, firing her wand behind her, to JET PROPEL herself out of there by using a more intense version of the usual red flare sparks.

Marcus falls back to his ass when all the blackness thingy goes into the skies, and then the face appears and WTF?! He crawls back and then all the darkness is coming back at them with tentacles, and he doesn't like tentacles...those are bad and...bad. He stares at everyone as he gets back to his. "GET OUT!" and he does so, thank god he has a racing broom. WHOOOSH! Hell no evil tentacles of doom, not this Auror!

"WHY CAN'T YOU FUCKING STAY DEAD!" Drake roars after just a second of stareing stunned. Now he knows that /some/ people don't know who Krillian Worth is. Drake has no real desire to educate ANYONE. "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! EVERYONE! RUN!" He's already on his broom, and not he's not even trying too stop and shoot anything.

After the things he's seen, the things he Dreamed up. Oh hell no he isn't sticking around here. Off he runs, tentacles twisting and snapping at his heels.

"WHY WON'T THAT GUY STAY DEAD?" Dillion snarls, taking off immediately and looking at Braewyn. "Go! Go!" Yep, he is off like a rocket. Lets fly away from the nasty, nasty stuff. Dillion, recalling the comments about the happy thoughts before, decides to see if he can buy some time. "Expecto Patronum!" He sends off his big arse freaking elephant patronus to stomp around the ground to maybe buy those still scurrying for brooms a little time even as he tries to get free. It's evil. Patronus good. There's at least some logic there? If nothing else, they'll know it doesn't work!

There he is. It's a face and a voice that Vincent recognises, because it's haunted his dreams before. His breath catches in his throat, and his blood runs like ice water in his veins. Tentacles are whipping and snapping everywhere, and the man whirls about on his broom. "No!" he yells into the chaos. "Oh, fucking Hell, God help us, no!" He starts to fly, shouting, "GO GO GO GO!" But as he flies, he turns to aim his wand over his shoulder, careful of Adelaide before he fires off his own Patronus charm. Vorpal bunny, attack!

"Oh holy fuckin' shit!" Jay yells and pushes off, launching her broom into the air. She glances back ducking down to peer back.. Making sure Randy is getting away. She has to jerk her broom sharply in.. "What did you DO!?" She calls over the com units. "WHAT the fuck is this shit?" She spares another glance for RAndy.. trying to stay near enough to help her if she gets into trouble with the black stuff.

Adelaide is firing wide eyed at the wolves. And...her mirror is vibrating. She whips it up and listens, and then shouts, "Vincent! Its at the house too! Somehow its at the house!" Vincent's mirror is buzzing too. That would be his brother.

Braewyn doesn't need Dillion's 'Go' to be flying off - one look at that freaky tentacle thing was enough for her. She puts her new broom to the test and "Expecto Patronum!" is fired back at it. Sending a manic little bluebird at the nasty darkness. She doesn't know what it is but it sure as heck looks awful enough to need a patronus to help.

Alphonse grits his teeth. "We should've had the Patroni as a buffer around it like I suggested!" he shouts, and shoots off his own at the well. Yeah, his kinda changed to a werewolf.

Marcus does a barrel roll on his broom as he desperatedly tries to avoid those nasty things. "Expecto Patronum!" the silver house cat (?) jumps from the wand and joins the zoo, to bring like into the darkness and DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN. "Good for you!" screams the Auror at Alphonse, now is not the time to define who was right!

Reaching for his own mirror, Vincent looks down into it. If it can reach their houses... "But... the Fidelius?" he says weakly, softly, as he looks down into the reflection therein. "Quentin? What the Hell is going on? Where are.... where is Eleanore? Oh, fucking God, tell me the children are all right."

"SHUT UP AND FLY ALPHONSE!" Drake roars back, his own mirror is ringing as well, and he yanks it open after a moment and yells back towards the retreating Aurors. "The castle is surrounded by the stuff too!" Then a pause. "Its not getting inside though!" He adds after a moment. God dammit. Dammit.Dammit.Dammit.

Daniel casts a weak patronus, clearing a path through everything. Fuck. Fuck. Damnit. This is so bad. So so bad. "Have to go home, warn Sarah!" He can't stop curse. What did he do. What did he /do/?! How the hell do you explain to people that you just "accidentally" released Krillian Worth from something /evil/?

Randy does not think a patronus is going to do anything. She doesn't have enough hope to cast one anyways. When Jamie looks back, Randy disappears, a super loud CRACK heralding her disapparition. Goodbye. She's now going into Drake castle.

"I /AM/!" Alphonse shouts back, and flies like hell away from the tentacles. "It's not getting inside? Can /we/ get inside?" he asks him.

"This stuff won't be stopped by walls! Must be the protections around it!" Dillion calls. "If anything, it's a safe place. And HOW did it get there so quickly?" They only, like, just released it. This stuff moves fast!

"The catacombs!" Chase yells, turning her eyes to the rest. "There's a secret entrance to the catacombs in Drake Castle, they're under the castle. We can go through the cliffside entrance. These things are coming down from the sky and it might be low enough to be able to reach before it seals everything in but we have to move!"

Marcus looks at the Drake couple and nods to them "OK! Let's get the fu** out of here before Galactus gets more pissed!" What? Daniel pulled the Frodo joke. <.< XD But yeah, he is a comic book nerdy. If the group decides to fly there, he'll move as fast as he can to reach that destination.

For a moment Vincent just stares at his brother, flying without looking at where he's going. "Drake castle!" he finally says. "Go to Drake castle! Take the children and go! Get the Hell out of there!" His heart is pounding so hard that he's about to get sick and throw up everywhere, and hearing Chase, he sweeps his broom in to follow them.

Oh Dear God! Jay watches as RAndy apparates out..... "what did we do?" Jay just keeps repeating that question over and over again, softly. JAmie's mirror doesn't ring. Not yet at least. Though hearing the conversations going on.. she just tucks in against her broom and does her best to hold on as she zipzooms as best she can to avoid the tentacles. She does manage to cast her patronus back at the well.. The silver Fox leaping, snarling from her wand and she moves on.

"Just apprate there! If you can get through this stuff! Its open right now! I don't know if we can get in once Grandpa activates the real wards! GO!" Drake calls towards everyone he can hear in the near vacinity. "Apparently its already surrounded the place!"

Daniel pulls out his own mirror to make a few calls as well. "Drake castle, no questions, just go!" Are the howevermany calls he makes. He continues to speed along with the rest of them, doing a fantastic job of multitasking.

Randy is already at the castle and made it inside before lock down. That's because she heralds the alarm. Then she starts to cry. "Leave the cave entrance open," because that's the easiest to secure. Randy flies through the corridors up to one of the towers and sets up a recorded klaxon type message to keep going. It says, "FRIENDLIES TO THE CAVES. TO THE CAVES." People who know where to go will know what to do. Then she heads down to the catacombs to join the rest of the family.

Drake Estate, Wales(#2639RAJh)

Welcome to Castle Drake. Also known to the locals at Carreg Cennen. It stands situated about four miles from the nearest small town, the castle perching on top of a massive rocky hill, overlooking miles of farmland and forest. The outer curtain wall runs along the ridgeline, anchored at one end by a tall round tower. The gatehouse tower itself is nearby, welcoming friends and warning away enemies with its size and the arrow slits built into it. The drawbridge is down of course, and the moat dry, in a wizards home they are almost useless. Inside the gate is the outer bailey, a huge green field filled with training areas, targets, and a stone slab about 8 feet to a side in the middle of the place. The second twin towered gatehouse leading to the inner courtyard and the keep towers above the walls, giving a commanding view of the area. The keep itself is tall and expansive, a main building with two only slightly smaller wings coming off of it. The wings are anchored to the keep by tall square towers, pendants with the Drake crest snapping in the breeze from the top of each.
Overall the entire castle seems to hold a sense of age and magic. The place itself thrums with a life of its own, and most of the family speaks of her as a living person. Those that are accepted feel welcome, wanted, and like they are coming home after a long time being gone It's a sense of relaxation and peace that is seldom found. Those that don't belong, well they feel the sense of being watched-as if being glared at by something just on the edge of sight all the time.

Even as the MLE members start too pop in, and others from families and the like, they would see...the castle surrounded by that same evil black fog. Tendrils swirl around the walls while people crowd back from the edge of the walls. Its almost like its hesitant too try too get though it all. Tenticles prod and poke at the walls, before one starts too try in earnest slam its way inside the castle grounds.

That would be when Donovan walks out from the main room of the castle and glances around. In one hand is a long and slender staff. He pauses a moment before he says one snap of gaelic and slams the staff down on one specific little cobblestone.

There is a shimmering in the air around the castle walls, as some kind of ward activates, and as a faint golden globe forms all around the castle and its environs, the yellow tinged fog recoils with a snap and almost a fustrated snarl of annoyance.

Justin comes tumbling in on the back of a thestral. He hits the ground hard and falls off with his wife, his child, and a bunch of shrunken animals, which tumble out yipping. That would be allllll of Vincent's pets.

Daniel is so not pleased when he gets to safety. All that earlier calm and collected is completely melted, replaced by shaking and pale. Cursing and swearing. Though that is all under his breath, at least. He is totally, completely responsible for the release of Krillian Worth. How shitty is that? He is very obviously not talking to anyone, though he does reach for his mirror to, uh... call his boss.

Marcus apparates in that location and takes out his mirror, he speaks something into it, basically telling Nessa that if there's any Auror around where she is, that she follows the evacuation procedures and get the hell out of there. He pockets the mirror after that message and looks really nervous now "Just what the bloody hell is that?!"

Vincent comes in and lands his broom in the courtyard of the castle, nearly falling off of it. He's in a froth of fury and worry, one that is eating him alive until he sees Justin Carter on his Thestral.... with his pets, Melanie and Missy. He starts to stride up to the blonde man, reaching out to seize his shirt front. "Where are my children?" he almost shouts, eyes wide, voice hoarse and strained. "Where are my children? My brother?"

Crack! Dillion appears in, making a graceful 'dismount' of his broom in the process by slamming his shoulder into the wall. WHAM. Owww. He slumps against the wall briefly, but then he busts out his mirror and taps the special happy channel. Yeah, others might get a signal blocked, but those with his mirror? That's why they have their own frequency. "MORGANNA! GET TO DRAKE CASTLE. NOW!"

"We're here!" Quentin calls, with a crying Lacey and a sobbing Victoria in either arm. Amelia's hair is coming out of her bun, and so is Eleanore's. "All of us are here!" He waves from his end of the courtyard...and Adelaide, who had been quiet, turns and vomits. Why? Because she'd been holding in her fear, and her relief at seeing them alright means that her fear can now have its Moment. She does turn her head over the side and where she won't hit anyone.

Braewyn apparates in with a crack and dive rolls off her broom, thump thump thump thump roll. Oof. Yeah she tooooooootally meant to do that. She sighs with relief when she sees the nasty black stuff isn't following them into the castle grounds.

"Hogwarts...surely Hogwarts won't be attacked, right? The school's got protections galore on it." Alphonse asks anxiously, more or less falling off his broom in a dismount when he arrives. He turns to stare at the windows. "Oh God, what did we /do/?"

Jamie has a graceful landing of her own as she pops in... and is thrown from her broom.. resulting in tumbling a few rolls and landing in an undignified heap. That she doesn't care about. She's digging for her mirror. Praying to God that it wasn't cracked in the tumble. It wasn't. She makes a few calls speaking frantically and repeating herself several times during the several calls she makes. In no time there will be more four more Tuftons floo'ing in here as well. It's all she could think of doing.

Morganna has been busy, trying to convince her Grandfather that no, Shadow Briar is not safe right now and to get the devil out of there. When her mirror goes off, which is odd since everything has been busy, she opens it and nods once. "On my way." SHe says to Dillion and turns to her family, barking out orders. SO it isn't just MOrganna who arrives at the castle, but Seth, Glynis and Alessa. All who are very confused.

Xiu is trying her best, but it is hard when one of your dreams comes true, and not the good ones, and you have to try and calm your family. She looks to her Uncle and tugs on him. "I'll take Vicky, make sure My mother is okay." And thus she begins to try and entertain her sister, and keep her sanity.

Chance on the other hand, bursts out of his room as he hears the alarm go off. His young daughter Shannon is in his arms, looking mildy confused and half awake. For once, he is actually glad he is staying with his inlaws, even if the place looks a little cowded now.

"SIMON! ANSWER YOUR FUCKING MIRROR!" Chase's voice cracks with strain, tears welling up her eyes that she blinks back. This was neither the time or the place however as she whirls around and shoots a silvery fox out through a window where she could still glimpse some light. That was all she could do now, and she takes a deep breath.

Gritting her teeth, she whirls around, snagging the nearest steward and asks where Nicholas and Ms. Pinky are. And then she'll try and call Paige.

Mihail is staring around, wide-eyed. If it wasn't for the shock he was feeling right this moment, he might be a little more excited to be there.

Vincent looks like he's about to be sick himself. For a moment he just sags against Justin while clutching his shirt, and after remembering himself, he pats the other guy on the shoulder. "Thank you," he says fervently, before he breaks away and goes striding towards his family. Arms opening, he reaches to take the crying Vicki and Lacey, clutching them close, and then he stretches out his arm to snatch at Xiu too. "Are you all right?" he asks softly, as he looks around for Mihail. When he finds his son, he sighs in relief. "Mihail!"

Quentin rests his hand on top of Xiu's head, nodding as he looks up and around for that head of white hair. Ew. She's puking. "Er.... Amelia?" But he finds the redheaded woman has already whisked past him, running for Adelaide with her skirts gripped tightly. "Adelaide!" she calls out. "Are you all right?"

Adelaide scrubs a hand against the back of her mouth and nods at Amelia. Then she grabs the woman in a fierce, tight hug, unable to use words to express her gratitude at the safety of the family, her children, everything.

Dillion also sends word to his mother, who responds that she and his father have already apparated out of the country. Well, she apparated him out. He takes a breath and looks around. He kneels down to check on Braewyn. "Alright there, dear?" Dillion asks. "That fog, Morganna. It's death, quite literally. Apparently Drake Castle is safe from it," he says. How he knows about it? Don't ask right now. And ignore the fact that his clothing is nice and torn, and he's got some obvious injuries. Dillion would like that very much.

Marcus receives a mirror call and says "Damn it!" He looks at the mirror and says "Just follow the orders from the Aurors, stay safe, follow the evacuation!" He pockets his mirror again and is trully nervous and scared right now, but with all he's got "Expecto Patronum!" There goes the house cat again, to find Nessa, wherever she is. He looks around at the others, chaos is running free. Oh god, oh god, let her be ok, please.
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