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Once Upon a Time...(Part I)

Place: Courtyard @ Drake Castle
Character Roles: Nessa (Morgan Le Fay, storyteller), Paige (Princess Paige), Mihail (Prince Mihail), Alex Drake (Ninja Master Drake), Alphonse (Count Vladimir), Selene (Countess Vladimir)
Characters involved: Nessa, Paige, Lacey, Nola, Mihail, Alphonse, Rhiannon, Marcus, Dillion, BB, Nosfertum, Vicki,
Brief Synopsis: Nessa & Paige organize storybook time for the kiddies.
Ratings/Warnings: Totally adorable PG-ness. Can you handle the cute?

The darkness of the hour, its tide looming over the shields about Drake Castle render its occupants stranded within. But life must go on and in life there are children. A stray nagging thought, inspired by her tours to children's hospitals, requested Paige's assistance. Together the two friendly blondes gathered the castle's children for an evening bedtime tale. There they crowd within the courtyard. Some snuggled with their mothers and fathers, wrapped neatly in blankets. Other adults join the crowd to listen to this fanciful tale. In the middle of the courtyard, a makeshift dias is set. Nessa found within her mysterious carpet bag of tricks various items for their story. She sneakily dropped them into a cardboard box for later use. For the moment, she holds a VERY oversized children's book in one arm and wears a Merlin's cap upon her head. Paige received the beautiful Princess cap and a royal cloak. The two wait for everyone get to comfy.

Mihail is already comfy, ohyes. This is the most interaction he's had with this many children in years... besides the Drake kids, anyway. He's a little overwhelmed and acting a little shier than he usually is. His toy vampire stake is in one hand, though. Of course he has that.
And Paige just wouldn't make a very good Princess in her jeans and t-shirt, so she's borrowed a dress from her sister to look more the part. It's a simple blue gown that reaches the ground and she's barefoot beneath the dress. She's un front with Nessa, not entirely sure what she's supposed to be doing, but she is here and she is game for entertaining everyone around, most likely at the cost of embarassing herself.

Lacey is here as well, curled up with a blanket and teddy bear somewhere near Mihail and a few of her new Drake friends.

And it can get slightly boring when you can't go out, so an event like this is more than welcome in Marcus' book. And the fact that the woman he loves is going to be the storyteller along with Paige, well, that adds more to the mix. So there he is, stepping into the backyard, looking around at all the families gathered there for this story time. Holding his hand, there's a little girl, can't be older than five years old. Long blonde hairs fall to her back as she walks along with Marcus. When the young Auror spots her mother, he guides the little girl to her and kneeling down, the Auror lets the kid give him a hug goodbye. A smile is offered to both mother and daughter and then he finds a place for himself.

Alphonse decided to come listen since he doesn't have much to do until he persuades the Drakes to let him look at some of the attack golems they have in the castle. So /he/ makes himself comfy off to the side, watching the kids with no little nostalgia. He remembers when his brothers, sisters, and cousins were that little, entranced by stories of magic.

Drillock has emerged from the forge, where he's been undoubtably working hard on Daniel's shiny key. That and trying to figure out some things. He has at least cleaned up, but is in pretty much the same things he was wearing when he got here, which is to say a t-shirt and his pants. He's got a cloak back at his room. He's taken on a couple of the various younger children who have been walking around, some openly asking him if he was a giant. So they can come sit with him as he finds a good spot to sit. Their parents are nearby, but don't seem that bothered by this fact, particularly as they did ask permission and all.

Rhia_Wize is here in the background. She is seated on a blanket and offering her lap, should anyone want it. She also brought cookies out with her. After all what is story time with no cookies. This is whene she misses her little ones.

Snug as a bug, their delightful faces would make any person melt. Nessa smiles especially wide upon seeing Marcus' arrival and the tiny blonde accompanied. She gives a light wave to him before she tosses her cloak about dramatically and paces up and down the dias. Her sparkling eyes greet each child warmly, addressing each and their parents in return. "I welcome you one and all, wizards and witches, for you come to hear this tale of brave young folk. I am Morgan Le Fay, your storyteller of the mystical night. The stars speak to me and say the children gathered are very witty and brave. This is well for I will need your help to guide our heroes to save our beautiful Princess." Nessa waves grandly to spotlight fair glorious Princess Paige. She taps her book in peeking at its contents. Quickly it snaps closed and a shocked expression takes over. "Oh no. I need a Prince. What story would this be without a Prince to save the Princess. Is there any brave lad in the crowd who would like to help us? One who can face the evil Vladimir?" She gazes into the crowd especially grinning at Mihail, vampire hunter.

Little young Nola is uncertain about story hours. The storytellers /always/ puts her on the spot to read what's in the book. And she's not quite up to the letter Z yet! She sits with the other Nosfertum children and blinks at the strange woman suspiciously. She's not Nosfertum. Momma said not to trust non-family members. Instead, she leans closer to a cousin.

When Nessa spotlights her, Paige twirls and bats her eyelashes prettily at the audience at the mention of needing a Prince. At the mention of the evil Vladimir she places her hand on her forehead, looking terribly frightened. She's hamming it up for the kiddies.

Face Vladimir? Seriously? Mihail is jumping up, even as a dozen Drakes are doing the same. "ME! ME! OH! ME!" He yelps. All that anxiety he was feeling moments before has been forgotten. "Paige is my girlfriend, /I/ have to be the on to do it!"

At the statement of Paige being Mihail's girlfriend, Dillion glances up at Paige with a small smirk on his face, obviously amused. You heartbreaker, you. The kids he's got? They're not jumping up and down. They're a little more shy.

Marcus returns that wave to Nessa with a bright smile. He finally takes a seat and steals one of Rhiannon's cookies. "Thank you..." offers the man smiling to himself. His attention returns to the duo of blondes as the story starts and oh...they need a prince. The Auror looks at all the kids trying to define who is going to be the Prince and...well, Paige /is/ a very popular princess it seems because all the kids want to be the prince.

Alphonse stifles a snorting laugh at Mihail's statement, regarding the kids with amusement. No, he doesn't have any kids following him around, but that's just fine with him, considering sometimes he feels like eating them.

Rhia_Wize laughs and nods to Marcus. But her eyes never leave the kiddos! That is accept for a quick, stern glance to Alphonse 'No eating kidlets!' Then she tries to figure out who will be the shining prince tonight.

Aaaaand little Nosfertum Vampire Hunter is selected! Nessa waves him up to the dias. When Mihail is closer, she asks for his name. And now, "Everyone please cheer for our brave young Prince Mihail!" When the applause dies, she addresses Mihail. "Your Royal Majesty, please take your throne will I tell your subjects of your quest." A throne appears, well more a chair drapped in Nessa's Ministry Robes. It's set on the opposite end of the dias, away from Paige because he hasn't saved her yet. And then Nessa glances at the audience, "Once upon a time, our fair Princess Paige," gestures to the woman, "fell in love with Prince Mihail. But before she could dance with him at the Royal Ball, she was kidnapped by the evil Vladimir." Somewhere out of nowhere an evil cackle is overheard. "The evil Vampire placed her high above in the tallest tower in the royal kingdom of Nosfertum." At then, Paige is whisked into a cardboard box makeshift tower. "And a powerful curse befell our beautiful kingdom. All our," and now Nessa glances into her book. "Hmmm. It says all our....can someone tell me what is our favorite fruit in the kingdom of Nosfertum?" She eyes the children especially to make believe with answers.

Each time Nessa says her name, Paige acts out her part that is being described. She swoons, clasping her hands together and sighing, starting dreamily over at Mihail once he takes his throne. And then she's kidnapped! A small scream escapes her as she looks like she's being dragged by some invisible force into her tower. She reappears in the little window that has been cut into the tower, looking so sad.

Marcus applauds the young Prince and cheers for him. The man leans forward when the story gets interesting and just listens. The favorite fruit? The Auror looks around at all the children and just to encourage them to say something... "Pineapples!" And now he'll dodge the evil stares.

Alphonse will eat just the naughty ones. They'll give him gas though, but you can't have it both ways. Marcus is eyed when he calls out a fruit, and he snickers. "I think she's asking the kids." he tells the man in a loud whisper.

Mihail hop-skip-jumps up to the front and flops down onto his throne. The little dark-haired boy sits tall and proud like any good prince would. He is royalty. He is a /Majesty/. He /rocks/. He is a Vampire Hunting Prince, how awesome is that? ... of course, then his princess is kidnapped and he gasps. "I will get you Vladimir!!"

"Apples and Bananas!"

Nola thinks very very VERY hard and has to say, "Peppers." Well that's a vegetable but it's /red/ to her so therefore MUST be accepted.

When Mihail is selected as the Prince Lacey cheers. "Yay Mihail! Save Paige! I mean...Princess Paige!" the tiny redheaded Nosfertum giggles. There is a little Drake boy sitting real close to Lacey, whispering things about the story and making her giggle happily.

Rhia_Wize cheers for the young Prince as she snags a cookie for herself. Then she elbows Marcus and puts her finger to her lips. Let the kids play silly!! Then she hears Pickles and Cheese and all she would need is some Vanilla Icecream and she could have a feast! Oh wait that craving was from her pregnant days...errr lets not go there.

Nessa fights back her initial wish to chuckle at the non-fruit words shouted. A few tickle her fancy to which she announces, "The royal fruit that's oh so delicious on our breakfast cereal, the bananapple, has been cursed! Instead of the sweet and tasty flavor, it is salty and dry like brussel sprouts! OH NO! Everyone say BAAAAD VLADIMIR! And boo and hiss. Bad bad Vladimir." After the audience quite rightly puts the bad man in his place, she swings her cloak about to approach the royal throne. "Please Prince Mihail! Will you save your royal kingdom from the evil plaguing us? Will you save your bride to be, Princess Paige? Are you brave enough to fight?" And her free hand gestures to the crowd to encourage their Prince, plead for his help.

"Oh please save me, Prince Mihail. I can only be saved by my one true love!" Paige cries dramtically from her tower. She's doing everything she can to remain frightened and sad and not smile at all the kids that are watching. Each time Nessa or the audience says Vladimir, the captured blonde looks fightened. She glances around nervously even.

Chase stares at her sister playing a damsel, hunched over a bench with a flask on one hand and watching the spectacle. She can't help but grin as her sister hams it up. Maybe she should've been an actress? She cradles the silver flask in her hand, which is full of Irish Whiskey. The best in the world.

Marcus looks at Alphonse and shrugs "It's a good fruit mate." he chuckles amusedly at that and then smiles at Rhiannon. "Save her!" offers the Auror to the brave prince as Nessa requested /everyone/ to join there. He takes another cookie and keeps listening to the story. It's actually very refreshing to have a moment like this.

Better late than never? Vincent Nosfertum comes walking along slowly. He's been a busy man, trying to track down people for long talks about the evil at large. For once, he's had to play daddy, and his little girl Victoria has been cranky, frightened and whinier than ever. She's riding along, carried in the crook of his arm and against his hip, as he walks from the castle's proper down into the courtyard. Storytime! While she clutches a little teddy bear, little Vicki twists around to get a good look at what's going on.

"Please Prince Mihail! Save us!"
"I want my bannapples!"
"Defeat the evil Vladimir!"

Interesting choices. Dillion keeps sitting with the two kids he's 'watching' for the parents tonight. Yeah, he's just a big, tall babysitter. "Come now, Prince Mihail. You have to save her!" Dillion calls to the lad easily as the two kids with him also cheer him on. He found himself some grass and seems perfectly comfortable, yep. It's just like being Head Boy again and doing things with the younger students, really.

"That evil man!" Little Mihail brandishes the toy stake he /never/ goes /anywhere/ without. "I will save you all and /get/ that evil Vladimir!" He stands up quickly. "Paige, my darling!!" He heard Tatic call Macia that once. "I am coming!"

Braewyn comes in after getting pounced on by random family members and spots her boyfriend getting crawled on. Awwww, sooooooooo cuuuuuute. She heads over in his direction and flops down on the grass. "Found some friends?" she murmurs before adding her encouragement, "You can do it your Highness! Save her!"

"Our royal Highness has accepted the quest!" Nessa makes the motion for high cheer and applause. Once it dies, she tucks the oversized book under her arm to grab a box. "Since you have bravely decided, as your royal magician, Morgan le Fey, I cannot let you go into battle unaided. I already see you are well equipped for battle, young Prince, but you will need a magical item to get you through this hardened task. Please select one and tell the your royal subjects what it is." And in case Mihail doesn't understand, he may HAM up the title of any object all he wants. The Ogre Beater Stick +10! The Shiny Shield of Spiffy Sportswear! Etc etc. And once he does, she'll announce it to the crowd. Hurrah! And OOooOoOoh! Mystical!

Alphonse snickers at the little Nosfertum kid, and glances over at Nossie. Who's been teaching that kid this stuff? He's got a good guess. Smiiirk. Guess the badarse auror's got a soft spot for kids.

Vicki peeeeeers up at the stage and starts to wiggle to get down, wanting to sit on the grass. Nossie, being oblivious - or steadfastly /ignoring/ glances in his direction - sits down on the grass behind her and tugs her back down to his lap. He flicks up the brim of his hat with his fingers and settles in to listen with a smirk on his lips, applauding politely when called to do so. Awww, he called Paige his darling. That.... rather does sound familiar.

The little blonde runs back to where Marcus is sitting and brings him a cookie. He smiles at her and takes the cookie, splitting it in half. A piece for him and another for her. The small blonde asks if she can stay with him and the Auror looks at the mother for approval. Everything ok with the mom, so Marcus got himself a new friend. The little girl sits next to him and looks in silence, but like the Auror, looking around from time to time. It seems like she is imitating him.

WHen Nosfertum appears Lacey beams and crawls away from her Drake company for a few moments at least. Maybe they'll follow. "Daddy! Mihail's the prince!" she squeals, as if he can't see that for himself. She'll curl up by his feet, wrapping her arms around his leg and leaning her head against him.

When he goes 'Paige my darling!', Chase can't help but drop her head over her flask and swallow her laughter. That was...too adorable and hilarious for words. Aw, Mihail. This was a good idea, actually, considering all the doom and gloom, some lightheartedness was well deserved. Exhaling softly she stands back up, and sticks the whiskey flask back in her pocket. Moderation and all that - just to keep the chill away. Besides, she had the tolerance of a horse. She turns, to start walking to the end of the courtyard...

Only to be assailed by other Drake kids, dressed as ninjas. And not just any ninjas, but t-shirt ninjas. Clearly someone introduced to them the proper way to turn a t-shirt into ninja head gear.

Francis just -laughs and laughs and laughs- in the background.
Chase pages: Yes, why?

Rhiannon just watches with a warm smile. Then a young boy comes running over to her and plops down. Hey she was reading and playing with him earlier. His mother shakes her head and laughs. Rhia just offers him a grin and passes him a cookie. Then she levitates the plate of cookies over closer to Nossie and Chase. After all even they eat cookies right? And if not she knows Vicki and Lacey do!

Mihail has to take /time/ to pick out the most /perfect/ magical item. But he does. It just so happens that this perfect magical item? Is a big, black, floppy hat, much like his father's. "This one will do perfectly." He determines in his big grown-up voice. "Absolutely perfectly." He sticks it on his head and gives a scowl. "Now where is this evil vampire!"

Daniel is hanging out somewhere in the back, having heard about it and deciding coming out would be good. He laughs softly into a hand at the display. Kids are so adorable.
Nola's out there staring very perplexed at the story. This is /very/ different from the stuffy read from a book hour at the library. She whispers to her cousin but Lacey moved! A bit afraid, she turns about to scoot closer to her family. No one else will do.

"Oh! My dear Mihail! Be safe!" Paige calls, extending her arm out the tower window and waving a white hankerchief she got from somewhere. She looks positively sick with worry. The hankerchief is waved before it's brought up to cover her face as if she were sobbing.
Dillion just slips his arm around Braewyn's shoulder as one of the kids scoots to flop down in front of them. "Hey dear, and I did," he tells her with a smile. He watches, though he does catch Chase's poor plight. Ahh, Drake kids. So glad he doesn't get ninja'd by them on a regular basis, yes.

Braewyn laughs at the production. So, cute! What a good idea, it entertains the kids and puts everyone in a better mood. She ruffles the hair of a youngin that sidles up on her other side, a soft smile on her face as her eyes return to Nessa and the 'characters'.
Rhiannon pages: Didn't we decide Nola knew Rhia?

"Behold the Hellion's Helmet of Heroism! This mystic item has long not been used for many many years. The great great great great King Xaiver Nosfertum used it to defeat the giants from attacking our kingdom. We will be victorious!" Nessa cheers with her arm raised high. Then a hand lightly settles on Mihail's shoulder. "But before you go, my Prince, I, your royal magician, must advise that two guardians accompany you on this quest. One I have heard many stories about. You will do well to have her by your side." She turns toward the crowd to scope out this particular redhead. "The sacred wererabbit of lore. She is quick of feet and very daring. Is she here today to help our Prince?" Spying Lacey, she gestures her to the dias. "And the other, my Prince Mihail, is of stealth and cunning. He will guard your left side and defeat all who cross your path. A ninja of an ancient ancestory of Drake. Is he here to join you too?" She tries to spy Alex Drake in the crowd to wave him forward too.

A glass of milk would be great, just great. The little blonde pulls from his sleeve for him to lean forward and she whispers something to him. Marcus smiles softly at that comment and gets another cookie for the girl. The young Auror looks at the Enforcer for a fraction of a second but moves his gaze away. He also looks at Chase and follows her with his gaze...his fellow Aurors and their families. Marcus just smiles at that. And the hat is selected and now it's time for the trustworthy guardians! Marcus applauds and cheers for them.

Lacey is too shy to go up in front of all these people. Not right now. She scoots closer to Nosfertum, clinging to him and glancing up at his face, trying to figure out what to do.

Alex Drake is clinging onto Chase's ankle, even as the older ninja taptaps him on the head. "I think you're needed, padawan," Chase remarks with an amused look on her face. She's still standing, but she looks like a chibi-ninja jungle gym.

"Man!" Theodore "Teddy" Drake pouts, letting go and dropping on the ground, pulling off his t-shirt and -eyeballing- his brother. "Why does -he- always get to go?"

Alex Drake flashes a grin at his twin - he is, at present, one of the very rare blonde Drakes in the family. "Because I'm awesomer than you," he says with a nod. And with a cheeky grin at them all, he turns to dash towards the dais.

Vincent curls his arm around Lacey to hug her tight, and he bends to drop a kiss to her little red head. "Hello there, darling," he whispers. "I see Mihail. He's doing quite well, isn't he?" He smiles at her little shy smile, and when he glances up at the stage, then back, he whispers again, "You can go up, if you want to. But if you don't, that's all right too. It's up to you entirely, darling. But you could be a /werebunny/ again, if you go up."

In the background, there is a pretty man with an equally pretty nine year old brother clinging to him. Isidro is the younger of the two. Nikolay is the older. They're here, only just watching. They're rather alone in a sea of Nosfertums and Drakes.

Megaera is also here. Nola's here, after all, so her mother would be as well. <3
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