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That Darn Cat part 2

Who: Daniel, Milo, Rutilus, Chance, Kauton, Abigail, Michael, Paige, Adelaide, Morris, Sebastian
What: The Cat Strikes Again!
Where: Leaky Cauldron
When: After the first happened.
Rating: PG. Violence. Guess who!
Synopsis: The cat appears again in the crowded Leaky Cauldron during dinnertime, infects more people. There is hugging. There is fighting. There is...Adelaide acting like McGonagall, and she didn't even touch the cat!


This cramped, angular room is the taproom of the Leaky Cauldron. A long bar runs along one side of the room, plain wooden stools set out before it. Smoke from pipes and candles fills the air. The patrons of this curious little bar, many of them elderly, sit hunched over their mugs at the tables. Waitresses bustle back and forth bearing trays of food and mugs of ale. Many of the people seem strangely out of place, dressed in cloaks and floppy hats, it almost seems as if you've stumbled into another century. Notably absent is any jukebox or electric lighting, or any sign of electricity at all. Still, the occasional muggle does find their way in here, usually declaring it to be 'quaint' and 'atmospheric'.

Outside, it's fair and mild, with a few clouds in the sky.

Milo Dan2 Michael
Chance Abigail
Obvious Exits:
Upstairs Rooms ............. Out ........................

Its sunset in London and people are rolling out of sork to get some dinner and conclude the day. The door to the Leaky Caldron is cracked open and a few windows are open as well to air out a bit of the sultry spring time warm that seems to be over taking Diagon Alley around this time. Customers are eatting dinner, having drinks, and chatting happily to eachother. Just another average day here in London it seems.

Well, not all are chatting, or happy. There is a young man who enters from Daigon who glowers about the room. His skin is greyish, skin stretched tightly over bone. There's little to soften his face, what with the glare and the tense, downward turned slash of his mouth. As he makes his way through the crowd, another customer rises and nearly bumps into him, earning a warning snarl from the young man before Lothar passes on and finds a table in the corner to grump at. Dressed in black from neck to toe in a fitted, long jacket and trousers, his taste in clothing does little to off set his waxy complexion.

An average day is never average when yer an Unspeakable. Daniel looks pooped as he comes into the pub, probably due to whatever crazy stuff he's been doing all day at work. He's decided to pick up some take away to take home with him, and he walks through the crowded pub in determination. Greasy and disgusting food me.

Making his way in from the London side, Michael's eyes are slightly closed, like it seems that he's got a headache, or something. Starting to make his way in the direction of the bar, rather quickly.

Milo didn't want to eat at home today, so he decided to grab a bite at the closest place to go, the Leaky Cauldron. It just happened to be right across the way. Dressed in his usual tweed and sporting at least half a dozen post-it notes, he draws the occasional snicker as he passes. He doesn't seem to notice, however, and goes to sit at the bar, pondering nothing in particular.

Shae has to work late, so poor Chance is on his own for dinner! Lord knows he doesn't watn to go home and cook for himself, so he slips in to his old haunt and nods to a few patrons as he passes. It was one of those delcared work holidays, where they get to wear HAWAIAN SHIRTS instead of those stuffy robes. Of course, not everyone complied.. but lord knows he did! Ploping down at a table he waits ever so patiently for his waitress.

The Bartender gives a nod to the people who enter and continues to por the pints out. A waitress gives a wave and the usual Fare continues. A waitress comes up to Rutilus's table and attemps a smile...hoping she does get growled at. "What Can I get you?" She asks in a chipper manner. A group of other laugh loudly in the corner, pounding their hands on the table. Obviously its an after work drinking group having a bit too much fun. The Bartender rolls his eyes at the table.

Rutilus utterly ignores the woman's cheer, greeting her with a sour, disdainful expression. "Pint, stew, and a heel of bread." he orders, then narrows his eyes. "And don't give me naught but potato and gravy. If it's a beef stew, I expect to see /beef/." he adds insistantly, then grits his teeth at the laughter as if it grated on his nerves. Perhaps he chose the wrong corner. Hrmph. While the Hawaian shirt is eyesearingly difficult to miss, it's actually the man just beyond Chance that catches Rutilus' eye. Huh, thats Daniel. He never returned the man's owl. He should do that.

Michael steps the rest of the way over to the bar, glancing around at the people present, for a few moments, shrugging a bit to himself.

A waiter swings by Milo on his way to catch Chance as it table. He blinks a few times at the many many postits stuck to this man. He opens his mouth to say something then desides its best to just keep his mouth shut. He stops at Chance's table and smiles "Take your order, Mate?" He asks him. The Waitress at Rutilus's table just nods and keeps her head down. Don't make eye contact, DON"T MAKE EYE CONTACT! She bumps into Michael hard as she heads to the kitchen "OYE! Sorry!" She squeeks nervously.

The bartender eyes the table in the corner as another obnoxious wave of laughter roars through the pub. "Oy! You over there! Keep it down!" He shouts at the table. The group is soon reduced to loug giggles instead.

"Just some shepards pie and Ale for me. Nothin too fancy." Chance says with a grin and a nod leaning back in his chair and taking the people in. He gives a wave to Daniel and tries to avoid Broody Mc Gothy Pants over in the corner. His wife isn't here to save him if he gets in a bar fight.

"Good Lord this place is loud." Daniel comments to no one in particular. He spots the bright Hawaiian shirt, and a smile tugs at his lips. "Left mine at work." He says to Chance and waves in return. "Good day, Mr Andrews."

Milo opens his mouth to order, but the waiter passes him by without a word, and Milo looks around, confused. Huh? "Er, um..." he starts to say timidly, but falls silent. Maybe he just has to wait his turn?

Broody Mr Gothy Pants is easy enough to avoid, unless you're speaking with the man he has to have words with. Lothar gives them a few minutes to exchange pleasantries, however, and reamins in his seat for now. The eyeticking has faded, now that the idiots next to him are reduced to giggles. It's not gone ... it's just not looking like it might become permenant anymore.

A little breeze wafts through the open window and after a long moment, a little grey tabby hops onto the window Ceal. She's a adorable little thing with bit amber eyes and white paws. She sits there for a long while, cleaning behind her ears with a little paw.

Getting his balance back rather quickly, Michael offers a quiet grin to the waitress, "Don't worry about it," he replies, before taking a seat at the bar.

"Doing well Mr. Soong." Chance says with a grin. "Yeah I know, it used to be a lot quieter a few years back. Maybe I'm just getting old." He says with a widening of the eyes, and decides to untie his hair and let it be all hippyish around his head. There, he isn't 30! He swears it! "So how are unwork related thinks going?" He says to the Unspeakable about his job.

It's okay. For some reason a lot of people avoid Milo. No idea why. "Uh, this." he says, pointing at the menu. Fish and Chips, mmm. A bit greasy though. "And some water." Blinking about the room, he eyes the group giggling in the corner with a faint air of bemusement. What's so funny?

The waitress smiles shyly and slinks off into the Kitchen to get Rutilus's dindin. The kittie finishes cleaning her ears and steps off the window and desides to wander the floor.

The waiter eyes Milo again then scribbles down his order. He looks to Milo's postits again then wrinkles his noes "Right away...Sir." He replies and begins to wander off, Tripping on the grey tabby. The waiter lets out a string of curse words and kicks at the poor kitty girl. She scampers off in a fright, hiding under Milo's chair, hissing at the waiter.

The group in the corner's giggling start to get louder over time. Then after a while starts to grow into the loud Obnoxious laughter again.

Sniff. Sniiiiiiiiff. What is /that/? That is CAT. Lothar's narrow, irritated gaze actually leaves the laughing table to sweep around the room, spotting the waitor who trips. Lips curl back in something halfway between a snarl and a sneer... perhaps he'll find meat of his own for the stew.

A cat? Milo blinks again, bending over to peer under his seat. "Hey kitty." he says, rummaging through his pockets. He comes up with a small unidentified piece of candy that most likely has been in his pocket for weeks and tries offering it to the cat.

Michael looks out into the room again, a bit absently, before picking up a small notebook from his pocket.

The little grey Tabby shrinks back a moment as Milo offers the candy, then ever so curiously steps forward and sniffs it. HHmmmm..smells like foods. She licks the candy a moment. Milo MUST be a friend. She steps out from under the chair to say her hellos.

The Bartender gives Michael a smile and a nod "What can I get you you, Mate?" He asks in his robust cheerful tones.

"Well, you wouldn't be the only one feeling that way." Daniel laughs softly. He makes his order for the fish and chips, then turns back toward Chance. "Hmm, unwork related things go splendidly. You know, the usual, I suppose. How about yourself?"

Wearing a thick leather jacket, thick slacks, and heavy boots--Kauton emerges into the Leaky Cauldron; snorting a bit to clear her nose of the smoked-out cigar she just tossed aside. Heading to the bar to order a drink of bubbly water with some vitamins in it (a special for the patrolling officer they came up with), she plunks herself down. Another cigar is lit up, and she stares at the counter before herself like it's quite interesting. Though really. Really, it isn't.

"Same old same old. Shae's doing well, still not pregnant, as much as my mother detests in everytime she owls me. You figured she'd be happy that I married before I'm thirty! Now she wants more grandchildren. Sheesh." He leans back witha grin and the commotion causes him to raise his brow. Cat? "Oh dear, good thing Shae isn't here, or we'd have a new resident in the house."

HI. I R INTERESTING KAU! Sebastian would proclaim that verbally if he honestly had to. He is clad less sparkly today, but no less rainbow haired. Long. Long. Rainbow. Hair. He leaves his shades on as he comes in, carefully making his way through the crowds. Why? Because he can. Also, he goes a bit stir crazy sometimes. The fact he has to walk around in vanilla pudding filled boots to do this should tell you his state of stircraziness, too. He heads for the bar to get a drink. Because, seriously, he needs one right now. ;.;

Milo obligingly says hello right back to the cat, petting her absently. Y'know, this is the first nice female that's approached him in a good while. Pity it's a cat.

"Hmmm... Oh... Something filled with alcohol, if possible, please," Michael replies, a bit absently. He glances around again for a few moments, noticing Kauton. "That's someone one doesn't see too often," he remarks, loud enough for it to carry.

The grey kitty purs and head buts Milo's fingers. Love you! Looooove yoooou! She licks his fingers before she turns fickle and starts to trot away to look for more people to fawn over her. Oh look..A gothy looking fellow!

Just like in a western, when a stranger enters the bar, the entire tavenr goes silent as soon as Baz walks in. The postits on Milo's coat got a second look. The rainbow hair and pudding boots? They get their own moment of silence.

The bartender nods to Michael and pours him one large tall glass of fire whiskey. That should have enough alcohol in it.

Milo watches the cat leave and sighs. Aww, they were just starting to make friends! Nevermind. Idly rubbing his hand on his pants, he waits patiently for his food.

"Hey Baz." Kauton says as Sebastian sits down, frowning at the young man before glancing about. He looks like a clown. Then, she scoots a bit to sit next to him, patting him on the back. Awww. "Hey, ten bucks," she says, "says that I can knock everyone out in this bar in half a minute." Yeah, mind ur own business, bitches! Hearing the other call, she turns to raise an eyebrow at Michael. "Afternoon, mate."

Oh no. Oh nooooo you don't. Rutilus clearly needs to make things absolutely clear with this /cat/ regarding territory. Reaching down to grasp the cat by the scruff of it's neck, the man growls menicingly at it and is about to toss it away when he freezes, staring past it at ... at ... rainbow brite. What the hell? "..." The young man can't even find words to snark with. GAH. Maybe he's safer with the cat.

Sebastian flags down the bartender. When the man stares at him, he stares back. Even Baz's /eyebrows/ are rainbow, dude. "Just leave the feckin' bottle," he growls, slumped at the bar. He doesn't bother giving people the evil eye, although he does blink and look over at Kauton as she claps him on the back. "Mmm. This would be Alphonse and Eiltin's doing," he grunts to her in return. He pauses, then adds miserably, "I have vanilla pudding in my boots too." Facepalm. "It keeps me sane."

"Aah, well, what's the rush?" Daniel laughs softly. "She'll get there soon enough, eh?" He leans on the bartop, staring around. Aaaw, a kitty. "You know, I was about to pick up a cat the other day... oh dear... we should probably save the poor thing." Rutilus doesn't look all that pleased to be around a cat.

Milo catches sight of Sebastian while waiting for his food and whips off his glasses, cleaning them quickly before putting them on again and peeeering at him. For some odd reason, this brings a wide grin to his face. Maybe it just really amuses him.

The Cat Squeeks and looks to The Gothy guy in a fright. She hisses and takes a swipe at his nose and wriggles until she manages to get free. The cat BOLTS across the room, jumpingi into Kauton's lap and attempting to burrow into her coat.

"Right-o." Kauton says. Yes. Yes, she did it in the 'coddling a three year old' voice. Stroking Sebastian's back in a very protective mother, /she/ gives the bar the evil eye. And then she gets a pet cat. When the furry, warm fuzzball hits her mid-gut, she oomphs and wraps an arm around it. "Hey, stop torturing the bloody cat, you animal." She yells at Rutilus, petting the frightened thing. Aw. She does have a heart. (It's just very small).

"I suppose we have enough paws running over the floor, we don't need an extra set." Chance says with a grin and a shrug. "One tay it'll happen, and then my mother will shut her trap." At the sight of GothBoy and the cat he almost stands to help it out, but it seems the cat is independant enough to take care of itself. Besides, its in the lap of DeKere, no where he wants to be!

Michael grins, especially as he gets hold of his drink, grimacing at the yelling and the happenings. "Too loud," he mutters to himself, as he lifts the glass, and drains it. "One more, please," he calls out to the bartender, shaking his head a bit sadly.

Sebastian blinks rapidly and looks over at Kauton as she coddles him. And then gets hit with a cat. He just doesn't see it before it's burrowed under her jacket, else he'd recognize it. He eyes her and whatever she has, realizes it IS a cat, and just... sort of looks at his drink as the tender brings it again. Mmkay.

As if Michael's rantings about the volume in here were a cue. That table in the corner starts laughing hard and loud again. Fists are pounded on the table. Drinks are sloshed, and one drunken idiot climbs up onto the table to do a booty dance.

Milo starts laughing out loud when the idiot starts bootydancing. This is great!

"... that poor thing." Daniel murmurs. Ah well, Kauton is an animal lover, that he knows. He sits back in his seat. "I would love to own a pet, but my room mate is allergic. Go figure." He grins at Chance. "Instead of furry paws you'll have little baby hands and feet scurrying around."

Rutilus helps the cat out by flinging it away, while three little scratches show up bright pink across his pale nose and cheek. "If it's yours, then get it out of here." he snaps his waspish reply to Kauton. Interesting... he catches a wiff of something that seems familiar to him, but ... she's /holding/ the cat... so he just stares at her, transfixed as he tries to figure it out. At least until the men next to him decide to be complete morons. Uttering a 'tch' of irritation, he rises to have 'words' with them about shutting the hell up, but then just sits right back down again with a blink, head ringing.

"Hey, which asshole dumped water on this cat?" She growls around herself, and then Kauton gives it a sniff ... At least it's not booze, before groping across the bar to steal the 'tender's towel. "Scuse me." She begins wiping it down, before flinging a glance to Rutilus, bearing her fangs at him. Ohhhkay.

"Oh dear..." Michael mutters, before he sighs a bit. "And here I stepped outside to get some peace and..." He glances towards the bartender again. "One more drink, please," he repeats.

Sebastian glances over his shoulder towards the laughing men. And then the dancing men, as they swiftly become. He rubs a hand over his face and glances over at Kauton as she starts... drying off a cat... No jokes, please. He eyes it a few moments though. "That... tabby looks ungodly familiar to me."

The kitty peers out from Kauton's Coat at Baz. Hey! I remember you! She seems to say and walks out onto Kauton's lap and right onto the bar to sniff him.

The Table seems t get rowdier One drunken gentleman stumbles out of his seat just to stagger to the bar "Another Fire Whiskey!" He announces "I'm getting married this weekend!" He puts and arm around Michael. "You married?" She asks him then pokes Michael in the chest 'lemme tell yoush something...I donno you..but...I LOVE you." He laughs. The bartender snorts "No more for you OR your mates" He snaps. There is a collect roar of protest from the table as the bartender makes his announcements. A few of the more rowdy ones get up as if to challange the man. The table start to changt "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" Then notices the gray tabby on the bar and start to chant "PUSS PUSS PUSS!" For no no reason other than it sounds mildly vulger.

"What do you mean?" Kauton asks, before woozily grasping her head. "Oif, ... I feel weird. 'Tender, is this water? ... What the Hell is going on?"

"Oh, sit down. Here, have mine." Lothar tells the groom in a reasonable tone, then offers him a grim smile. It doesn't suit his face at all. "Congratulations on your upcoming wedding." ... Lothar hates women. Why did he say that? The man's brows knit together briefly in confusion before he decides to just ... go with it. In fact, he relaxes and slaps up a pleased smile. It's spring! And spring is lovely. Time to go say hello to Daniel! "Soong!" Rutilus calls out in a friendly tone he's never in his life used with Dan.

"That so?" Michael asks to the man, shaking his head a little. "Prepare for a lot of arguing," he remarks, before he glances over at the cat. "Is this the right place for such a nice animal to be?" he asks, a bit absently, before looking to Kauton, "Getting drunk again?" he asks, lightly.

Ok, that crowd in the corner is getting annoying. Milo, who's never actually been annoyed by anyone, stands up, walks over, and punches one of the loudmouths in the face. "Quiet!"

Sebastian stares at the cat. "You," he says as he leeeeeeeeeeans back. "Oh hell no, I remember YOU now...." Wet cat, petting it at the festival, then right after he went as ape-crap mad as the rest of these people are getting. ZOMG! "You're the reason I have feckin' /pudding/ in my /shoes/! I could bet and win...." Hey, it's either the cat or the corndog, and he didn't see a lot of these people eating corndogs that day... He casually tries to slip off the bar stool without letting the cat touch him. At all. Just in case. O.O;;; Wait, did Kau just.... He looks over at her and tries to slip a hand around her upper arm. "Coooome this way, precious," he says quickly. "Away from the nice kitty of poisonous and evil doom."

Chance is watching midly amused at the drunk people. Esepcailly when they start to dance on the table. "Holy hell this is about to get messy." HE says over to Daniell... then the Emo man who9 nearly threw a cat starts to perk his way over and Chance gives Soong a weary eye. "Do ya know him?" Oh dear god maybe he should've had left overs at hom!

"Doom?! Where!?" Kauton looks wildly about, then CLUTCHES at Sebastian, swinging her legs up. Koalaing him in fear. "Don't let them doom me!" The cat is dropped, and she stares around with huge O_O eyes.

Oh and, she giggles, and goes, "I love your hair. It's so.. so... so pretty!"

The Man who was hugging on Michael has now passed out in his lap. Probably snoring. When Rutalus comes over they Noisey club welcome him in as one of his own, patting his back and handing him drinks. "Ahh! Our mate!' They all seem to say "THEREs a good man! How the hell are ya?!" And more pattings murmurings of Manly things to Rutilus...and then all goes silent as soon as Milo throws a punch and shouts. A long silence as everyone stares at Postit of those nasty horrid tense silences where you know a chair WILL be thrown eventually to break it.

The cat is dropped and runs from Kauton's lap to Chance and Daniel in that "SAVE ME!" Sort of cat way.

Awwww. Daniel looks at the poor kitty, and gives it a scritch behind the ears. "Are those mean people tormenting you?" He asks the think in a silly voice. Awwwwwwww. Too bad Callie is allergic, sob. He looks around at the pub. "This place is always mess--- good Lord, did I just hear what I think I heard?" He stares at Rutilus, and lifts a hand in greeting. "Evening, Rutilus." He replies. "How... are you?"

Sebastian flails his arms as he's suddenly koalaed by a Hitwizard with fangs. "Um, thanks," he says in bewilderment. She's... all terrified and stuff? Of doom? He glances over at the fighting and waves at it desperately, telling her, "Kauton! Sweetheart, there is MLE business to attend to over there. Men are /fighting/, wouldn't you just love to jump into them and tear out their splees with your teeth now?" OMG PLEASE? O.O;;

"Thank you." Milo replies acidly when they all fall silent, and deliberately turns his back on them, going back to his seat. He looks around for that waiter who hasn't brought his food yet, frowning. Pulling off his jacket, post-its and all, he slings it haphazardly over the back of his chair and loosens his tie. "Well?"

The Waiter Hurries over faster than lightening "Yes sir! What do you need sir?!" he asks with a HUGE nervous smile on his face...don't hit me!

KITTY! Chance leans forward and proceeds to give attention to the cat. "Yes, those poor mean people, tossing you about like you were some stuffed toy. I'm just glad my wife isnt' here... the cute factor might actually get to her. Then we'd have more feet to pad around the house." Gabriel looks up at Lothar and extends his not cat hand. "Chance Andrews." So he isn't rude, but he still isnt sure about this guy... and his cat scratch nose.

"Nooo, they're twice the size of me. They could hurt me. And I might hurt them! Oh god, why do I even have pointy teeth." She remains koala'd, seeming too absorbed into her own fate to pay any attention to the fight. Except cringe like a girl. ;_; "Stop fighting! It's not nice!"

Michael pushes away that man that's fallen asleep. Perhaps a bit too forcefully, as he starts getting to his feet. Looking around for a few moments, he looks over at the bartender again. "Forget that one more glass, give me the entire bottle," he remarks.

Lothar looks ... timid? At Milo's display. "Come now, can't we all just get along? It's a lovely day..." he encourages, coaxing Milo into being nice pls! But to Daniel, he turns a bright, sunny smile. "I'm really well! I mean, had a bit of difficulties, but it's just /lovely/ outside, don't you agree? How could anyone complain when everything is just so /fabulous/?" he replies, then takes Chance's hand to shake eagerly, pumping it up and down. "Oh, Lothar Rutilus, such a pleasure to meet you. Are you a friend of Daniel's? Mr Soong is really such a delightful fellow, don't you agree? Oh, look, it's the kitty who said hello earlier. Hello kitty, who's a pretty kitty? Yes, yes you are..." The man dissolves into baby talk at the cat at that stage.

"Just wanting to know where my dinner is." Milo tells the waiter casually, though with a narrow eyed look. "You weren't intending on ignoring me like you did earlier, were you?"

The Kitty nervously cringes as Daniel and Chance 'Save me! Save me! Oooh pet meeeeeee. The lovin's seem to count out the scary for Miss Kitty girl here.

The silence passes and FINALLY a man gets the guts to get up and march over to Milo in all his hulking glory. "I don't like your attitude, boy" The large, tattooed, and greasy wizard says to him. The waiter takes that moment to get the hell out of dodge and RUNS to the kitchen.

The Bartender hands Michael an entire bottle of fire Whiskey, but not before taknig a swign himself "You work for the ministry?" He asks Michael.

Daniel pulls his hand away from the cat and stares at it. "Hmm, you've been up to something, haven't you? Rolled in some alcohol, maybe?" He rubs his hands on his jeans and focuses again on Rutilus. ... hell is most definitely freezing over right at this very moment. "Uhm..." He doesn't know what to say. In fact, he even goes so far as to colouring in embarrassment from the praise. That's the last person he ever would have expected praise from. "It's very true. The day has been a lovely one."

Sebastian blinks and then stares at Kauton as well as he's able considering she's latched onto him like a particularly large octopus. He sort of flounders a little as his weight shifts along with her. "... I think it was so you could go kill Death Eaters and dark wizards via chewing on them," he remarks uncertainly. "I don't think I've ever actually /asked/ that properly. Um." He tries to move towards the door a bit more as tensions flare. No way can he protect Kauton AND himself. Especially not when she's glommed on like a barnacle.

Michael shakes his head at the bartender, as he takes the bottle. "Thanks," he replies, before he adds, "No. Not for the Ministry. Would never do that." That said, he takes a long sip from the bottle, grimacing a bit. "Excellent."

"I'm scared. I think I wet myself. Wait, no, that's just the water I spilt. Oooh, your belt is so pretty. Can I have it?" Oh god. Someone KILL IT. Kauton doesn't let go of Sebastian.

Milo slowly gets to his feet and stares the bullyboy straight in the eye. "I don't like yours." he says coldly. "Are you going to do something about it or do I have to do it for you?" he replies menacingly, ignoring Lothar being timid in the corner. Indeed, he pretty much ignores everyone else while having 'words' with the man.

Chance furrows his brows and grabs his napkin to wipe off his hands. "Dear me yes she has hasn't she? Poor girl. Someone definatly needs to bring her in. Or maybe she'll become one of those pub cats that just sort of hangs around." Chance rambles on before he realizes that the converstaion has continued. "Oh yes, I remember him when he was still in Hogwarts. Such a good chap this one is."

"He's offered to help me with my transfigurations out of the goodness of his heart. I'm /dreadful/, I'm afraid. Oh, don't be so modest Soong! Look at him, he's so shy. And yet, didn't you used to sing? He had a band, you know. Very talented. I only play strings, and there's not much call for that these days, is there?" Rutilus meets your ramble and raises, Chance. "Oh, I'd take the cat home myself only I'm not sure she'd like living where I do. Here, everyone can adore her. Isn't that right?" Glancing over at the brewing fight, the young man sticks out his lower lip in a pout. "Well thats a bit of unpleasantness, isn't it? No call, no call at all to be rude to one another..."

The bartender frowns 'Bloody hell. I was hoping you could can your friends in if you did. Think you can call in some aurors before this place gets worse?"

The Bully gives Milo's chest a firm poke with his giant sausage thick finger. "I think I may have to teach you a lesson for HAVING such an attitude with me and me mates" He continues.

The grey tabby seems to be in love with Rutilus now. She nibbles on his finger as he baby talks her.

Wet... AUGH! No, whew! Sebastian promises her, "You can have my crotch bling as soon as we get to Mungo's, luv. I promise." He clamps his arms around her and tries to set his hands somewhere that isn't going to get him smacked. By her or by Gabe. >.>;;; He's gotta hold her up though, because words are getting exchanged. He staggers towards the door again as his weight gets pulled one way and then another by his motions to avoid this and that person. He's looking more and more frantic as he goes along, because Kau is really freaking him out, man....

"I think it would be better if you did that," Michael replies, as he continues drinking. Drinking the whisky like it was water now. "I should be going..." he mutters, starting to stumble in the direction of the door.

Speaking of Kauton, she then seems to realize something, and leaps off of Sebastian. "YOU'RE A BOY! BOYS ARE ICKY." And then she bolts for the door, and slams it behind herself.

Milo doesn't wait for the bully to make the first move aside from the poke. Forming a fist, he slams it right into the tattoo'd man's chin in a....pretty decent uppercut, considering the fact that Milo's never even thrown a punch before in his life. He was always the one to be locked in broom cabinets and the like.

Daniel just continues to stay a nice red colour. Oh please, you're embarrassing him. That, or... he shakes his head a little, as if trying to get the something out of it. "Yes, there is absolutely no reason for them to be fighting at all." Change of topic, let's not focus on me... He turns his head to see if the tender is doing anything about it. "Ah, hey, speaking of transfigurations lessons, are you available for that day?"

Sebastian splutters as Kauton releases him and flees. "Um. WHAT THE HELL, KAUTON?!" he shouts after her with eyes like O.O. He splutters and then storms out. "I can't even get a drink these days without freakish things happening!" he cries in frustration as he heads out.

Abigail enters before Baz can escape, bumping him and the kuaton blob of clinginess with the door. She blinks "Oh pardon....DeKere?" She opens her mouth to say something to her then desides it MIGHT be best to really not say anything since Kauton unpredicable. "You alright?" She asks instead of 'why are you clinging to a rainbow puddling botted wookie?'. She watches the young woman dash out then looks to Baz. "Wha...." She blinks. Bar fight?! All she wanted was a glass of wine! She goes to speak again then spots the cat "AH!! That Cat!" She cries, pointing at the little gret tabby.

The Tattooed Brute Fals backward in total suprise. What the hell!? Did that little weenie punch him! His mates at the far table are on their feet and rolling up their sleeves to take Milo down.

Chance just looks down and starts to laugh a bit. "Wow.. I had more than I thought I did? Or maybe... I didn't eat enough... Why don't ya join us?" He says to Lothar. "You could put on a Hawaiian shirt! Join the club!"

"Oh! Well, only if someone else transfigures it!" Rutilus laughs, then thanks them profusely for the invitation to sit with them. He's like that reject who never gets picked for sports teams, or something, and is utterly grateful when the cool kids let him come hang out -- even if it means he has to be doing their homework. "Oh, absolutely Daniel. I'm available whenever you want me!" he assures the man, then ... giggles. Clapping a hand over his mouth, there's a distinct 'WTF?' expression that crosses his face, but soon it relaxes and fades back into the generally pleased, lets-skip-through-wildflowers, vapid look he's had for the last few minutes. Mmm. Back to fanboying.

"Forget it." Milo says in the general direction the waiter ran off to. "Service is lousy here." snatching up his coat, he strides out the back door without another look, incidentally missing seeing the rest of the crowd getting ready to cream him. A crack outside heralds him apparating away.

Daniel... suddenly lets out a soft giggle. "Oh, Lothar, you are /too/ much." He says, and does the ever-so-very-gay hand-flick. It's ridiculous how well he can do it, too. "Well then good! You'll be a master transfigurer in noooo tiiiiime."

Since Milo has left the angry drunken bachlor party STILL finds the need to take their anger out on Something..SOMEONE! They head mencingly over towards Chance Daniel and Ruti, who seem to be a large gorup of pansies...until the bartender raises his wand and lets out a LOUD gunshot noise of a spell. The group freezes. "Sit your arses down...NOW!" The bartender growls. And the party timidly retreats to their table, quiet as chur mouses.

Abigail is now Running over to Chance and Daniel, waving her arms at them "GRAB THE CAT! GRAB THE CAT!" She shouts at them both. "no..Wait! Put gloves on first!! Or use a paper towel!"

Adelaide comes blazing into the Leaky Cauldron, her badge out, her graphorn hide on and a stern expression on her face. Someone got called in on the 'disorderly drunken disturbance' at the Leaky. Granted the Leaky serves drinks so drunken people aren't that uncommon, but from dispatch this seems worse than usual. There's nobody to /kill/ here, and Adelaide looks what is perhaps rightfully exasperated to have been dispatched on something a regular old officer might well could have handled.

Chance begins to giggle more leaning on Daniel a bit as he giggles. "Oh you're just too much. Can i just put you in a little box and keep you!?" However, a crazy red headed woman comes busting in and CHance lets out this girlish SQUEEL of surprise! ANd littlerally jumps into Lothar's lap. He calms himself and shake shis head. "Kitty? WHat's wrong with Miss Bootsy?" He asks tilting his head. "I* already gave her some pets..."

"Oh, do you really think so?" Lothar asks Daniel hopefully, chin propped up in a palm and stars in his eyes before he's forced to jerk back with a cry of surprise -- both because a /lovely/ young lady just came rushing at them, and also because he now has a lapfull of ... Chance. "Oh, my." he murmurs, blushing like a schoolboy. This is going to become problematic. "I'm /terribly/ sorry, but would you mind not moving so quickly? You'll scare the poor dear." he asks apologeticly, reaching around Chance to scritch the kitty in his lap.

Paige was not planning on stopping in the Cauldron. She was planning on walking right through into Diagon to pick up her order from the Quidditch Supply Store. Only...once she's inside getting through without stopping might be a bit of a problem. The young woman stops, blinking at the distrubrance...and all the squealing from the three...boys? at the bar. That is so not thte Lothar she knows with another man in his lap. Carefully, she makes her way towards those three, avoiding any drunken disturbances. "Hiii guys," she says to Daniel, Lothar and Chance. She just stares at Lothar for a moment. She blinks. No, he's still there. Still happy.

Abigail is pulling on some cotton gloves as she dives after the cat that was on chance's lap/ Silly woman, thinking that a cat is slow! The gret Tabby leaps off of Chance's lap and runs like hell across the room, only leaving Abigail's face falling into Chance's lap. GAH! The cat jumps onto the bar and is trotting away quickly. The bartender makes a grab, ACK! To no avail! Miss Kitty girl is TOO QUICK!

Well Del ,looks more like you've borken into a...classroom. The drunken brawlers have sit themselves down, hands folded and looking very innocent. Don't hurt us!

Abigail manages to look up from Chance's crotch and point to the feline "GREY TABBY!" She shouts to her, hoping that her husband gave Del the same information that he gave her.

"Teeheehee, I don't think you could find a box big enough to hold /me/, darling." Daniel replies to Chance in a very smirky tone. He looks over at Abigail rushing toward them. "Oh, come /on/ now, that cat has had /enough/ trouble for one day. Prooobably enough trouble for a whole /year/. Run little kitty, run!!" He teeheehees again at Lothar, and looks around.

"The /Suspect/," Adelaide growls. "Kitty Leviosa!" she intends to levitate that cat before it can get away and /hold it/. She has no intention of touching the cat. She still doesn't know if it is contact or scratches that cause the weird behavior. The Auror says it like the darned cat is a darned Death Eater, darn it.

Morris appears in the back of the Cauldron with a quiet pop, probably unnoticed given the cat herding the rest of the room is experincing. He begins to scroll towards the bar right as a cat lands on it and begins streaking across the room. Blinking in surprise he looks around at the rest of the crowd, spotting a few faces before he hears spells going off. Years of working in maintience has given him highly trained reflexes. He ducks.

"Mmm, careful with that accio. You might get entirely /different/ kinds of kittens." Rutilus warns her with a quirked smile, embarassed at his own joke. That doesn't mean he isn't bold enough to pat Chance's bottom though.

When this is over, Rutilus is going to self-obliviate this entire day.

The cat starts to levitate off the bar. It scrambles and scratches at the survace with a howl and a his. It manages to hook its claws onto The bartender. So now we have a floating cat, with hits hooks into the bartender's face. He screams and manages to fling the cat off him. The tabby goes flying and pinballs around the room screeching from the force of the bartender's throw. She sails right over Morris's head

"Lothar, how are you?" Paige asks once she actually reaches them. Too noisy to be heard before. "You're looking...particularly well." She's trying to hard to keep a straight face. The cat being levitated steals her attention though. "What's going on?" This is asked of Daniel, who she is hoping is sane.

Chance peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers down at Abigail as her head goes right to his crotch and his eyes grow wide. "MADAM I AM MARRIED! ORDER THE SAUSAGE FROM THE KITCHEN!" When the head is removed, and he finally gets back on his feet, he starts to speak again and finds his rear spanked. Blinking several times, he takes a deep breath, and his face falls into a scowl. "Excuse me sir. I do not believe you had the permission to do that." His demenor starts to darken, and he reaches behind his head to pull his hair back and out of his face. "What is your ruddy obession with that cat woman? Take it and get out of here, you're runining everyone's meal."

Adelaide makes sure to try to duck the ricochetting cat. Hopefully it's leaving samples all over the bar if she doesn't catch it. "Impedementia! Stupefy! Gods be damn it I can take on London's worst, you fucking feline, I am /not/ letting you get the better of me!" Adelaide doesn't apparently need a cat in the face to go nuts with. She can do just fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine on her own.

The giggling slowly comes to an end and Daniel decides to do something to save that poor feline. "God, woman, why don't you leave the bloody cat /alone/!" He shouts. "Not /now/ Paige, can't you see I'm /busy/!" HE goes stalking off toward Adelaide, intent on giving her a piece of his mind. "What gives you the right to barge in here like you own the place and start flinging spells around like a bloody fool! You could hurt someone!"

The cat Grabs a hold of the drink racks above the bar and scrambles up, weding herself between a bottle of wine and a keg of butter beer. She runs, knocking bottles down as she does so. CRASH! CRASH! CRASCRASH!! Its like bombs going off! Bombs of yummy yummuy booze!

Abigail uses Chance as a spring board, getting to her feet quickly "Terribly sorry!" She calls to him. She spots Morris and reaches into her pocket. As she dashes by Del, she tosses a pair of white cotton cloves to her that she uses in her book vault. "here! It will help" Then approches Morris and hands him a pair as well "Going to need a few people to get her out and down looks like."

Oh, Rutilus colours right up and falls over himself apologizing to Chance, then goes wide-eyed as Daniel storms off to speak so rudely to the Adeptus. "Oh. Oh dear. Daniel, she's just doing what's best for everyone, I'm sure. Really, it's not our place to interfere, shouldn't we just let the Adeptus protect us?" he asks meekly, then slides off the seat to hide miserably under the table. Oh, bother. He /always/ makes a mess of things. Looking up miserably at Paige, he shakes his head and wrings his hands. "It was such a /lovely/ day!" he wails at her.

"Soong," Adelaide says, pulling on the gloves like a woman going to war, "Shut up. That is the cat that is cursing all of London, including my husband. While its lovely to see that the cat has infected you with backbone, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to sod off." She then fires another couple of stupefies at that damned cat.

"Sod off?! Sod off?!! Did you hear that, she told me to /sod off/?! Why I ought to... what gives you the right to tell /me/ to /sod off/." Daniel stands there, arms crossed, waiting for any answer. "Oh, shut it, Lothar." He snaps backward.

Paige raises her eyebrows at Daniel, watchcing him go, she'd say something...but poor, dear now under the table. She crouches down so she is level with him, reaching over to pat his shoulder gently. "There, there, it's okay. It will all work out?" she tells him, trying to comfort him. She can't decide if she should be horribly amused or...something else. She does cover a laugh with a cough. "Really, there is no need to hide." She is going to remember this day.

"They're all like that Soong, just let the woman be. Let her have her moment of huge ego like she owns the ruddy place." Chance pushes himself off of the bar and stops for a moment, scowling at his shirt. A quick flick of the wrist turns it into something starchy, high necked and white. "Lord knows she's gonig to blow somethign up, better it be a cat than actual people."

Morris hears the cat sail past. Instincts. He stands up in time to suddenly have a rather enthuastic red head shoving gloves at him. "What?" he asks with complete confusion. Thats something of a first for him, he is usually fairly in control of most situations. However the loud banging of dying booze draws his attention. "Ahh. That... creature." he mutters, pulling on the gloves he was offered. "So it was the reason for the craziness the other day?" he asks casually, getting a hold of the situation.

The Cat desides to live dangerously. It manages to dodge a fwe more stupifies. Poor Del. Death Eaters tend to be bigger targets. As a stupfy is fired the cat leaps a grand leap into the air and RIGHT into Morris's arms. She Mews for dear life and hides in his coat.

Lothar gnaws on his lip and shakes his head miserably. "No, it's all right. You can say it. I'm an utter wash socially. I always say something dumb, and now they hate me. Stupid, stupid, stupid!" he hisses at himself, sounding a bit like a house elf. Looking up at Paige with big, watery eyes he laments, "Everyone loves /you/. YOU'RE pretty, and smart, and nice, and successful. I don't even know why you're talking to me." Sniffle.

So to recap...its Soong the Snarly, Chance the Cranky, Morris the Unfortunate, Lothar the Emo, Paige the Comforting, Abigail the Ballexaminer, and Kitty the Flying Suspect. Check. Adelaide stares at the circus before striding up to Morris. "Alright, hand over that suspect," she says, conjuring a big thick sack.

Paige really, really, really wants to agree with him. She slides under the table and wraps her arms around Lothar. Remind her to shower later. "No, it's okay, you're not stupid. They don't all hate you." She is using the tone she used to use when trying to comfort first years and trying not to roll her eyes. It's /Lothar/. She fights her smirk down, lips twitching a bit. She pats his shoulder a bit more, giving him a tentative hug.

Daniel races after Del, reaching out to grab her and stop her from kittynapping. "OH NO YOU DON'T!" He cries as he goes for the grab. Just her shoulders, to pull her back a step and knock her off-guard. Course, his aim is so bad, he could end up face-planting the ground.

It is not like Morris ever intended to go after the cat. He put two and three together and got four and a half, the gloves would keep him from going insane like so many others were. Unless Abigail was insane herself. He had not quiet ruled that out. However none of his questions are answered before the vicious creature leaps for his jugular, and ends up in his arms mewing pitiously. A colorful series of swears meet 'the suspect' as it begins trying to burry and hide itself in his robes. In an effort to stop this he grabs the cat's tail before it gets too burried and begins dragging the evil creature out. "Gladly." he tells the auror.

Adelaide smiles to see someone apparently sane, and remarks, "Oh I remember you." She holds the sack wide open. "You were that fellow who did such a great job on the Artificed Healing and Cooling Unit when it was broken down a summer or so ago."

Rutilus leans his cheek on Paige's shoulder and sighs. "I wish I wasn't so utterly horrid at these things. I wish I was more like /you/." he continues. Apparently he's Paige's fanboy now too. When Daniel launches himself at Adelaide, his eyes widen in shock. "Daniel! You might hurt yourself!" he calls out warning. Nuuu, not his pretty face!

Which is exactly what Dan does. His aim is so off for grabbing that the young man acks, trips over his own two feet and /faceplants/ the hard, pub floor. Eww, God only knows what's down there. He makes a vexed sound and starts to drag himself to his feet in dismay and anger. "Ugh, that is /it/. No one listens to me, /ever/, I am /leaving/." Whoa, go cry, emo kid.

"Briggins helped with that one, as well if I am remebering. My apologises..." Morris hisses back at the cat as the it is begin far too manhandled and the claws and spittel come out. By this point though Morris has it firmly by the scruff, not bothering to worry if its in pain or not. "... watch it..." he warns as he more or less drops the cat into the bag. "Anyway, my apologises that it took so long to repair. We had to more or less replace all the spells." Ahh idle work-chit chat. His attention now shifts towards Daneil, the cat's would be savior. "You alright?"

Adelaide ties the bag tightly and grunts as Daniel falls right behind her at her heels. She heaves a sigh and steps back from him. "No, you did a fine job. Better to take the time to do it right than to speed through it and get it wrong, I always say." She whirls on the ball of her foot and says in a stern voice to the room, "Each and every one of you will get to Mungos now or I shall know the reason why!" She is...actually doing a fair imitation of Minerva McGonagall at her shuffling-firsties-bestist.

Paige curses under her breath as Daniel faceplants. "You're just fine, Lothar, really, you are," she assures him. "You stay right here, okay? I'll be back in a minute and take you to Mungos." She crawls out from under the table, stands and heads towards Daniel. "Heeey. If you come with me to Mungos, I'll listen." Maybe. "You never know, they may give you headstands too."

Daniel sniffles. "No one ever /cares/." He whines. No, no whining, Daniel, you are better than that. "I want a hug." Once he is steady on his feet again, he holds his arms out expectantly. "No. I don't /want/ to. I want a hug first, that'll make me feel better."

Lothar gasps as Daniel takes a spill, scrambling out to help Paige pick him up, despite her warning to stay where he was. "Are you all right? Goodness, what a dangerously uneven floor. Can I get you anything?" he asks worridly. Yes, that's right Dan. He's 'no body', and he's hanging onto your every word. Aww. GROUP HUG! The man /glomps/ Dan, and is fully prepared to glomp Paige too.

Morris is not uneffected by Adelaide's Minerva impression, even if it isn't spoken directly at him, he finds himself flinching involuntarily. Those maintenance reflexes at work. He pulls off his gloves and inspects his hands, and then begins inspecting his shirt. "Hmm. No scratches. It's a miracle. Ugly creatures. Cats. Give me a House Elf any day." he mutters. He steps forward, as if to help Daniel until the man starts holding out his hands, which freezes the young ministry worker in his tracks. "Uhh." which is whem, of course, Lothar glumps Daniel right infront of him. Saved!

Paige is about to offer a hug when Lothar glops the man. Being close though and in the process of offering a hug as well, she's sucked into the glomp. She just sort of laughs nervously, patting them both on the arm. "So, boys, why don't you let me take you to Mungos, like the nice Auror said, hmm?"

"She's not nice. Not at all." Daniel shoots a glare at her. Don't worry, Del, in about two hours, there will be a young man showing up on your doorstep completely flustered and with a homemade carrot cake in tow. With lots of thick, cream cheese frosting. He clings to Rutilus. "You're the only one who understands me, Lothar."

Ruti flinches at McGoni~ Uh, Adelaide's tone and clings harder to Daniel. "I'm afraid of hospitals." he whispers nervously. "I should just go home. You can come with me. I've a private doctor that can look after us, and then you can teach me transfiguration and I can ... uhm." What can he do? "Teach you violin?" he asks helpfully. He doesn't think Dan would want to learn any of his newer spells.

Oooh boy. Paige lets go of the boys, wiggling free. "Mrs. Nosfertum. Adelaide," she whispers, not sure which will get her attention faster, walking towards the woman. "How do I get them to the hospital?" Help. Please. The idea of Daniel going home with Lothar is making her queasy.

"Oooh, I've always wanted to learn the violin." Daniel nods with a soft sniffle. The emo is passing. For now he'll just continue with this silly... I-don'-know-what attitude. "OOh, we could make our own band a tour the world. I'll play piano, you play violin. Paige can sing for us!!" Glee!

"NOBODY WILL LOVE YOU," Adelaide growls at Daniel and Lothar, "If you do not go to the hospital. Your hair will fall out. Paige will abandon you. Your star will go dark until you are sunk into a deep dark hole. The prophecy shall be fulfilled and you will be a pathetic sucking ball of unfulfilled emo unloved trembling if you don't."

Rutilus' eyes widen, widen, widen until they're ready to pop. He feels compelled to point out that nobody loves him /now/, but... somehow theres this weak minded, meek part of him thats suddenly telling him to step into line. "Oh... okay. We'll play music later then." he squeaks, then gnaws his lip. Glancing around, he snatches up a napkin and hesitantly presents it to Adelaide. "Uhm. Could you... maybe sign this for me though?" he asks hopefully. Oh, there are those stars in his eyes again. London's finest and all that. "I'm /such/ a fan!"

Daniel stares at Adelaide in a horrified horror. His lower lip trembles. "B-but...." And then his face contorts. "Hah, I could do all that on my own and all would be fine! Don't underestimate me." He sticks his nose up in the air. "Come on, Rutilus, we can go play music and have our own fun!" He turns, nose still in the air, and heads out.

Adelaide looks down at the napkin and looks up at Rutilus. Dryly, she says, "You know, you're going to remember every agonizing moment of this day. And then you will think I am mocking you. So in a" She flicks her fingers at him. "Off with you, boy. I'm not going to kick you when you're down."

Paige blinks as Adelaide yells. Yes! Please let it work. She crosses her fingers hopefully. And when Lothar gives in she smiles. "Daniel Lornence Soong, if you leave with him and do not go to Mungos first, what she said is true, I'll leave," she tells him, trying Adelaide's approach. It's a good thing she lies well. "And I will not sing in your little band," she says pointing between Lothar and Daniel. "And you will never find anyone else to." Okay, she needs work at this. But it's a start.

Lothar slumps, clearly disappointed. "Oh. Okay, I understand." he murmurs, even though he obviously doesn't. Well, this is awkward... he shuffles a bit, shoving the blank napkin into his pocket and hooks a thumb over his shoulder. "I. Uh. Guess I'll just get going then. Uhm, have a nice day." he says softly, then slinks off after Daniel with shoulders hunched. Aww. See? No one loves him!

Adelaide sighs and apparates out with the kitty. Yeah. She can't /wait/ to see what that kid destroys when he snaps out of it, she really can't. But for now...time to take the kitty to a dish of milk...and the lab boys.

Dan looks at PAige, he looks at Lothar, and then back at Paige. Then comes the defeated siiigh. "Come on, I suppose we have to go to Mungos. Before they beat us."
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