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Valentine's Day Madness

TITLE: Valentine's Day Madness
SETTING: Great Hall, lunchtime on Valentine's Day
STARRING: Val, Wize, Sabine, Roy, Alec, Carrington, Patrick, Sean, Rose, AND Peeves, of course. Can't forget Peeves. ;)
RATING: PG? For some mild language, cross-dressing, poltergeist-snogging, and a student putting the moves on his professor.
IF THIS DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO YOU: Alec tried to slip a love potion to Roy and Val to make them fall in love with one another via Carrie's Valentine treats. This backfires tremendously, and hilarity ensues.

Great Hall

Like the feasting halls of yore, the Great Hall of Hogwarts is vast in its dimensions. It comprises walls and flooring of cold, pale grey stone, the severity alleviated only by long-faded murals. Whatever was depicted within has become too obscure and indistinct to identity.
There are five immensely long tables in all, able to accommodate the students and faculty at one sitting. Four are neatly arranged in parallel rows, reserved for the students of the four Houses. Benches are provided for sitting. Located upon the southern end of the hall, the High Table stands perpendicular and has been set aside for the Professors. Unlike the students, faculty members are granted comfortable chairs, and at the very centre is the Headmaster's golden throne.
Light pours in through tall, narrow gothic windows which line the hall on its western and eastern walls. Panes of clear glass offer impressive views of the castle's manicured lawns. The weather is reflected in the vaulted ceiling, which has been enchanted to reflect the bright outdoor skies. It seems as though fair weather clouds drift through the blue sky from the west, along with the wind. The sunlight on the snow is dazzling, and it gleams on the ice.

Ahh, lunch time. That glorious little spec of time between Herbology (sodding shrubs!) and Healing Arts (stupidobsoleteClarke), during which Val somehow manages -not- to yell at anyone. Well, food always -did- manage to put the boy in a decent if not an outright good mood, and he's currently heavily investing his faculties in devouring a fish fillet. One of many, as it turns out, judging by the greatly-diminished tray in front of him and the nearly-empty pitcher of tea that has served to wash the munchies down. No carbs, it might be noted. No carbs whatsoever.

Wize, at the high table, tells Sabine, "He's trying to hard to push himself up to a crawling position, but he's just not ready yet. It's so amusing to watch. He /is/ a really good baby." He adds a slice of cheese to the ham on his sandwich and spreads some mustard on the bread.

Sabine smiles gently at Wize. "Oh, that's lovely. They're so much fun when they get giggly and adventurous." She takes a bite of salad, looking pensive, then speaks again when she's done. "Is he eating solids yet?"

Sitting quietly - strangely enough - at the Gryffindor table is Roy Ballard, who's got a paper and book beside him. He's doing some homework at the same time as eating, which would explain said quietness. He never remembers to do all his homework, and after a conversation with Sean he had earlier, he dreads going up a year. Maybe he can pull of staying in third year for the rest of his life.

Alec sits at the Hufflepuff table along with a few older students that he isn't familiar with, quietly eating his lunch. The most ridiculously-smug expression is on his face as he slowly eats his mashed potatoes. Somewhere out there amidst the tables, Carrie should be handing out cookies, cakes, and brownies, decorated with red sprinkles and adorned with cutesy little name cards. And somewhere out there, two very special boys are about to get two very special treats. Alec focuses intensely on his food though; no need to watch Carrie and arouse suspicion, right?

The Fat Friar sits beside a group of Hufflepuffs and dryly comments on their discussion, about how they're taking much too optimistic a view. Nick walks by and tips his hat, then comes up to join Wize and Sabine, "Do you think I should apply again this year?" Peeves is in the rafters, pitching water balloons down at people whenever the teachers look away, and the Grey Maiden is in the corner of the hall, wringing her hands in despair. A group of Ravenclaws at their table is arguing about how to find the area of a cone, and Professor Binyamin scowls at a Slytherin who just pitched a piece of bacon fat at a friend, in an effort to start a food fight.

Sure as can be, Carrington trots about the Great Hall with a basket in one hand, her bright orange pigtails dancing from side to side as she hands out little packages of treats to Alec and her friends. She smiles brightly and tips her head towards them, also moving to tug her skirt in a playful curtsey, "Happy Valentines day!" She chimes. Of course, there is nothing greater than being in love on cupid's day, right? In addition to her freckles, she also wears little pink and red heart stickers upon her cheeks. Digging into her basket, she pulls out another bag with an ornate name on it. Oh, she recognizes this bag! "Special delivery!" She chirps, placing the little bag of sweets in front of her good friend, Val.

Up in the rafters, Peeves is now chanting, "Little Hairy Carrie, Passing out the treats. What do cookies taste like? Taste like smelly feets!"

Val looks almost stunned as a bag suddenly appears in front of him. No summoning charms, no conjuring charms, and bags don't just appear from nowhere. But then, possibly, if air were to rearrange itself properly, there's is statistically a slight chance that, given a few bangs of lightning, they could possibly spontaneously rearrange to pro...oh wait, no, there's Carrie. That explains things. "Gosh" he breathes, his cheeks going faintly pink as a smile blossoms upon his lips. "-Thanks-, Carrots. Did you make them yourself?"

Wize nods, "From time to time, we give him tastes of food. For the most part, he's still on mother's milk, but he wants to explore foods, so we don't see any reason to stop him." He's going on and on about his infant son.

Roy looks up at Carrie when she ends up at the Gryffindor table and grins. There's somebody with spirit. Once again, he's got no idea why she's spending time with Kavanagh. Sheesh. "You look like you're in the mood, Carrie." Grin. He looks over to the bag beside Val and says, "What, none for me?" He doesn't make a puppy-face though, unfortunately. And he's back to writing things on the piece of parchment beside him, sandwich in his other hand. Multitasking for the win.

(Pemit to Alec: You've been feeling funny all day. ALL day. Something about the potion brewing made you lightheaded. When Peeves calls out an insult to your girlfriend, you chance to glance up and.... OMG! Peeves. Isn't he magnificent. You just LOVE him!)

Alec peers up into the rafters, smirking despite himself. That Peeves sure is funny, isn't he? Why, he's just /fabulous/! "Oh Peeves, you're so funny!" Alec says rather loudly, standing on his bench to shout up at the ghost. "So clever, and witty, and /absolutely/ /charming/. I don't know why everyone gives you such a hard time, why, /I/ think you're just /lovely/!" The boy giggles rather uncharacteristically and turns a bright shade of pink. Is Alec drunk?

"Like a magician, Val, a good cook never gives up her secrets!" Carrington chimes, absolutely glowing. This was a very happy day! Everyone loved one another, and it was a celebration of life! That and, she was sworn to secrecy about Alec's help, the extent to which she still didn't realize. "Have a good one, Val." Carrington looks over at Alec, her brows furrowing. Well, someone was definately feeling the love! Maybe Alec -had- made a turn around! Her cheeks go a little pink, and she smiles over at her boyfriend before shuffling about the basket and pulling out another bag, "As a matter of fact, Roy. Got one for you here! Heads up!" She tosses the bag towards him, only, the throw is a bit weak, and he might not catch it unless he really reaches out for it. She continues to look through the bag, trying to find any other Gryffindor names in red while shes there.

Peeves, at first, thinks Alec is being a smart-Alec, so he pitches a water balloon at the boy. Binyamin, now at the end of the table, clears his throat and points down with a finger, indicating that Alec should not be standing on the benches.

Sabine is happy to listen to Wize talk about the baby, all day if necessary. A little unusual if you don't know her, but she's rather enchanted by infants and so she indulges the other professor by nodding and smiling.

Good cook? For some reason, this prompts a spark of worry in Val's eyes. "Looks like you weren't forgotten after all, Ballard" the Gryffindor comments, neatly pushing his dishes away from him before cautiously nudging the bag open. His delicate little nose passes over the goodies thrice, one eyebrow arched in analysis. Well hey, just because it's -Carrie- that made them doesn't mean they've got to be good, right? And Val prefers to brace instead of being caught unawares.

At the Gryffindor table, a girl named Cynthia smiles up at Carrington as she's handed a little bag of goodies. "Thanks." She opens her bag and begins chowing. Better than lunch foods, afterall. "Mmmmm. Good." She spits crumbs on the table as she smiles at Carrie. "Fanks."

"Aww, Peeves, how did you know I was thirsty?" Alec says, giggling as the water balloon smacks him in the face and explodes. At Binyamin's request, he does hop down off the bench. "You're such a thoughtful, caring, considerate ghost, you know. I...I simply adore you, Peevesy-weeesy my little snuggy wuggy sweetheart. Won't you come down for a little kissy-poo with your snookums?" Alec's social career? Gone.

One eyebrow cocks at the hufflepuff table, and then Val just shrugs as he reaches into his own bag. The other Gryffindor says they're good, and she isn't dead they're probably safe. "How's he plan on kissing a ghost?" the boy wonders, as ever missing the point. -So- missing the point.

Wize glances up at the antics in the hall, shrugs, and turns his attention back to his hand sandwich, and Sabine, in that order. He chews, swallows, and nods at her, "He is something."

Roy looks up when he hears Alec start shouting, and puts down his half-eaten sandwich so he can shout something back at him. But then a water balloon smacks him in the face, and all that could have been said /has/ been said. "Good job, Peeves! Someone needed to do it!" Roy grins at the poltergeist, and barely catches the bag from Carrie. "Thanks! Happy Valentine's." He looks over to Val and sells, "Well, who could forget me?" And then he opens the bag and pops a treat in his mouth. Dun dun dun.

Sabine shakes her head at the students. "Some days, I wonder if they're living in the same world we are," she says thoughtfully.

Carrington squints as she tries to read one of the names, and looks over to Roy, "Any idea who this is?" Luckily enough, shes trying to decipher her writing, "Does that look like Marissa? Or Melissa? Or--wow, this is odd." She gives the package a jingle, as if that would give her an answer of some sort. "Maybe...Meredith? Gosh, what if thats an N? I think it might be that first year?" Carrington scrunches up her nose and hands the package for Roy to read it, standing over his shoulder in case he figures it out, sifting through the basket in the meanwhile.

Peeves stares at Alec a moment, then complies. He swooshes down from the rafters, right up to Alec, and plants a huge, wet kiss on the boy's lips, then dives down the Hufflepuff table, sending food and dishes scattering, "Alec the Huff, Can't kiss good enough. It's amazing this loser's convinced he's The Stuff!" He cackles happily.

What a wonderful thing to walk in on. Why on earth is Peeves kissing Alec? "Oooookay." Patrick states, giving Alec an odd look indeed. Wandering over to the Gryffindor table, he finds a seat. "What's going on?" he asks randomly.

"Alec was just informed that he can't kiss well enough to satisfy even a desperate someone who hasn't gotten anything for the last three hundred years" Val quips, reaching into the bag and bringing the first cookie to his lips. Ah, yes. The bite, the chew, the swallow. Curious. They -are- rather good. Nothing like feet. Not that Val would know, of course.

Roy coughs after eating the treat, then goes back to his homework. Or, he attempts to. Right before he does this he hears Carrie start talking to him, and he looks up to her, listening. And then his face turns beet-red. It goes right back to normal though, and he nods, staring at the name. But he looks back to Carrie. Then back at the name. "Uhh. I think it says.. M-Melissa. I don't like that name, myself. C-Carrie is a much better name." Why is /Roy/ stuttering?
Oh, and Roy doesn't even hear or see Alec and Peeves's antics.

Alec turns beet red as Peeves kisses him, and lets out a happy sigh. This just might be the happiest day of his young life, really. "Oh Peeves, I...I...I /love/ you! I want to be with you forever, and we can move out into the countryside and have three little children. We can name the girls Katie and Susan, and then we'll have our little son Jacob! And we can raise sheep and pigs, and maybe even grow some tomatoes in a nice little garden, closed in by a white picket fence!" He seems oblivious to Peeve's rude lyrics and table diving, rather wrapped up in his own fantasies.

Peeves heard that, Val! A water balloon arcs across the hall and smacks Patrick in the head. He needs to work on his aim.

"Carrie? I prefer Carrington, really." The girl smiles and picks up another package. Ah, this one was clear enough! "Hey Patrick, heads up!" Along with Peeves' water balloon, a bag of brownies goes flying at him. A bit too hard, this time. The girl picks up another bag, then suddenly drops it as she hears her boyfriend finally. "Alec?" She asks, looking back to her boyfriend. "M-maybe hes kidding." She murmurs to herself, reaching down to pick up the bag she'd dropped. "Oh, yes. This one is for Victor..." Blink.

Come to think of it, Roy's not the only one who's starting to act strangely. Usually so focussed on getting every scrap of brain-food he can in preparation for a long afternoon in class, he's given up on that entirely. The cookie, half eaten, falls to his plate with a sharp clang, and even Peevsie's balloon goes unheeded. Yes, his eyes are riveted on one place. The staff table, where Professor Griffin (she has her faults, true! Like not letting Val do whatever he wants) is talking to that...that...ugh. Yes, that man. The stupid professor who interrupted Val's attempt at fox-hunting by bringing his -pregnant- -wife- along. The hippogriff-hugger. The desecrator of dragons. The...teethgnash.

Patrick just stares at Alec. "Uh...someone seriously needs to smack him or something." and squaaaawk! Water balloon to the head! And then OMGOSHBROWNIES! Giving Carrington a rather wet smile, he peers at the bag. "Thanks!" though he's still got plenty of things to eye in the room. Is everyone going crazy?

Peeves is disturbed. Yes, it's possible, but he rises to the challenge, and up to the rafters where Alec can't reach him. "Kavanaugh has lost his wits. Next thing you know he'll grow some tits. He thinks he's bearing Peevsies's kin. Someone's steeped his brain in GIN!" Down come the water balloons.

Roy doesn't see Alec or Peeves at all. He gulps when Carrie starts to move a bit away from him and reaches out towards her, though not far enough to touch her or anything. "Carrington is.. Is beautiful, too. It gives me this.. I don't know, this weird feeling. W-wicked name." Roy pauses and thinks about Rose, whether or not they're going to the dance together. But who /cares/ about Rose? She doesn't make Roy feel anything like Carrie makes him feel. Those eyes.. "Carrie, I was.. I was wondering. You know, the dance.. Would you go with me? I mean, you might be going with Alec.. But, well, he's an /idiot/. He doesn't deserve someone like you. You're so.. Perfect and beautiful and.." Carpe diem, right?

Sabine looks a little worried and leans in to murmur in Wize's ear, briefly.

Slow burn. It starts with the barest of trembles in Val's free hand, which he quickly masks by slipping into one of his customary black leather gloves. Suppress, compress...wait, is she even a pureblood? Does it matter? Hm. The tremble migrates to the faintest twitch of Val's left eyelid, its skin fluttering faintly as scarlet slowly begins to suffuse the boy's pale cheeks. "Please, God, take her to the dance instead of him, Ballard" the boy manages to murmur at length, though the words catch frequently in his throat, and are just a little bit...hoarse?

At this point, Wize feels compelled to stand and announce, "Enough. Peeves, behave or leave the hall." There are nods from other professors. Enough of the shenanigans. "Well, Professor Griffin, would you care to join me in my office for a discussion of that tank you hoped to build for the Ramora?"

Alec thinks he may have heard his name called, but who cares? It's just some dumb girl handing out treats. Peeves is the only one that matters, really. "Peeves! Come down here, please!" He cries out in dismay at the poltergeist's little song and retreat, "If--if you want me to grow some tits, I will! Anything to make you happy!" Quite flustered, he reaches into a fruit bowl and picks out two rather large cantaloupes. With some effort, he stuffs them up under his robes and up his uniform sweater, giving himself a pair of rather large, albeit a bit lopsided, breasts. Apparently he took what Peeves had to say /quite/ literally. "See, Peeves? Anything for you, my love! Just come back down!"

Sabine lays her napkin down and steps aside so that the elves can clear her place. "Of course, Professor Wize." The seriousness is gone and she gives the man a smile. "You'll have to show me the latest pictures of your baby as well."

Those eyes, indeed. Carrington's blue eyes go rather wide, and her brows rise up her forehead as she listens to the boy, taking the smallest step back as he reaches out for her. "Uhm--thanks, Roy. I think I ought to get back to Alec, though." Her cheeks take on a rather rosey hue, and she smiles rather nervously, "Uhm, I was going to go with Alec--we were going to go to dinner together, even. Uh, maybe I can save you a dance, alright?" She reaches over to give his shoulder a light squeeze, "But, right. Uh, Rose should be attending the dance, right? You can er, dance with her, yeah?" She looks over her shoulder back at Alec. Who has sprouted some interesting features. Suddenly, she drops the basket and her eyes go wider still. "Alec?" She asks, taking a step towards the boy. Crunch! A bag of cookies is smooshed under her feet, but she tries to step, finding herself flailing about as she slips on it, a la banana-peel and landing smack on her behind. "Oh, ow."

"..." ok, Alec has lost his mind. Patrick pushes his wet hair out of his eyes and just stares at the Hufflepuff. Then Carrington goes flying, and Patrick slides out of his seat to go offer her a hand up. You all right?" he asks her, then looks around again, shaking his head.

"No, Carrie, don't go with him!" Roy says rather forcefully, standing up now. His food and homework is forgotten, as is everything in the room except Carrie and her mesmerizing, beautiful voice. So.. So alluring. "Not one dance, Carrie, you can't do that to me. Rose isn't goi - Well, Rose means nothing to me. Nothing at all. She's just some little girl. You, you're a thing of beauty. You're like an amazing, flawless sculpture that.." And then she falls! Ohgodohgod! Roy nearly falls straight down to his knees so he can kneel beside her, shouting, "Carrie? Carrie, are you all right?! God, don't.." Roy pauses and looks up to the ceiling. "You can't take her away from me! Don't even try, you can't! Can't.." Wow.

It's possibly a good thing Carrie fell when she did, for the moment the girl hits the floor Val actually steps -over- her. If she hadn't fallen, he'd probably have just shoved her to one side. There is only one destination for him, and he won't be kept from it by the likes of a -friend-. There is, however, the slightest pause as he checks his reflection in a passing goblet to make certain everything is in order, but he still manages to reach the professors before they've actually departed. "Excuse me," the boy greets them, with a stiff bow, "but Professor Griffin is required down by the lake. Someone's cursed the trees, and they keep throwing nifflers at everyone."

The Professors are beginning to look, now. They're going to intervene if people don't stop acting like morons - particularly the one screaming love at a poltergeist and stuffing his shirt with food products. Wize is not seeing this as his problem, "Shall we, then?" He moves his napkin from his lap to the table, stands, and pushes in his chair. As he's bringing his hat to his head, he gives Val a surprised look and then turns to Griffin, "Oh?"

Peeves has, for the time being, retreated into the rafters and is pondering other ways to humiliate Alec. Food, he decides. Food is the answer. So he goes down and flings a bowl of bolognaise spaghetti sauce at the top of Alec's head, cackling madly.

Sabine looks at Val, frowning as she takes this in. "Trees? Nifflers?" She glances over at Professor Wize. Either there really are nifflers flying around or Val has something to say that he can't really say in front of others and... "I'll go look, Professor Wize. I'll come see you as soon as I can to go over those plans. Come along, Mr. Selkirk."

So why does Val smile at Professor Wize? It's not a -nice- smile either. Brittle and sharp as a glass dagger, triumphant, mocking, it is an expert little twist of thin lips, that doesn't fade until Val returns his gaze to Sabine. His expression softens, if only a little (how -dare- she think of going off with that...that...!), and he offers her his gloved right hand, palm up. "Come, professor. There is no time to waste." Oh really. So what now, Val? Grab a suit of armor, a horse, and ride off to save the world?

Carrie's eyes widen even more so, and she begins to back peddle until the back of her head touches the bench. This was like a horrible dream. She looks over towards Alec, but alas, can't see him from such a low vantage point. As she sees Val get up, she smiles, "Oh thank G-..." Her cheeks are nearly as red as her hair, and she opts to take Patrick's hand. If nothing else, she could always give him a good punch if he tried anything. "T-thanks Patrick." She peers down at Roy, and squints a bit, "Roy, have you and Aidan been drinking again. Oh bloody hell, where is he?" She stands on her toes to try and look around, when he mentions Rose. "No, you really like Rose. Shes a different girl now, she is very kind, you like her a lot!" She chimes, trying to smile, "Aaand, so much, that you can't dance with me." She gives the boy a little thumbs up, thinking she has cleared things up.

Alec doesn't even notice Carrie's little spill, but he glances over as Roy begins professing his love for the girl. "Aww, Peeves, look! Another young couple in love. Today is just filled with love isn't it? I just /love/ the word love! Love love love! Lovatty-dovitty-lo--" He stops mid-sentence as the red sauce douses his head and shoulders. Rubbing chunks of tomato out of his eyes, Alec beams up at Peeves and says, "Exactly, my love! Red is the color of love! We should /all/ be red, because we're all in love!" In this spirit, Alec begins grabbing all sorts of red liquids off the table and pouring them on himself. Fruit punch, strawberry jam, cherry Jell-o, and even a bit more spaghetti sauce. "I love love, and I love red, but most of all, Peeves, I love /you/!" Kavanagh III has gone bonkers.

Sabine eyes Val's hand and forgoes it, gesturing for Val to go ahead of her. "Lead on, Mr. Selkirk. Professor Wize, you may want to see to Mr. Kavanagh. I'm not sure what's going on there."

Patrick tugs Carrington to her feet, then raises an eyebrow at Roy. "You're going with Rose? Better tell Kyle that she's taken then." he says, despite the fact that Roy's declaring his love for Carrington. And nevermind Alec over there dumping red stuff on himself. Or Val dragging off a professor. "Uh...any clue what's going on?" he asks in an aside to Carrington.

"Oh, thank God, you're okay.." Roy murmurs when Carrie gets pulled to her feet by Patrick, though the boy earns himself a glare. All hatred for Patrick is forgotten now, though, as Roy stands up and gets back to the subject. "No, no, Carrie, you don't understand. No /drinks/ could do this to me, just you and your.. Your perfection.. I don't know /why/ I didn't ask you earlier. Months before you met that Kavanagh prat. You and I are the only ones right for eachother, Rose is nothing! A little speck of a memory, that's all. Why should she matter when /you're/ alive? I can't believe I had any feeling for her, she's.. She's nothing compared to.. Carrie, Carrie, when we graduate, and we're legal and everything.. Well.." The boy actually goes on his knees now, and reaches out both his arms, palms up. Even if Carrie isn't looking at him. "Will you marry me? I mean, of course, when we're old enough and all that legal sh-crud, but.. I just can't.. We need to make it official, and.." Uhh.

Wize nods skeptically at Sabine, gives Val a stern look - don't you dare look at me like that, boy. I'll take you down a peg! Then, he goes over toward Alec, "Peeves. Out, now!" This time, the ghost obeys, flying through the double doors, all the while singing about, "That Loony Badger Wants my Kisses. He don't know just what he misses." The professor sighs and reaches for Alec's gooey shoulder, "Mr. Kavanagh, I don't know what you're playing at, but enough is enough. You will stop wasting that food this instant."

"Roy, maybe you're running a fever..." The girl murmurs. Thats right, she was in healing arts! She reaches out to place a hand to his forehead to see if hes okay, then, she doesn't feel anything. Its not hot at all. Quickly, she jerks her hand back and takes a step behind Patrick, not wanting Roy to get a hold of her. Literally. "Uh, Roy. I think you and Rose ought to uhm, talk. About your relationship. With Rose. And maybe my relationship. With Alec. I love Alec." She says, blinking over at the boy, "And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call him names or anything, yeah?" When he drops to a knee, Carrie's eyes nearly pop out of her head, "Ohmigod, no, not hearing this." She claps her hands over her ears, then turns to find her boyfriend, who is a big mess of red. "Oh, Alec, are you alright?" She cries, trying to make her way over to him. "What -happened- to you?" On the way, she tries to pick up a napkin. Oh as if that'll help any.

There's a mild flush of anger as Val finds his hand refused, and the boy just -barges- off towards the doors amidst a swirl of robes and a heavier-than-normal, brisk, militaristic clicking of boot-heels. Heaven forbid, the boy's become even more of a drama queen than usual. Is that even -possible-?

Patrick frowns as Roy gets to his knees and...asks Carrington to marry him? What the heck? "You have completely lost what little mind you have." Patrick declares, and shoves at the other boy. "Get up, you idiot, and go to the infirmary. You are clearly on something." Drugs, or alcohol, or who knows what! Carrington is glanced at, but she seems to be a safe distance away now. Who knows what Roy would try if she stayed close. Patrick sighs and glances for the exit, as if he's considering retreating from all this madness. He's surrounded by morons!

Alec watches in dismay as Peeves is sent out of that room. "Professor Wize! rotten old man! Why'd you send him away! Why?!" The boy lets out a melodramatic sob and collapses to his knees. "I-I'll never see him again...I...I /LOVE/ him, you old bat! I knew you had it in for me! First you made me fall off that stupid horse, and now you're taking the love of my life away from me. I won't let you. You can't do this! You can't!" With that, the boy hops back to his feet. When Carrie approaches him, he blinks and says, "Alright? /Alright/?! How could I be alright! This wretched buffoon has cursed me to a life of loneliness by sending my lover away forever!" With another heartfelt cry of despair, he begins running towards the door to chase after Peeves. Unfortunately, all of his clothing is rather soaked in sticky, slippery food products. He slips, flips up into the air, and faceplants on the hard cement. Owwww.

Roy doesn't even realize why Carrie just /touched his forehead/, because that image of perfection, that amazing, mind-bogglingly precious woman just.. She.. Siigh. And then she goes away from him and he reaches out further with his arms, "No! No, Carrie! You can't leave me! I have no relationship with Rose, you're the only one! Alec is.. You don't love him! He's just-" And he gets pushed by Patrick, so he stumbles back a bit, but doesn't fall over. Roy stands up slowly and pushes Patrick back, "You can't get between me and Carrington! Wonderful, wonderful Carrington. You CAN'T!"

"Mr. Kavanagh, I think that is quite enough. You will go and report directly to the infirmary." Wize is confinced that anyone who professes to love Peeves is in need of medical attention. He turns his head to see what all the commotion at the Gryffindor table might be, "Oh dear."

Patrick glares at Roy as he gets shoved back, then looks over at Wize. "I think Roy should go to the infirmary too, sir." he calls over. It's a good thing Alec is currently besotted with Peeves, otherwise they would have had a confrontation over Carrington by now. Oy. Patrick feels like getting away from all these lunatics. FAR away. Can he go mope in his room again? Please?

"Alec!" Carrington's eyes widen and she quickly drops to her knees beside the boy as he falls and tries to pluck little bits of jell-o and pasta out of his hair. "Alec, something very odd is going on. I think someone has spiked some of the drinks. Just come with me, alright? I'll take you up to the infirmary, and then you can go and get washed up for the dance, alright, dear?" Ah, heres love for you. She slips her arms under him to try and help him up and give him a kiss on the cheek. Oh, well, thats an interesting assortment of flavors. She wraps her arms around him to give him a squishy hug and attempt to lift him to his feet, "Come on, I'll help you over." She blinks, "Theres something very wrong with Roy, and I don't want anything to happen for your sake or for Rose's. She doesn't need this happening to her after what happened, well, you know." She cants another glance back towards Roy, biting her lip. "I think he has been drink--hey, no one has been sent away, I'm right here, Alec. I always will be."

"Geb obb me!" Alec screams, his voice rather distorted, as Carrie presses her lips to cheek. "Only Peebes, only Peebes!" He then stands up shakily from the stone floor, a new sort of red liquid pouring freely from his nose. "Obe nobe!" He says, his voice rather nasally. Oh, good. Broken nose. "I neeb too fimb Peebes! I /neeb/ to fimb Peeves!" His arms flailing in distress, he paces in random circles around Carrie. "Telb Probessor Wibe that I neeb to fimb Peebes! The infirmbary can wait! You hab to helb me! The paib of a broken nobes is nothing compared to the paib of a broken heart!" He flails his arms more wildly still, trying to shake his arm free from the professor, tears now leaking down his cheek. Oh, the angst. Or can this even be considered angst? Hmm...

Making his way into the Great Hall, Sean is not really paying attention to much. He isn't even really in the mood for Valentine's day, but he does need food. He looks around at the various people who are in the room before he slumps over towards his usual seat. As he does a quick 360 degree look around the Hall, he notes the scene between Alec, Wize and Carrington. Interesting. That little Hufflepuff really does need some sense knocked into him. Or, something like that. Once he hears the word "peebes", the situation makes much more sense. Yes, Peeves has struck again.

Roy is right beside Carrie as she helps Alec up, and he puts a hand to his temple, then shakes his head repeatedly. "No no no no no.. Nothing is wrong with anybody's drinks, and there's no reason for you to be helping that idiot up. No, you can't, because we're engaged and you.." Roy just continues to shake his head, speeding up when Carrie hugs Alec. He ignores the fact that the boy is now pacing and talking to Carrie. "Carrie, we have to... We can't.. We really have to sort this out. You know how I.. I need you.. And.. And you just keep on.. But we're.."

Wize moves over to where Alec is kissing the stone floor and commands, in a voice that will not accept refusal, "Mr. Kavanagh, Mr. Ballard, Infirmary. Now." Good grief! Spiking the drinks. This happens just about every year around this time. A good reason to abolish Valentine's day altogether. "Miss Lamb, do take your hands off Mr. Kavanagh. That sort of interaction is not appropriate in the Great Hall." Then, for good measure, he Silencios Alec. As an afterthought, he Silencios Roy, too. "Miss Lamb, follow me please?" He has Alec by the arm, and he figures that Roy will follow where Carrington goes.

Rose enters the great hall wearing a red silk Chinese shirt with short sleeves and little phoenix designs all over it. In her hair there's a red hairclip with a little glittery heart on it. She also wears a nice black skirt going down to her knees. In her ears are, yes, more hearts, but these are a dark maroon color. Overall the girl looks a lot better than she has in the last couple weeks. As she searches the hall for Kyle she sees Roy over near the Gryffindor table but pretends she doesn't notice him. A weird look is given to Alec as he yells and flails his arms around. "What the?" Blink blink. When her ears pick up the last bit of what Roy says, a frown appears on her face. "What are you saying, Roy?"

"Oh, Alexander!" Carrie cries, quickly finding a use for the napkin which she presses to his nose. "Here, keep your head up, pinch the bridge of you nose and it'll stop bleeding." She tries to hold the boy still and do so for him. "Peeves? What? Did he do this to you?" Her nostrils flare, "That good for nothing slime of a ghost." She smiles softly, "Its alright, Alec. I still love you. Even if you have a broken nose. Come with me to the infi--" She looks over to Roy, and blinks, "Roy, I can't. I have a boyfriend, and you a girlfriend--we're not engaged, oh bloody--" She turns around and looks to the professor with pleading eyes, "Oh, hes bleeding everywhere. Please let me take him up, sir." She closes her mouth, though, and follows shortly after the professor, nearly dragging herself behind him but looking to Alec with concerned eyes.

Alec's jaws flap wildly, but no sound comes out. Flap flap flap. The poor boy has no choice but to follow after Wize to the infirmary. Oh, this is the most wretched day of his miserable existence. Now little Susan, Katie, and Jacob will never be born! And what about the tomato garden?! Again, he pulls angrily away from Carrie when she tries to help him. Who does she think she is, trying to lead him astray down paths of infidelity and lies?! And how would he explain such horrible things to poor Peeves?!

Drama! Drama! Drama! Should would be going to start eating by now but as realization hits as to what exactly is going on in the Great Hall, Sean offers a rather smug looking smirk. He looks over Roy for a couple moments before he mutters, "Great, Roy will probably be losing us a lot more points. Grief...that boy is going to ruin this entire house." Offering another shrug though, he is almost wanting to thank Peeves for the amusement he is going to get out of this fine day. With that, he does grab a piece of chicken and begins to munch on it.

"Infirmary?! You can't send me to the infirmary! I need to stay here, with my one true love! You're not the boss o- ... ...! ...! ... ... ...!" Yes, Roy is now moving his mouth and arms as if he's shouting, but no sound is coming out of his mouth. He stomps on the ground, then Rose arrives. He doesn't care, though. Rose is nothing. Carrie is all that matters, the reason he continues to breathe. "...! ... ... ...?!" Roy glares at Alec as Carrie tends to him, and starts to flail his arms around.

"Finally Alec got what he deserved." Rose smirks, then turns back to Roy, reaching out to grab him by his shirt. "Roy! I can't believe you. You.. you.. with.." The most hideous look a firstie could make is sent to Carrie. "YOU! I should've known. First Val, then this." Rose opens up her mouth to say something, then closes it. A professor is here. "Roy, don't you ever come crawling back to me. I don't ever want to speak to you again!" With that, the girl goes running back out of the Great Hall. Seems like she completely forgot about Kyle.

And with that, the two afflicted children and Carrie head off to the infirmary to be "cured" of what might very well be temporary insanity.


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