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Who: Helouise, Aurora, Lleweyn, Julian, Starla, Steven, Milo, Meg, and Randy
What: The Cat Strikes Again!
Where: St. Mungo's
When: May 23, 1980
Rating: PG-13. Crack-tastic, light swearing, and innuendo (plus a stripping auror)
Synopsis: In an effort to right the switching of personalities, the cat and several of its' victims are brought to Mungo's for a conference with a crew of healers. Hijinks ensue, but a cure is found!

Logfile from Hogwarts Express.

Potion and Plant Poisoning
This broad, low hallway has solid wooden doors at regular intervals, each leading to an office or ward. There are also a series of storage closets about halfway down containing massive apothecaries of antidotes, medicines, and ingredients both common and rare. Some creative magical architect has turned the very far end into a huge greenhouse so that the Healers here may have constant access to fresh plants and grow whatever they feel they may need.
All of the wards here are bright and cheerful, lit by large windows and housing two patients each. Most of the rooms are decorated with mundane plants and charts detailing the recipes for common household antidotes.
Aurora Steven Llewelyn
Meg Julian Starla
Daniel Helouise
Obvious Exits:
Divining Lab ...............
Stairs .....................

Table talk is in effect in this room. Type 'places' to get a list of places. For more help type '+help places'.
---------------- At a glance around Potion and Plant Poisoning ----------------
Name Idle Age Short Description
Aurora 15s 30 yrs
Steven 20s 25 yrs
Llewelyn 20s 63 yrs
Meg 41s 21 yrs Fairly tall, blue eyes, long blonde hair
Julian 46s 18 yrs 5'8", slender, blond curls, green eyes, light skin.
Starla 0s 19 yrs Long brown hair braided in two pigtails, brown eyes, 5'4" tall, slender build. Usually smiling and generally cheerful.%r
Daniel 1m 21 yrs Middle-height, medium build young man with short-ish black hair and bright blue eyes. Always smiling.
Helouise 1m 31 yrs
Inside St Mungos on the thrid floor is a nice spacious conference room. There we have some takes and chairs set up for the summoned healers to sit and take notes. At the front of the room stands an rather imposing looking Auror, all in black, in black shades. He stands behind a small table holding a thin wire cage that looks rather secure, yet not about to hold a horrid monster...infact inside isn't a monster at all, but a cute little tabby cat. The kitty seems to not really care that she's in there, looking aloof as she licks her little white paw, and runs it over her ear. She's looking a bit plump on kitty treats, apparently making friends at the ministry.

Helouise, the one who sent the notes to the Healers is standing by the door greeting people...and of course passing out gloves to anyone who enters, God knows they will need them. She greets people with her usual dotty smile.

Calm, cool and collected, Myrddin Llewelyn the Master Internist strolls into the conference room with his chin held high and his eyes faintly narrowed. Not from any scorn this evening, but rather due to the fact that he's been contemplating the issue ever since it came to his attention. He tilts his head towards Helouise as he takes a pair of gloves from her, and as he slips them on over his hands, he faintly smiles. It doesn't quite touch his eyes. "Good day, Healer Hopkins." Then he walks further in, to allow others to pass without hindrance.

Julian is technically on his week off, but after his own affairs haven't bourne fruit decided he needed a break. How sad is it when work is a break? With the acceptance of apprentices to observe, Julian is one of the ones that slips into the back, donning gloves along with all the others, though it's doubtful he'll be handling the animal.

There's a KITTY in that cage! From the wide eyes and bright expression on Starla's face, she apparently noticed not long after she made her way into the conference room. Surprisingly, she manages to check the urge to bounce on her heels and go pet it. She accepts the gloves from Healer Hopkins, flashing her a smile before wandering over in Julian's direction.

Honestly, Aurora is tired. But it doesn't stop her from showing up for the meeting. The slender and tall woman steps through the door, her head held high. She may be tired, but she's not about to let it stop her. She's just gotten a new haircut, back to the exceedingly short pixie cut she's fond of. Less hair to snag for polyjuice potions natch. She takes the gloves with a fond smile to Hel, slipping them on carefully. Finding a pair of her favourite apprentices in the corner, she waggles her fingers at them before getting a seat for herself.

Steven steps lightly into the conference room, smiling his thanks as he receives his gloves. After picking a seat at random, he puts them on and glances around at those present, nodding a silent greeting to Starla. Then his attention turns to the caged cat and he stares at it thoughtfully for a moment, his lips tightening slightly.

The quiet chiming of bells heralds the arrival of Meg Shelfield, obviously not a healer, but instead one of the kitty's unwitting victims. She has a piece of paper in her hand and looks around to make sure she's in the right place, but spotting Helouise she relaxes. Obviously the reception witch did direct her to the right place after all. The cat in the cage she stares at and shakes her head. "Healer Hopkins, a pleasure to see you again."

Helouise grins to Llewelym "Good day healer Llewelyn! Its smashing to see you here today...I still lvoe to say your name..Lleeeewwweeelyn. Smashing name." And he is soon forgotten as she greets others "Healer Clark! So nice to see you! Heres some gloves. Smashing that you came. "And she greets every single healer that comes in in her bright way...and yes she does manage to fit the word "Smashing" in with every greeting. You can see the Auror twitch slightly when she says it. She Finishes passing out the gloves and goes to the cat. She takes a moment to look her over. The chimes sound and Helouise turns to spot Meg "Oh! Miss Shelfield! You made it! Smashing!" And the auror twitches again. "please, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable." She looks to everyone "oh! Everyone! There is biscuts nd coffee in the back!...and a cake too but i promise it won't eat anyone this time around!" She smiles.

Meg seems to be the quintessential English Rose - the very picture of feminine charm. She appears to be in her early twenties. Her long, golden blonde hair may be confined into a loose bun when she is working, but often enough it cascades down over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Her skin is fair, the paleness offset by the rose in her cheeks. Her eyes are a pure blue the colour of cornflowers and sparkle with good humour. The colour of her eyes is enhanced by the dark curling lashes that frame them. She is fairly tall, standing she is 5'9" in her bare feet and slender, though not lacking in curves in the right places. Her generous mouth is often curved in a warm smile which displays white even teeth.

Today she is wearing a white-on-white embroidered peasant blouse. Around the neckline sky blue ribbon weaves in and out of the open edging and tying in small bow at the center, the color bringing out that of her eyes. Her skirt is a slightly darker shade of blue and barely kisses her knees. On her feet is a pair of strappy white heels with little silver bells attached to them. Over one shoulder she carries a blue handbag with a whimsical bird stitched on it, its markings made with sequins and beads.

Starla offers Aurora a warm smile as she enters. Once she moves away, Starla catches sight of Steven and lifts her hand in a wave in response to his nod. Her attention, however, soon turns to the doorway where Meg suddenly appears. She blinks, perhaps a touch surprised to see the former plague victim there. Distracted, she scarecly hears Healer Hopkins go on about the non-healer eating version of cake. After studying Meg for a bit she leans over to Julian and lowers her voice to a conversational whisper. "Look! Her shoes have cute little bells! Isn't that charming?"

Coffee? Cake? Great. Julian immediately turns to stock up. Helouise knows how to sate the hufflepuff! The blonde lifts a biscuit to say hello to Meg, saving the cake for later. He'll ferret a few away for him and Starla to share. "I thought cats who did these sorts of things were supposed to be black?" he murmurs aside to his friend, then pauses to just stare at Starla for a bit. Is he really this gay? ... "Quite." Apparently he is.

"Thank you Helouise..." Aurora chuckles softly, shaking her head a little as she goes to grab whatever chocolatey confection there might be. And then coffee. Because everything feels better with chocolate and coffee. When she gets introduced to the mocha, she's going to be in heaven.

Seating himself at the table, Llewelyn forgoes any tea or biscuits. His smile is thin for Helouise as she goes on and on about his name. "Yes, thank you, Healer," he says drily, quietly, with a lilting Welsh accent to each and every word.

Meg takes the gloves, though really she has no desire to handle that particular kitty again. Then she gets a cup of coffee... or rather a cup of cream and sugar with a bit of coffee for colour and flavour and a biscuit and walks over to sit with Julian and Starla. Since she knows them after all, besides it seems to be sort of out of the way.

Apprentices noting the frostiness immediately begin to muse over Llewelen and Hopkin's past relationship. Ex's? Is that how she'd say his name in bed? Someone gets smacked and elbowed.

Steven considers the biscuits and coffee for a moment, but decides to pass on either for now. Settling into his chair more comfortably, he folds his hands casually on the table, smiling faintly to himself at the different conversations going on.

Starla merely looks expectantly at Julian until he answers her, cheerful today for no good reason at all really. "Hallo, Meg!" She chirps brightly before a whisp of conversation makes her blush. And pretend she didn't hear anything.

Julian nods his head in greeting to Meg. "One of our Victi~ Er, patients?" Jules asks with a touch of humour, also blatantly ignoring the gossip. Though. Hrm. That might be what Llew was so antsy about?

"I thought she was dating that bloke... what's his face. Had to run from the mob... Before my time?"

Helouise waits for everyone to get their sweets. He keeps a good eye on that cate for a while. One may see her wince a moment as a knife is taken too the baked good of doom. But luckily nothing happens. No Cake uprising. She smiles looking releved and looks back to the crowd, waiting for them to get situated. "Hello All! And welcome! Its so smashing you all made it here." She claps her hands...erm..sleeve covered hands in excitement." Now...What I'd like to know is who here has had to deal with a patient who has come in contact with our little fuzzy friend?" She pats the cage.

Meg smiles at Starla and Julian and says a quiet, "Hello. Yes, the kitty wanted to make friends with a lot of people it seems..." but she trails off when Helouise starts talking and sips her 'coffee', nibbling on the chocolate biscuit she took.

Milo had received the owl, and made a point of writing it down to come, otherwise he'd forget. Therefore, he arrives, looking around timidly. His underling, one of those Drakes or other, has been pretty adamant in reminding him to do his temporary cure, almost to the point of aggravation.
"Technically, no," Llewelyn says as he lifts his hand. "However I am well-acquainted with one who has been afflicted, and I've seen the effects firsthand." He rests his hand back in his lap again, glancing around the table at the assorted healers.

"I wasn't the first person to treat someone, but I've treated someone who already had a temporary cure. They had to whistle 'God Save The Queen' every hour." Welcome to NPCville. Aurora smiles faintly and shakes her head before nibbling at her cake. "I know a lot of people in one way or another have dealt with the ramifications of the cat."

Starla cants her head to the side as her dark eyes scan the room. As she hasn't, she doesn't raise her hand. "Well," She whispers to Meg, "It is a cute kitty. I can see how people would want to hug it." That said, she listens to the others rather attentively, curious about the temporary cures.

Julian smiles and shakes his head at Starla. "It could be the mangiest cat on the planet and you'd still want to snuggle it, Star." he whispers, but otherwise simply listens as various healers raise their hands and mention patients they'd treated.

Listening to the conversation, Milo approaches, eying the cat with no little bemusement. Why's a cat here? He, of course, forgot about the cat's part in this. "I have to talk like a pirate." he comments quietly, then pauses. He forgot when he did it last. Oh well. "Arr." there, that should do it, right?

Randy comes in a little late, and seeing that everyone has gloves, looks around for the source. "Sorry I'm late," she mumbles in a little break in the conversation and also looks around for a place to park herself and her cane.

Steven looks around the room to see who has dealt with said patients. Since he hasn't himself, he keeps his hand down, but pays attention to what the healers are saying in case he learns something important.

Helouise grins brightly as Milo walks in. She gestures to the young man! "Oh! Mr Mottershead! Smashing for you to make it!" She shakes her head. "I'm horrid. Everyone! This is Meg Shelfield and Milo Mottershead. Both have been affected by the cat." She grins at them. then looks to Llewelyn and smiles "Oh, well good then. I will explain. Apparently, this cat here...who This lovely Auror has been calling Miss Kittywhiskers..." The Auror turns a bright red at that one. "Has been...infecting, one should say, random wizards and witches around London. From what we have been able to Gather, this has been passed around by touching ot petting this little cutie. Hence, the gloves." She pulls down her sleeves to show her gloved hands, wiggling her fingers 'Yes, well, apparently the Mysteries department has anaylized Miss Kittywhiskers to find out that something was spilt upon her fur. Whatever this potion is, its rather potent, so I am assuming it was a concentrated dose. These lovely ministry people here have brong Miss Kittywhiskers to us in hopes we can analyse her further and find a permanent cure." She looks back to the cat a moment then smiles to her fellow healers and others "So...We find that the body does find a temporary cure. After feeding a patient a counter potion, their body seems to.. Hiccup a tick. This tick may be singing God save the queen or..."She looks to milo and meg 'Oh wel lwe have some examples here. Can either of you tell us what your temporary cure is?"

"Actually, the cat rubbed against my tights. I remember because it was wet. I might have petted the cat otherwise." Meg explains. "but the healer that I saw found that the sound of bells at least every half hour would take care of the personality reversals. Since I really don't enjoy those I solved that little problem with putting the bells on my shoes." She gives on foot a little shake and the bell chimes merrily. "My friend has to stand on her head every hour." she adds. Clearly it could be worse than bells her tone says.

Starla's head swivels at once to Milo, interest flashing in her eyes. At the same time she nudges Julian gently with her elbow. "That sounds sort of fun, actually." Kittywhiskers. Starla clasps her hands together. Awww. How cute! She listens for a moment before piping up a bit louder. "What if we were to shave her and wait for her fur to grow back? If something was spilt on her and it was in her fur but not her skin then would at least prevent further contamination." Beat. "Does she shed much?"

"I have a question," Randy asks as she settles in. "Are the temporary cures merely aural? Or are they physical as well?...also, how come the cat doesn't need to do something dumb?" She pulls out a vial from a bag she brought with her. "If you shave it, I'd like a sample.." she brings out another vial, "A biopsy as well. We /are/ classifying it as a curse?" She's multitasking too much, pulling her notes out she has on the cat.

Leaning back against his chair, Llewelyn begins to idly toy with a fold of his robe. His eyes drift down to the fabric, where his gaze begins to slip out of focus. Somewhere, on some level, he's listening, but with nothing yet to add that's of particular use, he's not speaking up.

Jules puts a hand over his mouth to stifle quiet laughter. Trust Starla to think first of how to save the cat. Yes, lets prevent further infection -- incarceration seems to be doing the trick for now, though. "Initial contact had the fur damp. Does it transfer still when the fur is dry, and is there any difference in the presentation of the curse?"

"I tell you. He's /so/ distracted by the fact her sweater is slipping." "... Are you sure that's not /you/ getting distracted? Now shut up I need to listen."

Milo blinks at Helouise's exuberant greeting. "I have to talk like a pirate." he says, confused. Did he say that already?

Helouise nods her head "Well hmm..never though of shaving it. but we're not sure exactly how deep this potion goes. After all, If it was that simple, the victims could wash their hands and would no longer be effected." She nods 'But the mysteries department was kind enough to give me samples of fur for all of use to use." She looks 'She sheds jsut as much as an average cat I've been told." She looks to Randy "they have been both a tick and also a physical reaction to sometihng. For example, one person has to have his feet in contact with vanilla pudding at all times. I would not classify it as a curse but a potion poisioning." She nods sagely. Her eyes are distracted by Milo and she smiles "Ah yes. Smashing" She replies 'Thank you. The fur being wet or Dry doesn't seem to make a difference. It just seems to transfer. We also tried rubbing a few hampsters on her. Seems the only thing that this potion effects is humans." She hmms "What I think we need to do is find a counter potion of some sort. Or a counter spell. Something that needs to be dne once..or perhaps something that can be added to Miss Kittywhiskers and our patients can pet. Does anyone have any ideas? Just to throw out there?"

Llewelyn blandly says, "Until you can identify the malady, any treatment concocted is going to have to be done on a trial and error basis. It's not the most efficient means of going about Healing. I suggest analysation first, then making further suppositions based on our findings."

"Well, I think someone cursed a potion. It's hard to weave a curse into a potion skillfully, but it can be done," Randy says with tilt of her head. "Perhaps we can diffuse it the same way it was conceived. But yes, I agree. I'd like to analyze the potion on the hair more directly to see if we can identify the components more clearly, if it is a curse and potion combination."

Starla glances over at Julian, arching a brow at him. What? The kitty can't help it if she was put in a bad situation! She just wants love! "What about giving them a bezoar? If it's a poisoning doesn't that usually give people antidotes if you don't know what the specific problem is?"

After a moments consideration, Steven speaks up. "Could it be that a bit of the cat's hair has been stuck to the patients bodies someplace and that the continuous contact to this potion or curse is what is causing them to not get completely better? If that's true, then finding and removing the hair will remove the problem and the patient would be able to recover properly." He pauses. "Unless you've already ruled that out."

Julian perks at the Anaylisis talk. He rather enjoys that bit of healing, the labwork. But he remains silent for now, working out his questions quietly until fewer are on the table.

Helouise clasps her hands and Beams at the old goat 'OH! Lovely idea Healer Llewelyn!" She replies at him. "Perhaps we can all gather into teams! I have some hair for everyone. And each team can use a victim!" She gestures to Meg and Milo. TAH DAH! "She hmms a bit to Steven "I don't believe that has been ruled out. Though the hair may have washed off in a bath or shower 'She looks to Meg and milo "You both look liek you enjoy bathing regularly." She perks up to look to Starla "The few Bezoar tries we've done seem to come up rather vague. But perhaps we can piece some information together!"

Miss Kitty Whiskers seems rather interrested in something on the floor. She just stares. Then hops around and sneezes.

Milo doesn't much know what they're talking about now, healer stuff and all. Idly, he scratches the back of his neck, which squawks. He jumps at that, then blinks around.
Meg just sits and sips her coffee as she listens. Her biscuit is gone by now. Meg looks faintly amused at Helouise. "Bathing regularly is indeed a virtue." she agrees, though she just stays where she is for now until they figure out their teams if that is indeed what they are doing.

Llewelyn looks up long enough to favour Helouise with one of those bland smiles again. Everyone knows the kind... the kind that has teeth tensing just behind his lips. Thanks, Hel. He doesn't speak again as he lightly tugs at a thread coming loose on the sleeve of his robe.

Eeeee! Kitty sneeze! Starla lets out a girlish giggle before promptly clearing her throat and attempting to act more adult-like. Which is difficult with cuteness in the room. Having listened to the talk of teams, she waits quietly for what assignments will be given.

"I'm not exposing myself to it," Randy says plainly, clearly not gung ho about the idea. "Wouldn't this test only work on unexposed people?" she mentions. She looks over to Meg and Milo. "You guys are already contaminated....Crap."

Steven smiles. "I didn't mean to imply that either of them don't bathe regularly," he says. "As unlikely as it sounds, the hair could have been missed when washing, or it may even be magically attached to them somehow."

Helouise looks to Randy 'Well, We can Analyse their behavior I mean. yes they already have it, but perhaps taking a blood sample and watching their behavor can enlighten us." She looks to Steven and Grins 'You're right! perhaps thats part of the potion problem! Hmmm...I suppose we will have to strip search Mr Mottershed and Miss Shelfield." She says aloud unknowningly. "Right then, Teams! Llewelyn, Steven, And Julian with Mr Mottershed, and Aurora, Starla, Myself, and Miss Randy here on Miss Shelfeld. let me go retrive the samples."

Milo blinks again when she mentions strip searching. She did mention strip searching, didn't she?! "Uh..." blinkblink.

"Erm... I was wearing tights, which I believe I threw out given I was pretty disgusted with the wet cat at the time. I'm pretty sure if there'd been hair it would have stayed on the tights." Meg says, peering at Helouise like she's crazy. She IS dotty.

Healer Llewelyn does not move. What he does instead is look at Steve and Julian, giving them a shark's smile. He's already paid his dues getting traumatised by horrific bodies. They have not. Guess who's going to be doing all the touchy-feeling? NOT HIM.
Julian coughs awkwardly, brows slanting in a _very_ uncertain way. His green eyes flicker over to Llewelyn, looking for a belay to that order, but he's quick to look away again. Damn. They're screwed.

"There are some things that are smaller than the pores of your liquids," Randy points out to Meg. She's just being short because her eyes are glazing over with dofijsodjfodjfjie. "I think a blood sample would be good." Like a good Drake, she just sucks it up.

Starla eyes the cat contemplatively before glancing over at Jules. "Do you think that we're in any danger of getting contaminated by just breathing in the hair folicules. It is rather warm out and cats do shed... But then, I suppose if her auror is okay..." And then she pauses. Strip search?

"I don't care about the blood sample, but given I've had my bells ringing I'm prefectly rational right now and I don't see any reason for a strip search." Meg says, cuz yeah in her right mind she doesn't really LIKE hospital stuff even though she goes rather than have her mother nag her. The sad thing is, without the bells she loves hospitals but is hard to convince to go to them because it DEPRIVES her mother of the chance to nag. So bizarre.

"I have a better idea." Aurora chuckles softly, shaking her head. "So lets hold off on the strip searches shall we?" She tilts her head. If we can take Miss Fluffy out of the room, we can just accio the cat hair. Intent. Focus. It can be done just fine, without worry of getting a face full of cat or asking out poor traumatized people to strip."

Julian loves Aurora more than you, Llewelyn.

'Rora for the win!

"I like that idea a lot better too." Milo states, shaking his head.

Aurora finds her popularity SKYROCKETING after that statement.

Not with Randy...well kind of.

Ewww Randy wanted to see Milo nekkid

Milo can strip for you later, Randy if you want.

Helouise blinks at Aurora "Did someone say strip search?" She asks. Okay, she was thinknig outloud again and didn't realize it. "Oh But I do think that is a smashing Idea Healer Reynolds." She smiles "Would you mind being incharge of that?"

Still silent, Llewelyn just sighs to himself and reaches into a pocket of his robes, pulling out a little vial of a potion of headache remedy. He pops the cork and quaffs it in a single gulp, then tucks it away again.

Steven raises an eyebrow at the talk of strip searching. "Even if we did that, surely it wouldn't be right here," he says, glancing at the two patients. "Privacy and all that." He shrugs slightly and gives Llewelyn and Julian a small smile. He nods at Aurora's words, finding that to be a much better solution.

Meg pages: and Ah do de-clayr thaht would be quite, quite wretched, dahling.
"Oh, never assume anything when it comes to our dear Spoony." Aurora murmers softly, a wry smile touching her lips as she looks around and walks right up to meg. She holds out her gloved hand and veeeery carefully concentrates. She just wants any cat hairs -on Meg- to come to her hand. "Accio cat hair." She murmers softly, blocking everything else in the room out.

Well, Julian can do this much. SO GRATEFUL he doesn't have to strip search Milo, he approaches the man with a tired smile. "Right, this'll only take a moment." Once the cat's out of the way, he sets up a physical sheild around himself and Accio's cat hair. Why? He really doesn't want to have ot leave Milo only to stick to him.

Randy grabs her cane suddenly and takes off her gloves. Then she wanders over to an area where pastries from a meeting earlier in the day were gracing. She pulls out her wand and zaps one of the pastries with a warming charm, hoping that may counter act some of the staleness. She pokes at the tray to discover a Prophet. Lead it to Randy to get up, wander, and get distracted in the middle of an important meeting without warning. She picks it up and peruses through...finally coming to the ads section. Maybe she can get a new job. Maybe she can get a new pet. Maybe she can get something real to eat. She pushes the pastry into her mouth and bites down, suddenly exclaiming after a CRUNCH, "OWWAA!" her eyes widening. Stale or something else?

Unfortunately no cat hairs come off them. They are clean as a whistle! Luckily they bathe.

Milo just stands there and lets Julian accio or whatever, but jumps when Randy screams, looking over in startlement. And yes, Milo does indeed bathe regularly.

Helouise Helouise looks up in suprise looking to Randy "oh dear....did the cake try to eat you Miss Drake?" She asks in concern."

Starla blinks, looking over at Randy with concern. "Did you chip a tooth?" She wonders aloud, frowning.

Randy spits out the pastry and it hits the wall with a satisfying thud. "HOT! OW!" Those things have been there longer than a day by Mohs scale. "I did!...but look!" She looks like a lightening bolt hit her (the untamed hair helps). She limps over and after stealing a sip of someone's water, she reads them an ad near the back. Everyone will know that these ads are full of get rid of your fungus do this do that crap. This one is for a potion called Personage.

=======================Media ===================================
Message: 25/57 Posted Author
Advertisement Tue May 29 Abigail
The following ad is posted somewhere in the middle of the Daily Profit with a picture of a handsome smiling man giving the thumbs up sign and holding up a potions bottle.
Tired of being the same old person? Having trouble meeting people? Ever wish you were like the other guy? WISH NO LONGER! You can now be That Guy! The one that makes that sale, gets that girl, and charms the crowd with the help of PERSONAGE! The new self helping Potion! A few weeks of PERSONAGE and you will be a whole new you! So what are you waiting for? Personage is available where ever quality potions are sold. Brought to you by Blamex.

"Has anyone gotten worse?" Randy looks at their guinea pigs, namely Meg and Milo.
Milo shrugs. "I don't know." Unfortunately, Milo's not a very good guinea pig, seeing how he forgets things very easily and couldn't keep track of things to save his life.

"I don't think so, but then I've been careful not to go without my bells. I set some up with a charm on them so I don't miss it in my sleep even." Meg says. She really didn't like the effects without the cure.

Helouise blinks a moment then looks to the clock then back to Meg and Milo "Perhaps we should let your cure run out and see if it has gotten worse. We do have an auror on site to keep things from getting out of hand"

That Cat is Soooo cute. Miss kitty whiskers looks to starla and gives her the most pathedic "PET ME!" Mew you ever heard.

The Auror looks down to Miss kittywhiskers. He makes sure no one is looking then reaches down and scritches her butt with gloved hands....then imediately rubs his nose with the scritching hand...uh oh.
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