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Mungos Dedication, Part 2

"Aubrey, when that newspaper comes out, I'm going to beat it you with it. You better just hope it's not the Sunday version." Snarlgrowl. Kauton squints at the bright lights, and straightens up. She plants her hands on her hips A La Peter Pan, scouting out WHOEVER took that photo. "-You-." She says to Tim.

Here is where Vincent Nosfertum draws a deep, long sigh. He lifts his cup up to his lips and drinks deeply from it, till it's all gone and there's only ice left rattling around. Rattle rattle. Rattle. For a moment he loosely shakes his elbow, but not hard enough to dislodge his wife. He just needs to keep circulation going. Then he glances around, searching for more drinkage. Hmm.

Camilla is eyeing the pointed out Vegan tray guessing the thing she stole earlier isn't vegan she holds it up to Julian's lips in a fond little bit of force feeding. "You better keep in touch with me. I've got to rely on you and other people to drag me out of the forest sometimes. I nearly forgot English for a couple of months. Be my Penpal? Big Momma gets all uppity with me cause she just sits in the barn since Irwin and me went splits."

"He looks just like his father. Unfortunately the Drake playboy gene continues to thrive," Chase tells Meg with a dramatic sigh, but a smile as Nicholas cranes his neck (and his big head) to look at Meg with big, gray eyes that are somewhat tilted at the corners, flecked with blue. "I'm going to have to deal with all the crazy girls he'll bring home one day." She kisses the top of Nicholas's head. "Though Julian was there when I was delivering him, you know. My grandmother-in-law said he was a tremendous help." But she doesn't say how. She just grins wickedly at Julian as she says it.

Natalie nods a little to Adelaide and just...blinks at the Kauton and Del sideshow. Blink. Faintly, "Black cherry you said, Adelaide? Vincent, may I get you something?" In counterpoint to Kauton, she is polite to a fault around the Nosfertums. Ridiculously so.

Is everything ok over there? Adrian squints his eyes in order to consider the situation, but decides that it's only Kauton being a crazy chick. His shoulders loosens up, before he lets out a sigh and looks at the time. Why do all these socialites need to have these partis? Rubbish.

A faint smile touches Starla's lips in response to Meg's greeting. "I don't see why not." She conceeds with a nod. "If I'm able to get free of work one evening. How have you been, Meg? It's been ages." She asks warmly.

Tim innocently occupies himself with defluffing his shoulder from a bit of ginger fur. Damn cats! He looks to Kauton, blinks and then looks left and right and behind him to the Media pool around him. Then back to Kauton. Radiating boyish innocence.

There comes a time in every social gathering where one must get to the point, and from the silence that begins spreading across the room it would seem now is that time. Near the ribbons an older gentleman with white hair and a shortly cropped beard stands, glass of something sparkling in one hand. He raises his free hand for silence, and when he speaks it's in a thick Scottish accent.

"First of all, I would like to thank you all for coming tonight. Mungos has long held the tradition of quality health care, and is a world leader in the study of Magical Bugs, but recent years have taxed our resources to their limit. Through the dedication of our Healers and supporters we've been able to maintain that quality, while the hospital has undergone repeated repairs and increased demand. This ward has been long in the planning, but events conspired to push it further and further out of reach -- until the Charity Gala last September.

"It is through the extreme generosity of Miss Genevra Escott, inspired by the tireless sacrifice for our nation by the Adeptus and Enforcer Nosfertum that we stand here today, about to open the new, modern Trauma Ward. On behalf of both Healers and Patients, I thank all those who in diverse ways have contributed to the successful completion of this project. It is with utmost pleasure I declare the Adelaide and Vincent Nosfertum Trauma Ward open."

While all this speech-making is going on, an apprentice beckons to the Nosfertums to step forward, offering them a pair of golden scissors to cut the ribbon with.

Julian dutifully eats the treat, then nods with amused eyes at Camilla -- he'll be her penpal and go to lunch, he just can't say so because his mouth is full. "It was wonderful to be there, really. Even if I was in immediate danger of my life." Julian replies to Chase once he's swallowed, waggling fingers at the baby with a warm smile, then quiets down for the speech -- which would actually be far more suave than this player is capable of putting out tonight, so hush.

Meg just smiles at Starla as the room starts going silent and mouths, 'Later.' She listens to the older gentleman making his speech. She grins at both Nosfertums as they are beckoned forward to come do the ribbon cutting. She'll applaud when it gets to the appropriate time.

"Something with lemon, if you..." Vincent starts to say, but he never does finish. The hospital director has begun talking, and he looks up at the sound of his voice. Without a word he sets aside his emptied cup, and then he lightly tugs at Adelaide. Up to the ribbon he escorts the lady, guiding her around to the golden scissors. He'll wait for her to take them, and when she does, he lays his broader hand gently atop hers. He's still as grim as ever, looking as if he's about to calmly stab someone through the heart rather than join his wife in opening a new hospital wing.

Adelaide sort of gets a very /odd/ expression on her face when the word 'Adeptus' is spoken, like she thinks she's stepped into that dripping clocks painting and one of the clocks dripped right onto her face and got in her mouth and nose and eyes. That is to say, like she's feeling surreal. She disentangles herself from Natalie and lets her husband escort her. She smiles for everyone, still looking a little out of it, when Vincent lays her hands atop his -- and then assists him in cutting the ribbon.

Tim stares at Katherine for a while. Was she really talking to him, or was he just imagining it. Bloody hell, there goes his mouth again. He scours about for a drink and tries a different shaped flute hoping it's actually got alcohol in it this time. Wince, nope, Lemon Soda. Cursed brits and their no booze functions. How is he supposed to respond to her if he doesn't have some liquid courage and tongue un-tie-er. Finally after a couple of hoarse throat clearings he speaks rather slowly, sounds like a blooming idiot, but least he's not stuttering. "Jus' back meself...first gig since..." He of course quiets down during the cutting of the ribbon and snaps a few shots.

Moving her hands into her pockets, Kauton falls placid and silent for when the speech is given. At least Vincent nor Adelaide had to make a big talk--they just have to snip a ribbon. Yay, more places where they can recuperate in! Then she wildly claps, loud as she can, and throws death-glares to anyone who are refraining from clapping. DO IT. DOOO IT.

It's moving. Nicholas watches Julian's fingers with rapt attention....before all conversation fades. Chase, like the rest, turns to the older gentleman as the speech commences. She'd clap if she could, but she smiles, seeing the Nosferta come up the stage to cut the ribbon. And now....Mungo's is bigger. Better. Shinier. The bigger it gets, the more people that can be admitted when the next disaster hits.

"That's your cousin right there," she tells Nicholas as he looks. "And the one to her right is Darth Vader. I'll make you watch the movie when you're old enough."

Starla's smile broadens a touch as she nods, falling silent so that she might listen to the speechmaking. She applauds politely after the ribbon is cut, her eyes stealing briefly over to Julian before returning to the ceremony and whatnot.

APPLAAUUUUUUUUUUSE. Katherine bangs her hands together with everyone else, carefully depositing Kauton's maybelaxative brownie in a nearby bin. Tim's weak stutters are ignored for the moment, which is probably all for the best. Though right, Adeptus. Heh. It's going to be even harder to tell them apart /politely/ now...

Natalie folds her hands and stands near her sister-in law quietly, watching with a sober mien and looking not a whit cheerful about this glorious new shiny expansion to...hold the mangled bodies. When the ribbon is cut, she golf claps politely, closing her eyes and wincing a little at the loudness of the crash of applause.

Camilla awws quietly as she hears about Julian helping out with a birthing after she's snagged herself and animal free treat. She gives his cheek one of those granny is so proud of you little pinches but quickly behaves herself when the ceremony is underway. She dazzles one of her big white smiles and needs no coaching to clap and clap with vigor for the esteemed couple.

Dougal is a social butterfly of some kind. The kind that wear all black and silently creep up on others. Ninja butterfly. He has behaved himself while the speech and ribbon cutting have been going on, but now as the applause are underway, he joins in while simultaneously slipping through people in order to come up near Camilla, Chase, and Julian, his hands folded loosely behind him and his long hair in a high ponytail.

Forget _clapping_. Anyone who remembers Julian from his hufflepuff days knows he's looking for a chair to stand on. Sadly, there are none, and the tables don't look all that sturdy. So he settles for floating the tray and lifting fingers to his mouth, emitting a piercing whistle to go with his loud cheers and over-enthusiastic clapping. The boy is _loud_ man.

As the ribbon is cut and photos are taken, a plaque appears on the wall, proclaiming whom this ward is dedicated to. Sean steps back and applauds with a smile, then doubletakes at something on the plaque... and turns to give Julian a _look_ in the crowds. Somehow, he knows exactly where the apprentice is. Regardless, the older man's lips simply quirk in a mild smirk as he asides to some of the other Healers, "How long before they pick it out?" Bets, commenced.

Vincent gently takes the scissors from Adelaide and sets them to one side, then he takes a single step back in order to turn and look at the plaque. He tilts his head at an angle, reading the script. In honour of Adelaide and yadda yadda. He arches an eyebrow at it, clears his throat, and then glances away from it again. Then he does a doubletake at the script, finding something /else/ in there that makes a smirk quiver at the corners of his mouth. He clears his throat, and then he turns to the director, inclining his head to Sean. "Thank you," is all that he says.

Meg covers her mouth to keep from laughing as Chase tells the baby that Mr. Nosfertum is Darth Vader. And then she applauds enthusiastically as the ribbon is cut. She grins and tells Starla once the room isn't silent anymore, "I'm doing well, it's just been busy lately."

Anything that makes Nosfertum happy is probably worrying. Very worrying. Katherine will take the time to look at the mosaic later, though, to see what the scary bastard finds so entertaining. As the applause dies down so does hers, but the Auror truly can't help but shift her gaze from place to place. Anything could be happening in some dark corner. Someone could blow up the hospital. ...Well, you never know. It would be a good time to target the place. CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

Adelaide smiles as well. "Yes, thank you very kindly. This is a great honour indeed." She manages to deliver this with grace and aplomb instead of with the uncomfortable terror that she'd shown before, finding proper British solace in the right and proper thing to be doing. She doesn't say it loudly -- just a quiet murmur of musically accented alto, but there it is.

Dougal 'stealthily' whaps Julian in the back of the head with a knuckle for making so much noise, though he does look vaguely amused... maybe. It could be amusement. Or an itch.

Starla remembers suddenly that she's still carrying her drink around, though it's grown a bit warm by now. She looks down at it and swishes the contents around inside the cup before lifting it to her lips and taking a tentative sip. Because it's there. "I'm glad to hear that." She replies in answer to Meg, shifting her gaze from the Aurors to her friend. "Better busy than idle. How is Demi?"

Julian smiiiiiirks at Sean, then Vincent's double-take. Why yes, he was responsabile for picking that thing up. The blonde goes up on his toes and waves like a maniac, a huge grin on his face... and then he's rapped, ducking down and turning to look behind him with that same bright grin. "Hey you. I thought I'd lost you somewhere." he greets. "I want to go say hi to them -- coming?"

Sean offers to shake both their hands, inclining his head to them with a glimmer of amusement in his eye. "Thank _you_ for putting up with all of this." he murmurs knowingly. Yes yes, more photos -- and a sort of recieving line of people waiting to congradulate the guests of honour.

"She's fine, the vet said that she's doing well and the change really doesn't seem to be bothering her. She and Josie have been having a morning game of tag flying around the flat. It's just as well the butterfly wings don't seem to bother her, since they show no sign of going away." Meg says with a laugh. Luckily her mini-mini horse likes them. "and I prefer busy mostly, yes. How have you been? We still need to have that girls' night." She watches as the receiving line starts to get organized, she should go say congratulations, but she'll let some of the others here go ahead.

Natalie drifts off to fetch a drink, swiping a lemon soda for her father in law and passing silently behind him to press it into his hand while he's forced to be civil and polite and courteous to throngs of buttkissers. Poor Vincent.

Dougal tucks his hands into the hip pockets of his slacks, tilting his head to the side and looking thoughtful for a few seconds, just enough to be a bother but not enough to be left behind, before he quirks a grin and says, "Yes." He motions for Julian to go ahead only to fall in after the blonde, shoulders rolled back and sharp jade eyes flickering over the people they happen to pass with a detached sense of interest.

Camilla perks and looks about to the talk including 'vet'. Professional interest and all that. She smiles and separates herself a bit from Julian so he can go with Dougal who gets a warm smile and blown kiss. She then steps up closer to Meg. "Don't mind if I eavesdrop do you shug?"

"Hm." Vincent is just not going to engage in conversation unless he absolutely has to. He gave Sean his thanks, and so Adelaide can pick up his slack. He glances down at his hand, and he takes the cup pressed into it with a silent nod of thanks. Then he takes another sip.

"How very strange that must be." Starla laughs at the thought of a cat chasing a flying horse --however small it might be-- around a flat. "Hello Camilla!" The greeting is offered as the young woman draws near their group. "Feel free to join us. We're just chatting a bit, really."

Tim takes lots of pictures! Why because he can just hear his editors barking now, 'Just why don't I have any pictures past Miss Kauton He-Maning it up?' Tim full well knows, 'Cause I couldn't stop staring at Auror Aubrey wouldn't be a kosher answer. So he's gone to holding his wand against the flash rod and is using a few spells to have a bulbless flash. Saves on changing time. Gotta love magic. Though some of the pictures might be of feet, bums, cleveage, up noses, and other unfocused angles since he's just taking what ever he can get as he desperately does try to not stare at Katherine. Though he makes sure that he's not being too obvious, not wanting to distract her from being all on-duty disguised as off duty and all of that.

Luckily Josie is Meg's owl, not her kitten. She smiles at Camilla. "Of course not, Camilla." Meg says, "Starla was just asking about my mini-miniature horse, Demi. She sprouted wings overnight about three days after I got her. So of course I had to take her to get checked out. I wanted to make sure she wasn't going to end up full sized too, since I understand some of the horses went back to full sized, but the vet doesn't think so."

Everything's a-ok here! One of the Adeptus on duty pats Adrian on the back and bids him to at least enjoy some of the food or company around him, shooing him off with several motions of his hand. As he walks towards Katherine--his main point of interest--he murmurs something into her ear before walking off into ... somwhere. Probably somewhere else where he doesn't get shooed off by said Adeptus.

Adelaide prepares to greet whomever might come their way. Now she's starting to look a little more relaxed -- she's like a skittish horse who has finally gotten used to the situation. (A skittish miniature miniature horse?) She seems prepared to take up said slack.

Katherine is just chilling out now -- off duty. Definitely off duty. ...That is, if Katherine ever goes off duty. She's dressed full of hotness but there's probably knives under there: the Auror fashion accessory, always in style. She's not sampling the food on offer, but maybe she's just not hungry. Or maybe she's paranoid. Nodding to Tim as he goes about his business, she decides not to bother him. Adrian's little comment does not go unheard, however, and she gives him a Look, complete with arched eyebrow, that says something on the order of 'Oh ha ha funny little man, just remember I can make your life a living hell in so many little ways, and it's just lucky you're entertaining and have a rabid wolverine for a cousin'. ...Yeah. Kat, queen of the Meaningful Look.

Camilla gives Starla a big smiles and leans in for a hug and kiss on the cheek, "Hey girl! Thanks, I just heard the V word and I had to be nosey. What's going on?" She missed the bulk of the conversation so she ohs and nods as Meg explains. "Well if you need a place to keep her you can board her at my barn. We've got a stall open and I'm sure she'll get along great with our horses. Skydancer just foaled awhile back, we call him Skywalker." She gives a little wink. "Course my Gran and Gramps have no clue why. Or if you'd just like a nice big place to let her run around in." Is Camilla a bit desperate to get people her age out to the Ranch and Forest? Heyall yeah!

Julian gives Camilla one last hug before slipping off towards the Nosfertums, shamelessly elbowing his way up front. "Well, fancy meeting you here." he greets with a broad grin, looking just a wee bit smug with himself. "You look lovely, Adeptus. Sir, you look entirely like yourself." He's either being inane, or teasing. Probably the latter. "Do you like your plaque?" Fishing? Oh yes!

Slinking over to Katherine, Natalie cradles her drink in both hands. Softly, "How have you been?" Tracing the line of Katherine's look towards Tim, she brow-arches, and then looks back to her former housemate. Blandly, "Are you going to turn him into a kebab?"

Starla is horrible with names, anyhow. And really owls are hard to remember when she -does- recall getting to play with an awfully cute kitten in Meg's company. The hug Camilla offers is returned in earnest and she beams up at the young woman. "Skywalker? That's terribly cute! How many horses do you have, then? Just Skydancer and her foal?"

Dougal doesn't elbow anyone - he's got sharp elbows, so thank God for that - but he does follow in the room made behind the wave that is Julian, a distinctly less boisterous greeting coming from the dark-haired young man as he simply smiles faintly and nods to them both in a respectful manner.

Adrian turns around once he feels ice daggers in his back, before raising his shoulders to offer a nonchalant shrug of sorts, meaning no harm right back at Kat. Serious he may be, a punk he ... okay so he totally can be an ass. He won't deny that. Back to the wall! Back to staring at people and being amused by them! And... maybe doing his job.

Now there's a face he certainly recognises. Two of them, in fact. Nosfertum turns his head and then pivots to face Julian and then Dougal. One eyebrow arches, and then he lets the faintest smirk tug at the edges of his mouth. "It's rather sickening, if you ask me. Heroism to inspire future generations? Pure trite. I do confess to a certain fondness for the border, however. Donnelly. It's good to see you up and about."

"Skywalker?" Meg giggles. "Cute! Aren't horses fun? I go riding most weekends at my parents place. It would be fun to go riding with you sometime though Cami." Meg says.

Another one of those really odd looks passes over Adelaide's face for a moment when Julian greets her, and then is gone. "It /is/ good to see you both," Adelaide says solemnly, leaving her opinions on the plaque out: moderately embarrassing is probably not the right thing to say at this juncture. She'll offer a hug to Julian and a handshake to Dougal.

Snark snark. Katherine looks sharply over at Natalie and blinks. "Hmm? Dekere? No. Not here, at least." She flashes a mild smile. "And not Tim, either. I've been quite busy, hardly leaving the MLE floor except when I go out to impale the incautious. What about you? Keeping well?"

A small shrug. "I am as well as can be expected, I suppose." Natalie murmurs, setting her empty glass on a passing waiter's tray and folding her hands primly in front of herself. "It is a shame you have been so busy."

Tim knows perhaps too well that Katherine is -always- on duty. Sure the dress is just to be as distracting to any malcontents as it is to him. He manages an awkward smile before he decides that going of for cigarette might be the next best thing to booze. If he doesn't get away he might approach her and that would be a disaster, wouldn't it? He clears his throat and steals himself and then after taking a few more pictures he starts to head for the exit.

Julian gives Adelaide a hug. "Oh, I'm only responsable for the border. I had absolutely no idea what the middle bit should be, so I let them do as they liked." The border came afterwards, to mitigate the sap. "I wanted to thank you both again for all your help these last few months."

Camilla pauses to try and remember the last count. "10... Skydancer and Skywalker are our only flying horses, the rest are all of the grounded four legged variety." She smiles proudly as she starts to talk about her animals, her family. "I would -love- it if we could go riding. I swear being the only p erson under the age of retirement in town is going to be the early death of me."

"No wonder you want to escape to Lumos. That's definitely an antidote to pre-retirement old age, isn't it." Meg says with a little laugh. "Demi fits in my hand so I'm a bit concerned about letting her outside. A hawk might think she looks like a good snack."

"I don't know," Katherine replies, her tone rather light. "I'm kept busy by it and I rather like to be busy. I wouldn't have become an Auror if I didn't want it to be my life." She smiles again, the picture of calm and peace with just a bit of cautious tension. "But what have you been up to? I can't even recall what you've been doing since last we chatted, except it was something with the school, isn't it?" She glances up as Tim starts heading to the door... but, well, if he hasn't the courage to come talk to her, she isn't going to go chasing after him.

Natalie just half turns and stares at Katherine for a long moment. Then, "Of late? Arranging for my husband's body to be returned to the home of his heart. If you'll excuse me." With that, she turns from Auror Aubrey and with steady steps, chin held up, she heads for the door.

Paige has been here the entire time, really. The young woman is dressed in a simple black satin cocktail dress, tied as a halter around her neck, the front a low V. The hem comes to about her knees with a small slit up one side and she's got on black heels to go with it her, her hair down and lovely as usual. She's been mingling somewhere off to the side, but now she's making her way over to the Nosfertums, stepping up behind Julain. Her face is all smile as she waits for a break in their conversation.

"You inspired me to attend, sir," Dougal responds with a very faint smirk of his own before he reaches out to take Adelaide's hand with something less smirkish, more smileish, "And you, ma'am," tucking his arms in a loose fold over his middle afterwards. He glances aside at Julian to see how he will take the view on the plaque only to add his own opinion, "The border is rather fashionable." Ahem. When Julian thanks them, Dougal bows his head slightly, not adding anything just yet even if his brows do flicker slightly. He's not ungrateful, just mildly conflicted about the whole thing.

There's a look that's given to young Slade. It's a look that says 'if you try to hug me, you will die.' It could also be interpreted as 'you have two seconds to stop hugging my wife and holding her hand, or you will both die.' Vincent takes a calm sip from his glass of lemon soda before he clears his throat, and he inclines his head again. "We could do nothing less under the circumstances, Slade. There's nothing you need thank us for." Another sip, and he muses, "We do need to talk very, very soon though, boys. There's unfinished business yet."

Camilla blinks and giggles, "Yeah, that is a little one! Cute. Demi, I get it now, that's dynomite! And you ain't jiving girl. Lumos is the only reason I am still sane. So are we going to Lumos after this? Even if Julian is being a fuddy duddy. Doesn't mean we girls can't go raise the roof, right?"

Adelaide shakes Dougal's hand and then lets it go. "I agree with Vincent on both counts," she murmurs, growing, for a moment, completely subdued again. The lady falls silent, toying absently with her necklace.

Julian's smile flickers, the warmth in his eye turning to something unusually nasty for a moment. "Indeed." he agrees, hand unconciously clenching with mild anxiety. "Well, why don't you both come to dinner tomorrow night and we can discuss it then?" Yes Nos, he only hugged your wife quite briefly. There's a really cheeky part of him deep down that wants to spread his arms and glomp Nossie too... but he's more restrained than that. (in front of Cameras). So he'll shake the man's hand instead, then step to one side so Paige can advance while offering her a smile as well. "I should get out of the way so others can hob-nob with you."

"That's wonderful!" Starla chirps brightly. "I mean, not about being the only young person. But about the horses." Starla replies, somewhat distracted by the goings on around her. "I might be able to come for a bit, but I have to be up early for work tomorrow." Another glance is sent down to her drink before she seems to decide she no longer wants it. "Will you lot excuse me for a moment? I'm going to get rid of this." And she slips off for a second to deposit her drink in the trash.

Well. She'd been trying not to... she'd been rather hoping Natalie wouldn't take it quite like that. It was something she didn't want to remember having happened. Katherine doesn't go after her. She does give the refreshment table a long, hard look but she doesn't go to it. She's given that up. She'll just stand there alone instead, muttering something that sounds like an apology under her breath and turning to head in another direction.

Dougal lifts his head back up when talk of discussion comes up, looking from Vincent to Adelaide to Julian and back before he nods slightly, "Yes." He's being quite loquacious this evening. He glances back in time to shift out of Paige's way as well, though he does take a moment to reach out and actually shake Vincent's hand, "Thank you. I'll see you both later, then..." Dougal then moves away from the golden pair - heh - falling into line beside Julian with his arms folded comfortably over his stomach once more.

Paige grins brightly at Julian. "Hey, don't run off on my account. I see them all the time. It's you I never see," she says playfully, embracing the blonde-haired boy in a hug. And then it's Dougal's turn. He gets a hug too, whether he wants one or not. It's a rather snug hug and Paige sort of clings to him for a moment in that, 'OMG, you're really alive!' sort of way. He's given a bright smile as well. "I'm glad you're here." Once that is all done then it's time to turn to the Nosfertums. Adelaide gets her hug first. A nice big, warm hug. Watch while you can Nossie. "I don't think I can really begin to thank you for everything you've done for /me/ so I think I'll just stick with the hospital for tonight. It's really great that this was done. My dad's been so excited about it all." Leaving the best for last she hops over a step to give Nosfertum a nice big hug before he can fully realize what is happening. "And thank you too."

Hm, was that Natalie who just left? Vincent glances askance at the young lady's departure, but his attention soon returns to Julian. He shakes his hand, then he shakes Dougal's, and all he has to say to the pair of them is, "Tomorrow evening." Another sip of his lemon soda is taken, and Paige? Paige does not get that DOOM look from Nossie when she hugs Adelaide. Yeah, go right on ahead. The corner of his mouth twitches for just a moment before his eyebrow arches. Incoming? The man steps back... too late. He's being squeezed, and his nose wrinkles with irritation. Gruffly, he mutters, "Yes, yes, you're welcome. Now if you please, O'Calahan. Go... hug Adelaide again or something. Augh, gerroff me."

Adelaide's lips twitch. That could almost be a smile. "My thanks, O'Calahan." As if Paige weren't living in their house right now. Is your father here? I should enjoy a chance to meet him if he is."

"I can go for a little while, but like Starla I have to be up fairly early for work." Meg says to Camilla. She glances over at the Nosfertum couple, but they are still swamped so she stays put for the moment. Even if it is swamped mostly by people she knows.

Julian returns Paige's hug. "No, it's all right. I'll see them soon. You should come to dinner some time soon too..." he reminds her, then steps away. Perhaps Dougal would like to linger and mingle, but Julian is seriously contemplating home as he slips back into the crowd. So very tired.

Oh god. Why is her half-sister hugging Nosfertum? Chase shields her son's eyes.

Dougal isn't just hugged, but /clung/ to, and he stares down at Paige with his shoulders slightly stiff and his eyebrows lifted before he very lightly pats her back, "Um... thank you." Leggo. When she leaves him, he summarily smooths out his clothing rolls his shoulders smoothly. Hemhem.

Yargh. Well. This has been fun, but it's time for Katherine to step out and she's almost CERTAIN Natalie isn't lurking straight outside the door to snarl at her. She has work to do, somewhere. There's always work to do. Maybe someone needs his shift covered. Maybe she's got some paperwork lurking on her desk. Whatever she's itching to do, Katherine is heading for the door now. She'll eye that mosaic later -- after all, this is definitely not the last time she'll be in this ward.

Dougal's reaction just makes Paige grin a bit with amusement. The blonde nods her head."I will, definitely. Just give me a time and I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world." She tries to steal a cheek kiss before Julian slips away. "Him and my mum are around here somewhere. I just escaped him. He was doing that thing where he talks about me to his freinds as if I'm /not/ standing right there. It's horribly embarassing." She glances at Nosfertum after letting go from the hug. "Mr. Nosfertum, you should really think about accepting the hugs. I mean, honestly, shouldn't you be used to it by now? I give hugs. It's what I do. And you see me enough you should know this by know. Embrace it," Paige tells him playfully, looking completely amused. He's like a grouchy uncle. Adelaide does get another little side-hug though because she's Adelaide.

"Why? Because it is not appropriate, O'Calahan," Nosfertum drily says in a low mutter, stepping back from the young woman and stiffly lifting his chin. "We are not actually /related,/ nor do you make a suitable ward given your age." He clears his throat roughly and then settles down with a low, "Harrumph."

Dougal is left without a human shield as Julian makes off through the crowd, blinking once only to glance at the nearby discussion and attempt to ease his way towards the exit himself. From the way he's acting, subtle as it might be, he doesn't seem fond of the large group of people at the moment.

Meg finally decides that the crowd has thinned enough and makes her way over to say hello before she has to head home. "Mr. and Mrs. Nosfertum, congratulations." she says as she joins them. "Hello, Paige." she adds with a smile. "Oh! And congratulations on the promotion, ma'am, I saw the memo."

"Thank you, Miss Sheffield," Adelaide says, suddenly looking poleaxed and a little embarrassed. "How did yo--oh, those went all over the Ministry, didn't they." She now gets very uneasy looking, smiling in this sort of...oh god oh god way.

Paige just laughs good-naturedly at Nosfertum's response. His reaction is what makes hugging him all the more interesting. But before she can say anything Meg arrives. Hellos are pushed aside at the mention of a promotion. Paige's eyebrows grow up and the smile that disappeared with initial shock reappears full force. Amazingly she says nothing, she just smiles at Adelaide. She'll congratulate her later, in private. She looks thrilled for the woman though.

"Thank you, Shelfield," Vincent says curtly, nodding his head to the woman. He eyes Paige for a moment, and then he gently lays his hand over Adelaide's, squeezing as she's again giving his elbow a death grip. Patpatpat.

Meg nods. "Yes, all sorts of paper airplanes were flying their way into the department this morning." she agrees. She smiles at the pair. "I just wanted to pop over for a moment to say hello and congratulations and all before I head home. Enjoy your evening!"
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