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Mungos Dedication, Part 1

Who: Oh God, so many people... Adelaide, Nosfertum, Camilla, Starla, Adrian, James, Tim, Katherine, Natalie, Chase, Dougal, Julian, Meg, Paige, Kauton... I think thats it. Oh, and Baby Nicolas too.
What: Dedication ceremony to open the Adelaide and Vincent Nosfertum Trauma Wing.
Rated: G

State of the art artifice line the walls of the operating theaters, wards etched into stainless steel to enhance medical magic performed there. Outside in the recovery rooms everything is tidy and in it's place, the lines smooth and equipment easy to access. There are a pair of 'clean' rooms here, which include the ability to nullify magic entirely in extreme cases, and several private rooms each equipped with artifice and supplies to keep even the worst cases stable. This is a cross-discipline ward, and it is common to find Masters from various floors working together on a case. Despite the high-pressure atmosphere, there is an efficiency that both makes it bearable for the nurses, and often comforting for the families.
A sign on the Nurses station declares this floor to be 'fragrance free', and advises that all use of mirrors are strictly forbidden. Though there is a large floral arrangement on the corner, a shimmering ward around it prevents the pollen from contaminating the air around. Prominently displayed on the wall is a large bronze plaque that declares the ward to be dedicated 'In Honour of Adelaide B. And Vincent I. Nosfertum, may their dedication and heroism inspire future generations.' Despite this romanticized, sappy inscription, someone managed to get a hold of the artist and convince them to disguise within the mosaic border, 'Veni, Vidi, Castratavi Illegitimos'. Clearly, it wasn't caught until too late.

The broad hall is sparsely decorated -- flowers donated from a florist stand in tall containers, arrangements simple and elegant though their fragrance is constrained by the air filtration wards. There is a ribbon stretched across the hall at one end. The nurses station serves as a bar for tonight, though it's dry -- that is, no alcohol is served, though one can get a wide range of coffees, teas and Italian sodas along with Hors D'oeuvres and tiny dessert snacks. Hospital staff, politicians, celebrity, media and MLE meander about, either waiting for them to get it over with, or looking for a good photo op.

Soldat Someone Who Changes Their Name A Lot, AKA Kauton, has parked her arse near the food area. She's picked up a brownie and a tall glass of ice to munch at while observing the famous people wandering about. Hey, look, it's that guy who Seeks really well for some team or another. Hey wow, it's a model. Hey wow, it's a fat rich guy who brought his own booze. Chomping down on her brownie, she tries to remain fairly inconspicuous--looking cheerful despite the way she scans the crowd for anything somewhat out of place.

Meg is neither hospital staff, politician, celebrity, media (well... sort of kind of there) nor MLE, but she is the neighbor of a wealthy older socialite who seems to get tickets to all the hospital functions and tends to dump them off on her young neighbor when she can't use them. Thus Meg occasionally finds herself going to Charity Balls and Dedications. Like tonight, it might even be fun. At least she's likely to know some people.

Being one of those Media persons, James looks around rather carefully at the people present, to see who's here. He's got something to use for taking notes kept in his pocket, as he looks around carefully.

Well, here they are. Vincent Nosfertum is bedecked in black, formal robes, standing at his full height in such a way that suggests he's a soldier at attention or too uncomfortable for words. His jaw is tense and tight, and he's foregone snacking on anything. In his hand is a small cup of Italian soda; its faintly yellow hue suggests it's lemon. Standing not too far off from Kauton, he watches the crowds with a grim set to his jaw. For now, he's silent, content to observe.

His first authentic job. Granted, it's supposed to be an easy-peasy job with Soldats and Enforcers to do the main action-paced job. But it's a job. Leaning against a wall (he blends in rather nicely), he shakes his head and hand politely as he refuses some appetizers and drinks from a server of sorts, before he decides to you know. Keep an eye out for things. Practice. (Adrian)

Adelaide is there as well, beside Vincent in a black party dress and pearls. She is turning a cup of black cherry Italian soda around and around in her hands and looking a little bit like someone whose head is spinning. She looks tense rather than uncomfortable. Her hair has been swept up into a white bun and trails of it have been left to curl in front of her ears, and she has on make-up, which she doesn't bother with 9 days out of 10, but did for this event.

Camilla perhaps looks a bit out of place. Forest Ranger gear and even Disco garb set aside for the night. As she grooves in wearing a rather lovely open back white gown with a halter top and even a hint of a train at the back of her skirt that's very long as in hopes to cover up the fact that she's wearing her more comfortable work cowboy boots. But she's hear with a purpose so she peeks around all the celebrities searching for a certain mop of blond hair. As she wanders her hand idly fiddles with some gold and ivory bangles that she's cleverly used to hide the bandage round her left wrist.

Julian meanders through the crowd, foisting snack-things he cannot identify but swears is tasty on people. While the Nosfertum's are tense, he's inordinantly pleased -- perhaps even smug, as if all those months ago he'd somehow planned this himself. He flashed Adrian a grin of recognition as he passes by, but given the man's on Duty (Ha!Hahaha!) so otherwise leaves him be.

Katherine is certainly not on patrol. She doesn't patrol in a green cheongsam, generally, but even on a fancy occasion like this she's wearing little black velvet slippers -- shoes she could run in -- and the dress seems cut for ease of movement as well as style. Her hair is... ah... attractively curling around her face, doing nothing to disguise the fact that she's cut it to the length of her jaw rather than letting it fall to the base of her spine. Bits of makeup are here and there but she's not very sparkly, and though the dress is shimmering green silk thickly embroidered with silver dragons, she's wearing it -- it's not overcoming her. She seems a bit distracted, but not enough that she doesn't cast Adrian a glance and the flash of a hey-how-are-ya smile as she passes him.

Chase has her red dress on, having went. Instead of Drake being her date, for he was off doing something important, she at least found someone who would be suitable to be her escort for the evening. Her dark hair is loosely curled, though it is piled up on her head and secured by a pair of chopsticks.

She is also carrying two month old Nicholas, a big baby despite his age, swaddled in a soft cloth and wearing white baby clothes underneath. His face is hidden for now, but the wild shock of black hair can clearly be seen peeking from the top. He seems to like hanging onto the black choker with the silver kanji symbol around his mother's neck. So much that Chase scourgifies it and just hands it to him before he accidentally strangles her. He gurgles....but surprisingly doesn't eat it.

It's like a trinity of people who wear way too tight underwear. Noticing how serious the lucky couple are looking, Kauton slips closer to them and ingrains a smile across her face casually. In case someone tries to snap a picture for the Prophet, she doesn't want to be the one that looks like a zombie. She wants to look like a /happy/ zombie. Oh, and she's dressed in black. Black like her soul. "Anyone want a brownie?" Chocolate is a drug in the wizarding world. They must be adding special ingrediants to it. And oh, how she gives Chase stricken looks every so often over her shoulder, teeth clenching a little.

Wtf why is everyone flashing him smiles. Adrian only offers a polite nod of sorts (in all due seriousness, he doesn't know half these people) right back at Katherine and Julian, others, a muttered "good day" of sorts. He's currently in dress robes despite his station because--you know--you have to respect the atmosphere of this dedication... thing. He snerks a bit at the baby drooling all over Chase.

Or trying to.

Present along with other hospital staff, Starla lingers on the outskirts for the moment content to people watch. Hands clasped neatly in front of her, her dark eyes trail over the faces both familiar and foreign to her while trying not to look lost. Her dress is an off-the-shoulder affair in pale blue with a shimmery transparent fabric overlay that gives a faint glimmer when she moves; the hem of the skirt just brushing the floor. Her long brown hair is curled loosely, held back by silvery pins with stars fixed to them.

Chocolate for an evil soul would be like poison. Vincent takes his candy black, and only licorice will suffice. When Kauton comes slinking up to him, he tilts his head down towards her and arches an eyebrow over the rims of his spectacles. "No," he says blandly. "Offer it to your mother. She likes that sort of thing more than I do."

"I am not hungry," Adelaide murmurs quickly. It is a murmur, a tight, quiet murmur. "But thank you, Kate." She sets her cup of Italian soda aside; she's not thirsty, either. She clasps her hands behind her back, a wholly unnatural posture in the clothing she is wearing.

Camilla's boot heels click against the floor as she 'sneaks' up behind Julian to sneak an arm around him to steal what he might be foisting. She sniffs at it and drawls playfully. "I bet you don't even know what this is Jujubee..." She gives it a deeper sniff... "What is it?"

"Hey, newbie!" Chase says, grinning over at Adrian. She'd wave if she could, but as she can't, she flashes him a bright smile while Nicholas blows a drooly bubble at him. "Nice robes. Looking good in black must be a family thing. Where's your cousin?" She can't see Kauton in the crowd, for now anyways.

She slinks like a panther! :[ Turning towards her mom, Kauton dangles the chocolate as enticingly as possible. "It's cut into pieces so it won't smear your make-up. Ah, fine. I'll feed this to one of the elderly fat cats later." Whether they want it or not. "Nngh." She utters all at once, seemingly not to be enjoying this at all. The Hospital is ill-equipped against outside wards, goshdarnit. Some Death Eater better not go Wile E. Coyote on them with some Acme explosives. Slumping against the wall a few paces from the Nosfertums, Kauton sighs slowly through clenched teeth. Someone come entertain her. See this strained smile? She's being inviting. And yes, Chase probably can't see Kauton cos she's a midget. And there's that one dude standing in the way.

James notices the Nosfertum, and makes a mental note to ask that man a few questions in a little while, but for now seems to be content to look around at the various people present. Studying the crowd for a few moments, rather carefully.

Meg is wearing a dress of ice blue silk since she forgot to say before, and of course her ever present high heels. She's sipping a peach raspberry Italian soda. Since she's near Julian and Camilla she decides to say hello. Adrian gets a little smile of recognition as she passes him. She grins though as she watches Camilla 'accost' Julian. "Hello, you two." she says and takes one of Julian's mysterious appetizers as well, finding it quite tasty, though she isn't sure what it is either.

Julian's eyes widen at that familiar voice he's not heard in so long, and he nearly looses the plate in excitement. "FOXY!" he exclaims, loud enough to get a few odd looks as he spins around, shoves the platter into some random passer-by's arms (or, not so random. Hi Meg!), and moves to give Camilla a hug. His grin stretches about from ear to ear. "My God, it's been forever! How have you been?" He offers Meg a manic wave-wave-wave to boot. Sooooomeone's been sampling the sugar a bit much.

Adrian stares at Chase, before complying to her request--it doesn't matter if she didn't mean to call him over, but still. She /is/ talking to him. "Huh?" he questions at her comment regarding the black robes. Obviously, he cares not about how he looks, just as long as he has somthing on. And isn't naked, kthx. "Oh... uhh, thank you." He does look around for his cousin, before raking a hand through his head. "I really don't know. She's getting harder and harder to spot these days," he replies. He'd crack a joke about her height factor but if he gets caught in the process--he dead meat. "I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to claw her way out of this thing." Because you know. He would be doing the same thing if this wasn't his job.

Kauton, eh? Katherine ambles. Amble. Amble. Sidle. ....Sidle over beside Kauton, gently elbow her in the shoulder. "All right, then, Soldat?" she inquires, because she isn't going to take a guess at what Kauton's calling herself today. But the Soldat-ness, that's an entertaining new word to put on Kauton's head. "Didn't know you'd begun catering."

Tim comes in from the lil Irishman's room fixing his black with dark green accent formal robes some. He reaches up to uncomfortably tug at his dark green bow tie and ruffles his hair back out of his face with a bit of a boyish shy smile as he looks about hoping his adjustments weren't noticed. Good thing he's a man taking pictures and isn't one to be caught in such an awkward look on film himself. He shuffles about til he's by James side, he nods and clears his throat, "Sorray bout tha, miss anythin?"

"Nnnngh." It's a great word. Nosfertum growls it under his breath as well as he continues to watch the crowd milling around. So many pretty dresses, so many fine robes. It does smack of 'DEs Attack Here Plz!' to him. The ice in his Italian soda is sloshed about as he tilts his cup, glancing down into it before he takes another slow sip. One elbow bumps against Adelaide's arm, crooked in offering to her, but he turns his head to peer at Kauton and then Katherine. "Don't give chocolate and sweets to cats, it'll make --- oh, you didn't mean literally. Nevermind."

"God, you've gotten tall," Chase remarks, looking at him and assessing him over with her eyes. "You were a midget the last time I've actually managed to talk to you at any length of time. They say boys don't stop growing until they're 23 or some ridiculous age." She lets Nicholas grab her pinky finger, grinning over at Adrian. "How's training going? Is Mac-B giving you her tender loving care yet or has she thrown you to the other peons first before she gets to you herself?" She carefully sets her son against her shoulder, bouncing him lightly on her arm once she senses him getting restless.

Camilla sparkles a dazzling white smile and tries not to smoosh Julian with the as of yet unsampled appetizer. She returns the hug tightly. Bouncing a bit excitedly as well. "Well you know... heard about this and decided I needed to see if the moves I taught you in the Infirmary stuck." She chuckles and gives his cheek a big smooch. She then stays snuggled against him and offers to take the platter back from poor Meg. "Hey girlfriend, looking out of sight!"

"Yes, and I do parties. If you invite me, I will learn the ways of the Ninja from Chase and slaughter all party-poopers. Now. Aubrey. Eat my brownie." It is not a request. Kauton offers the thing to her on the flat of her palm. And she looks utterly serious. Giving Nosfertum an odd look, "I literally won't feed them it, or they're literally not cats? No, no. I was going to make an old, rich person eat it. Fat cat."

A young woman steps into the doorway to the hall, pushing back the hood of her robes to reveal a drawn and tired face. Natalie hesitates by the door, as if she might bolt like a startled fawn, and looks over each and every person milling about before she even will consider coming in all the way.

Meg just laughs as Julian shoves the platter of whatever the appetizers are in her arms. With a grin she says, "They are good, Jules, but I'm not sure I want to eat the whole tray of them." She grins at Camilla, "Hey Cami, you're not looking too shabby yourself! How've you been? Still partying it up at the disco?" Since that's the last place she saw her yearmate.

James shakes his head, as he hears Tim's words. "Nothing so far," he replies. "Just making sure that I know who's here at the moment."

Adelaide does slip her arm through Vincent's, and that seems to relax her a fraction. Not all the way -- she still looks a little like someone is beating the back of her head with a board while sticking her feet in ice water. She plasters a smile to her face, because it occurs to her that she ought to be (smiling that is) and ends up looking mild to moderately terrified. Then again social attention is not her favorite thing in the world, especially among strangers -- that was well documented at the last Mungos event.

"M-m-midget? Adrian repeats, taken aback by her bluntness. Well. That was what, his fourth year? Regardless of age, Adrian just stares at Chase, looking quite surprised at her mention of his short height from ages before. Regaining his composure (and dignity), Adrian clears his throat. "Twenty-one is the scientific average, ma'am," he replies, shaking his head. "It's been a mixture of both. I wouldn't be surprised if the Enforcer is too busy to tend to trainees at this time of the year, though." He looks around with a fading expression of uncertainess, before continuing on, "I shouldn't keep you from the rest of the event, ma'am. Feel free." Inner Chase is probably crying at this boy's seriousness right now. Again.

"Oops, sorry." Julian apologizes sheepishly, accepting the tray back with a grin, keeping an arm around Camilla. "Actually, you both look great. And I've never seen so many Aurors in dresses before." he laughs. As if to answer her question regarding moves learned and remembered, Julian gently hip-bumps Camilla and winks. Yep yep!

"Being not a cat, I think they won't kill me." Katherine accepts the brownie carefully and breaks off a teensy portion to eat. She wraps the rest of it snugly in a napkin so it won't get away. Raising her head to look at the Nosfertums, she goes on: "Congratulations, both of you. I've been wondering who came up with the notion; any idea who the guilty party was?"

He'd pat her hand, but that'd require sprouting a third one. So for now, Vincent Nosfertum contents himself with having his elbow death-gripped by his wife. "Right," he blandly says to Kauton. "That's what I meant. You didn't mean a literal cat. Nevermind." He clears his throat and looks up again at Katherine, regarding her for a time before saying, "Thank you. This is all Julian Slade's fault."

She is. At the same time, he did have a point. Adrian was on duty, she shouldn't be keeping his attenton. So Chase reluctantly lets him go with a hint of a smile. "Alright, alright. I'll let you escape, this time. I'll be seeing you later." How is it that she can say it both so cheerfully/perkily and so ominously at the same time.

She nods, and turns to head off. She'd drink if she had both hands free but she doesn't. Maybe she should hire a gopher or something. In any case, she walks further into the crowd, saying hi to the nurses and doctors she knows and making her way towards the Nosferta. Though, there's also Julian. She stops to greet him first. "Julian," she exclaims, grinning. "I heard you managed to stare down the beast and come out alive."

"Yes, thank you," Adelaide murmurs. She seems to have little else to add for the moment. The lady simply nods her head in agreement to Vincent -- yes, it was indeed totally Mr. Slade with the tasty treats over there. "Though he is masquerading as a waiter for the nonce, he is in fact a devious mastermind."

"I should transfigure you into one, one day, Aubrey. It will be a day of games, young love, and cats throwing up all over the carpet in a long trail. Like the yellow-brick road constructed out of soggy and partially disgested food made from who-knows-what." Peering at Katherine a moment, Kauton blandly states--mimicking Nosfertum--to her; "I am socially awkward and write unhappy poetry. My favorite color is black. Black like my twisted soul and the pillow-case I haven't washed in a month."

Tim is the junior of the duo so he does know a few faces that James perhaps doesn't. With both hands on his camera ready to snap a shot at a moment's notice he points with one finger. "Tha group over there playin 'ot potato with a tray ish, Miss Margaret Shelfield. No idea wha she's doin dese days, the one in white is Camilla Grey, prollay 'ere makin sure 'e'ry thin served is animal free. She's on Mistah Julian Slade. Works 'ere from wha Ah've read." He then looks around and points towards the guests of honor, "De Lass by the Nosferum's be Kauton, M. El. Ay. and tha's..." He drifts off as he realizes who he's about to introduce. He goes silent for a long few moments just staring at Katherine like a deer in head lights. His mouth goes dry and finally manages to croak out in his brogue stuttering suddenly for some reason. "K-Kate-Katherin-Katherine Aubrey. Auror."

Adrian forces a smile over his features in response to Chase's comment (however wary he may be of her tone, he won't show it), before receding back to his spot on the wall. Again, he refuses the food and drink offered to him, before looking over the crowd with crossed arms. Midget. He'll show her midget. c_c

James nods a little bit as he hears Tim's words, but raises an eyebrow a bit as he hears that stuttering. "Anything wrong?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Camilla laughs out loud and jovially and gives Julian a hip bump right back. A wider smile is offered to Meg, "You know me girl, can't stop the groove! I've almost got permanent ink on the back of my hand from that place!" She goes to lift up her hand but remembers the bandage when it comes into view and hides it behind her back a bit covering the act up by making like she's reaching to slide her hand into Julian's that's around her. "Haven't seen you back yet, maybe we should hit the club after this party is over?" She squeezes Juls, "That includes you."

"/Only/ a month?" Nosfertum suddenly asks, arching an eyebrow. "What happened, Kauton? Roof leak on your bed?" Then he helps himself to another sip of his soda. Ahh.... Snarking makes him feel marginally better. It's not much, but he looks more inclined to bite off just a few heads rather than everyone's.

Quietly, Natalie weaves her way into the room, slipping from group to group. Eventually she arrives at Clan Nosfertum, and proffers a silent, small salaam to Del and Vincent. With a voice scarcely more than a whisper, eyes barely up on faces, she manages, "Good evening."

"Maybe we should." Meg says, grinning. She sips her Italian soda. "We should grab Starla and bring her along too." She glances around because surely Starla must be here somewhere. When she spots the other girl she waves cheerfully, clearly an invitation to come say hi!

"Good evening, Natalie." Well, with a free arm Adelaide will offer an arm to settle about Natalie's shoulder. Vincent feels better through snark, Del feels better through comforting someone, and it all works out. She murmurs to Natalie, "My darling girl, you did not have to force yourself to come to this if you did not wish to." She kisses Natalie's temple gently, and keeps her voice down. She can think of at least 5 reasons why Natalie would indeed have to force.

Julian shivers, like someone's walked over his grave. Oh yes, devious mastermind... and now the topic amongst three aurors and a hit wizard. Yikes! Which one has the voodoo doll? "Oh, I'd love to Cami, but I've really got to cut out early and go home after the ribbon cutting..." he replies apologeticly. "Can I get a raincheck though? You're talking about Lumos, right?" Though Julian hasn't been out on the scene the last few months, he at least knows what they're talking about! And when Chase approaches, Julian turns and lights up a smile all over again for the baby. "Hey there, Nicolas!" Oh, and mommy too. "I have indeed, yes. Would you like a ... uhm. Pastery... pate... thingy?" he asks, trailing off weakly. He really should learn the menu, but one thing he _does_ know... "Oh, that tray over there, totally vegan, and so's half of this one." Why? Because someone secretly had catering cater to Llewelyn, in case he showed. Julian's on the ball like that.

What? Did she hear the soft call of her name? Kauton picks up on what Tim said from where he stands. And she could make so much fun of Tim, the endless possibilities have her stunned. However, resisting the urge in case it be splattered across the Daily Prophet as 'Shocking Discovery--Nosfertum Family Has Rude Daughter', she merely grins. "Aye, I be Kauton. Arrrr. Pirate of the mighty seas." OKAY, JUST A LITTLE JIBE. Throwing a glance to Nosfertum, she hisses, "I was mimicking you!" And then Natalie arrives and she shuts up faster than a slamming door. BAM.

A brief smile to the rest of Julian's companions, before she looks over at Julian himself. "I don't think I managed to thank you for what you did." Nicholas says nothing, but he does gurgle at Julian - perhaps a sign of recognition? Chase laughs as Julian greets her first, patting the baby's back just a little bit over the red blanket over her shoulder. "Grandma Nadia said your interference was rather.....instrumental. By the way things were sounding outside the door it was almost like you were fighting a bear with your bare hands. I wish I could've seen it, it must've been awesome." And EXTREMELY HILARIOUS, but she doesn't say that part out loud.

Settling in alongside her mother-in-law, head tilted so she can hear Del more easily, Natalie murmurs, "It was the right thing to do." Even though, upon their return home, Del will discover that Natalie spun the entire box of roving she had. All of it. Into incredibly tightly wound yarn so stiff any sweater made of it will stand on its own and could possibly have use as armor. Someone was a little anxious prior to coming.

Yes, somewhere out in the crowd, Myrddin Llewelyn is speaking quietly with healers and doublechecking there's nothing dead in the hors d'oeuvres he's eating. Later, Julian will get a pat on the head for a job well done. Patpat. Then he'll get told to get back to brewing some potion he needs.

Tim clears his throat and makes a grab for a flute of passing drink and swills it down in one go. He winces directly afterwards. That's not got any alcohol in it!? Useless! He nods patting his chest a bit. "Nae. Fine. Fine." He wheezes and clears his throat trying to banish his stutter of old. He lifts the Camera and takes a shot of Adelaide kissing the recent widow's temple before lowering the camera again trying not to lose perspective and get tunnel vision as he tends to do on a certain Auror that made him stutter. He offers a bit of a strained smile to James, "Aye, that's Kau alrigh, nae changed a bit. Gettin a relevant interview outta 'er could get ye an award."

Deadpan and completely serious, Julian replies, "It wasn't 'like' wrestling a bear, it _was_. Though, at the time? I thought he was rather more bull-like."

"Mastermind... mmm yes, that's what I always thought when he was in school," Katherine muses, very very deadpan. "International Slade of Mystery. Sly and cunning and bears watching. But I look forward to using the Nosfertum ward for all my recovering from maladies needs." She looks over at Kauton then, blinking in slow surprise until she reaches out to pat the Soldat on the head. "You're adorable when you're barking," she murmurs, quirking a smile. Her eyes flicker to Natalie and she gives her old classmate a gentle nod, though apparently she's neither heard nor seen Tim yet. The flash of the camera doesn't bring more than a wince.

Starla makes an excellent wallflower, it would seem. She hasn't moved very far from the start of the event. Well, except for the brief excursion to the bar where she picked up a drink which she is currently nursing. Really, it's just so that she can have something to do with her hands. The wave from Meg is caught only partially, causing the girl to look once more in that direction to see what flurry of movement she saw. Delicate eyebrows shoot upwards in surprise at the sight of her friends and she finds herself propelled in that direction. Time to give the wall a rest.

"Well, some members of my family would say that now, you're officially a man," Chase teases, winking at Julian. "Having wrestled a bear/bull-man thing."

James shrugs a bit as he hears Tim's word about Kauton. "How so?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

When Katherine makes the mistake of patting her on the head, one of Kauton's eyes visibly twitches. "This doggy foams at the mouth, baby. Don't make me bite." She resists the urge to gnaw on Katherine's head for taunting her. Instead. She will file it away for later. Yes, ... yes, revenge will come. It will find you. When you LEAST expect it. "There was laxative in that brownie."

Nosfertum smirks at Kauton, resisting the temptation to start noogie-ing her head. Tormenting that girl makes for great tension-relief, but given they're in polite company, he supposes he ought to remain civilised. And who the bloody Hell is taking pictures? The man scowls in Tim's general direction before looking past his wife to Natalie. Nodding at his daughter-in-law, he quietly says, "Good evening, Natalie. Nice of you to come."

Adelaide is going to just...ignore camera flashes. Those, she had steeled herself for, and she can't embarrass herself any worse than she did at the event that spawned this event in the first place. She keeps an arm tightly about Natalie's shoulders, though, unless the girl shows signs of needing to bolt, and says something inane, like, "The Black Cherry Italian Soda is very good."

Tim simply points to Kauton and her oh so Kauton-ish retort to being pat on the head. "Tha' answer yer question? Dinnae think a reporter yet has left an attempted interview yet nae cryin deir eyes out. Even 'eard one jounalist came out missin' 'is quill fingers...and an 'owl's tail' iffin yeh get me drift." He pantomimes the act of something getting shoved up one's back side.

James shakes his head a little as he sees that, "Looks like pure trouble," he remarks.

Kauton looks utterly innocent. She's a five foot girl. Look at those huge eyes, James. She would never ever. /Ever/ do that to you. You can trust her completely. COMPLETELY. Then she mouths "Bring it on" and flexes like a WWE wrestler.

*FLASH* Thank you for that front page cover shot He-Kauton.

Haha. Kauton almost certainly won't try to flense Katherine's arm in public. It's just at work she'll have to worry. The flash makes her squint again, and as she waves a hand in front of her eyes she mutters "Good thing I took that Nullifying Draught before I came, didn't I? Besides, I'm not half so full of shit as some people I know." Smile. Smile. Blink. "And well done, Tim, with that camera. You'll be on the front page. Will it be again? I haven't kept good track of the Prophet lately."

Nat barely had time to acknowledge Katherine's greeting before someone snapped a photo. Del and Katherine may be sanguine about camera flashes, but Natalie's shoulders jerk and she wrenches her face away from that direction, towards Del's shoulder. She whispers something to Del before raising her voice just enough for Vincent to hear her reply of "Good evening."

You sense Natalie mutters in a dark tone, "I despise the media."

You whisper "Not all of them are vultures. My cousin was a reporter, as it happens. Just remember anything that is seen or read in today's paper is forgotten by tommorow's." to Natalie.

"Starla! Hey!" Meg says cheerfully as the other girl pries herself away from her beloved wall to come be social. "We were just saying that we should get a group together for Lumos sometime soon. Sound fun to you?" Camilla must be snacking or something. She smiles at Chase as she comes to say hello to Julian. Awwwwww, cute baby! "What a handsome little date you have there." she says, grinning at the baby.
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