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Log-Winter Festival Part 1

Place: Diagon Alley
Characters: Morris, Nosfertum, Abigail, Silas, Sebastian, Gabrielle, Meg Paige, Phillip, and Fred

Synopsis: Just...Chaos. If you want to See Nossie Skipping, Read this,

Its a Glorious Spring Day in DIagon Alley! A perfect day for a festival! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and not one cloud in the sky despite the slight crisp in the air. Diagon Alley is all decked out for quite the celebration. Colorful spring time colored banners hung from every shop that bear a snow covered tree that instantly blooms into a beautiful cherry blossom filled one. Each banner reads "Farewell to Winter!" On it in sparkling glod letters.
Down the Alley infront of many shops are booths of every kind. Some sell antiques, some sell sovineirs of the festival, some toys, and MANY with all kinds of food for anywhere in the world. From Candy to Hummus, the Alley has it all! Just outside the long lengths of booths stands a few fun carnival rides. A Colorful Farris Wheel, a Carosel with moving talking horses of every color, and a mini roller coster that seems to magically jump its tracks, thrillings its riders just eough before connecting safely with it again. Wandering about are people who arewith the charity "hands For The Helpless" Who wander with baskets, accepting donations of some sort. Overall it looks like QUITE the party and invites everyone around to have a great time!

Fred somehow managed to get today off for this! Not that he planned to have today off in particular for this event, but he just got extremely lucky or somesuch nonsense. Either way, the red-head is wandering through the alley while holding a cone of blue cotton candy. He wears a faded red shirt, possibly more pink now, and jeans. Jacket? Who needs a jacket, man?

Yeah yeah, Spring Festival his arse. Vincent Nosfertum is a little black raincloud in an otherwise sunny setting. He's perched atop a roof, leaning against a chimney with his arms folded across his chest. Black hat brim pulled down low, slick dragonhide trenchcoat on his back, the Auror has been assigned to one of several squads that are keeping watch over the crowds. Ever vigilant for Death Eaters, the sour-faced man is scowling to himself. Bright banners, spring flowers, lots of food everywhere.... this place is a nightmare of bloody potential. His wand is tapped lightly against his forearm. He expects trouble to rise at any moment; he's not going to waste time in having to draw it from its sheath when it does.

Abigail is setting up books behind her booth that reads "Half price books!" in big red letters. She stacks up different piles of books to be sold, a few of her clerks around her helping organize things. Occasionally there will be a Charity worker approching her and chatting a moment, before strolling off to do their thing. She looks up to the Auror rooftop. Gives a smile and a nods and goes back to work. Granted, she's not incharge of this event, but she did have half a piece of mind to hire security.

Sebastian wanders around the Alley with one hand full of food. Because you can't keep a big appetite down, and even if the rock star was in Gryffindor back in the day, he had a Huffle's hunger. The only one of his family he can't out-eat is his brother, Archer, and that's due to the fact that Archer is massive. His jacket is with him only because he's used to having one. If he gets hot, the jacket will be transfigured into something fit for a pocket, and he'll walk around all sleeveless and tatted up. Actually.... he pauses in front of a booth, sticking his corndog into his mouth to hold it there for a moment, and wriggles out of said black jacket. May as well do it now and save himself the trouble later. Yee hee hee! That coaster is gonna call his name soon!

"Take the day off Morris. We can handle it Morris. The enitre ministry building won't collapse in on itself Morris." Mutters the short man named Morris as he makes his way down the alley. He squints his eye as the alley opens up to reveal a festive happy day, which only makes him frown a little more. "They planned this." he realizes outloud, his arms crossing infront of his chest as he takes in everything.

A cute Charity girl bumps into Sabastian as he makes his way to the roller coaster. She blinks then grins "oh! On my!!" She coos as she holds her basket out to him "oh Mr Binns! I'm such a Fan!" She squeels, starting a bit of a scene. God help the fangirls.

Fred just wanders right on past the silly fangirl, his head shaking in silent laughter. Ahaha. The auror trainee is glad to not be on the rooftops today. Besides, they probably have it better covered that they would if he was up there. Ahaha. He wanders along, stopping in front of Abi's table with his cone of cotton candy. "Oh, hey, you got any rare potions books on sale?" Like a moth to the flame, he is.

Sebastian blinks and stares at the girl, a corndog in his mouth. "Ffffuh," comes the audible reply, most likely something not fit for tender ears anyway. Thank you, corndog. He Transfigures the coat and stuffs it into a pocket with one hand while taking his munchies out of his mouth with the other. And a winced smile. "Oi," he laughs a little self-consciously. "Always seem to catch me with my pants down." And then, realizing it's one of the breeds of Fangirlus Majorus, he hastily adds, "Donations then?" Because if he has to flee with people trying to remove his pants for him, there will be no end of his irritation. He fishes in the OTHER pocket for some spare change. Because he honestly doesn't walk around loaded with cash like a playa or anything. Geez.

Apparently going for the pretty-in-pink look, Meg makes her way out of the Leaky Cauldron with Paige and the two girls joins the crowd milling about the festival. "I want Cotton Candy." Meg says and heads unerringly straight for the booth selling it. Mmmmm, spun sugar. Once she's got a cone with a large dose of sugar fix on hand she'll just go ahead and see what else is on offer at the festival and of course go find Paige again should she get lost on the way to the cotton candy vendor.

Abigail smiles to Fred and nods "Actually, I have a couple. Not my rarest. I like to save those for later. BUT yuo can see the ones I have out." She pulls out the books in question and hands them to Fred. Morris Is greated with a wave as he walks by. "Good afternoon Sir. Want to look at som books?" She asks. Usually when people DON"T want to be social, books make them feel better.
From where he sits, watching everything and everyone, Nosfertum's gaze strays frequently to Abigail and her booth. It's easy to pick out her flaming red hair, and he knows that trouble is often drawn to that woman like iron filings to a magnet. Seeing her smile and nod, he only touches two fingers to the broad, floppy brim of his hat and salutes. Yeah, hi. Whatever.

The Fangirl looks into her basket as he drops a donation then squeals loudly shaking her basket and running to her friends Screaming "He touched my basket!" And they in turn let out the mating all of the fangirl. The all bounce in a circle.

"Yes, cotton candy," Paige agrees, following Meg that way. She eyes the poster of herself in the Quidditch Shop window, wrinkling her nose a bit. The poster waves at her, winking. The real Paige makes a face at it. So weird. She turns away from it, hurrying after Meg so she can buy her own cotton candy. "I haven't had cotton candy in ages," she says to the girl once she has it, plucking a piece off to put into her mouth. Mmm. Sooo good.

Sitting on the Stoop of the Quidditch Shop is a cute little grey Tabby with white paws and Amber eyes. The Cat seems to be leasurely cleaning herself as people pass by, unphased by the amount of people in the Alley. She mews softly then goes back to promptly cleaning her tail.

Sebastian is so freaking glad he's engaged now. Sekritly, but still. And baby too. It helps remind him that there are actually sane females out there in the world still. O.O;; Regardless, he enjoys his corndog in the shadow of the coaster and pretends like the fangirls don't exist. For now. When they come up at him he'll just delicately extricate himself with the precision of a fine surgeon and run like all hell if he has to.

A man slips out of Knockturn, into Daigon with a thin, pale hand raised to his face. He's rubbing his eyes and pinching his nose, squinting as if someone had turned the sun up far past acceptable levels. "Salizar's Snake, what is all this rubbish?" Silas asks to himself, peering around at the crowds, the rides, the stalls... "Ah. It's 'play at being sacrificial lambs' day again. Didn't we have a few of those just last week?" But far be it for him to buck the trend. That over there looks like it could be a beer garden. Why the owner of a bar would feel compelled to buy someone elses alcohol is beyond even Silas as he sways through the crowd. It was just there, so he wants some. "... What do you mean, it's /non-alcoholic cider/?" he asks the man behind the stall with a gasp of HORROR.

Fred makes that soft 'ooh'-ing noise at the books, like a baby with candy. He loves Potions books, rare or not rare. He flips through them slowly, reading through the introduction and so on. One particular book, he points at. "Mmm, I've read his other books before. They're great for the more obscure stuff, even if some of it is ridiculously useless."

Phillip is helping to sell books! He does this via a basket he has thrown over his shoulder, the amusingly slight young man walking around with a straw hat plunked on his sable head whilst he constantly fidgets with the buttons of his thin white dress shirt. He is constantly having issues with people thinking he's with the Hands for the Helpless, gaining him handfuls of money shoved in his direction, to which he only flushedly responds to by trying to give them a book in return. Those that don't take a book have their money turned over to the proper Helpless friends before he trundles on his way, often ducking and diving through the crowd, a litany of apologies following in his wake. He stands in the cool shade of a building, now, adjusting his glasses and breathing out a long, relieved sigh whilst he pushes them up on his nose. During this push, he catches the greeting between his boss and someone who seems to be perched on a roof. Blinking almondesque, bluegrey eyes, he peers through the sunshine at Nosfertum with quixotic curiosity only to cheerfully hustle over to stand underneath. He peeks up at Nosfertum a while longer, then digs into his basket only to come up with a small, squat volume wrapped in tarnished umber leather without any writing on the front. He holds it up towards Nosfertum like a talisman, a bright, open smile showing on his dark-skinned features as he quite innocently inquires, "Hello, sir! Would you like a book? This one would be perfect for you, I think!" Only Phillip would attempt to sell a book to a man who isn't on the same floor as he is.

Abigail nods to Fred and chuckles "Well read up all you like. Hes a popular Author. The book you have there is no longer in print." She smiles then looks to Phillip. She follows his gaze then blinks. "Oh...Boy." She practially leaps over her counter to get to Phillip and gently puts a hand on his arm and smiles "No Darling." She replies 'Not to him." She attempts to lead him off to a more safer person..like..Morris! "Here now. He looks like a avid reader."

There's a shift of his weight, and the Auror leans forward to peer down the slant of the roof at this... kid. An eyebrow arches over the rims of his spectacles, and Nosfertum doesn't speak right away. "Go away, boy," he finally calls down, his voice flat and unpleasant. "I'm on-duty, and you're distracting me." And therrrrrre comes Abigail to save his sanity. She's thanked with a flat scowl all her own, and then he rocks back on the balls of his feet and drops into a crouch beside the rooftop chimney.

"I have some any chance I get, but the last was at the Hogsmeade festival." Meg admits with a sheepish grin. "What should we go look at first?" she asks her friend. She's looking around and taking in it all - rides and booths and shops and wheee! So much going on. So she's a little giddy. Blame too much time in dusty archives earlier in the day, a bit of fun is definitely in order. While she waits to see what Paige wants to do she munches on the cotton candy.

Phillip turns his head down to blink at Abigail as she comes to take him away, eyes a bit round at first, "Hm? Ah! But!" As he's pulled away, he flails the book in Nosfertum's direction, "Ah, but he needs a book! He doesn't have one!" Flap flap! Not that Phillip can put up much of a fight. He looks like little kids could probably pin him down and pull his hair, in truth. Still, he seems so very intent on how badly Nosfertum requires this book for a whole life and chi infused with positive energy. It is THAT integral. Phillip, as noted, has fluff where his brain should be.

The little Grey Tabby stops a moment to blink a bit. She shakes her head randomly, sneezes then gets up with a little kitty stretch. Time to Explore! She goes trotting down the street looking about before finally approaching Meg. She meows sweetly to the lady.

"Whatever you want to do, you invited me," Paige tells her with a smile. She's content just munching on her cotton candy. Hufflepuffs on a sugar high. Never a good thing. "Looks like you've got a friend," she comments, grinning down at the cat as he walks up to Meg.

Abigail shakes her head with a laugh "I'm sure he has a book somewhere in that jacket of his."She assures him as she steers him toward Morris. Morris seems just as sour looking as Nossie, so this should be easy to get Phillip to change his mind.

Morris stands at the entrance to the Alley until he is forced aside by several wanting to enter. Glancing back over his shoulder, he sighs. "They'll have my flat covered I bet." He reaches into his robes and rummages into one of the pockets of his tool belt. He starts towards one of the vendors, hestiating when he hears a particular patron complaning of the lack of alcohol. "Right then." He pauses to peer curiously at a cat who hasn't run away from the crowds, only to get distracted about someone yelling about books. He begins wandering over towards Abigail's stall slowly, coins in hand, which makes him rather popular among other stall memebers who see his hands.

After arguing for a time with the vendor, (Non-alcoholic drinks are a crime, and there's an Auror /right there/ who should be coming to arrest you any moment now,) Silas slips back into the crowd with a huff, then stands there and tries to remember why it is he left home at all. It wasn't for this... and it's while he's standing there in confusion that he catches a flap of a bronze hand holding a book, and that achingly familiar voice. But then Phillip is gone again, lost in the crowd, and Silas is left to hop up onto his toes to try and find the young man again.

The Fangirls keep their distance from Sebastian for now. But those 8 pairs of eyes are fixed upon him intently. You can catch snatches of the conversation "Oh he's eating a corn dog!" "he loves corn Dogs!' I Love corn Dogs! Now we can get married!" "No! I wanna marry him!" "You don't even LIKE corn Dogs!" And etc etc...

Fred is all over those books like white on rice. He just happily reads away, trying to decide which he should buy, if he can afford them or if he should buy both. He hasn't gotten a new potions book in a while, after all. It might be nice to have something new to muck around with.

Sebastian bounces on his toes and tosses his stick into the garbage happily. He then starts eyeing the stalls full of liquor. ... no. He's learned by now that these events attract people that he will invariably have to kill before they kill him, so he refrains from drinking. Not that it would seriously affect him to have a couple of beers... No. He turns to find water or something instead.
Something... oh, there. Non-alcohol... He looks towards the fangirls and says an rather naughty word under his breath before scooting towards the cider booth. OMGWTF GET AWAY. >.>;;;

"Hmph," Nosfertum grumps quietly, watching young Phillip getting dragged away by the redhead. He shakes his head and glowers over the rims of his spectacles to further emphasise.... No, he /really/ does not want a book. Sod off, kid! His weight is shifted again, but he remains crouched and wary for the sudden flash of green that means his predictions have come true.

Thus is the young Phillip, vendor of books, give up on his somber quarry for the sake of another sour-pussed gentleman who looks like he sorely needs a book. Phillip eyes Morris thoughtfully before he rummages in his basket once more and trundles over towards him, pointed like Abigail's personal weapon of bookish cheer, with a navy bound book with gold lettering on the front held between his hands and pressed with the back to his chest. Smiling brightly at
Morris once more in such a fashion that tends to be more infectious than generally annoying, he says, husky voice light and warm, "Hello, sir! Would you like this book? Or any, really. Books are good. I - oh!" He is startled as his hat slides forward over his brow, causing him to stumble a moment and nearly lose his balance.

Abigail Stays close to Phillip. He is a wepon but one that should be weild carefully." She smiles to Morris in a sheepish manner and shrugs "Hes rather enthusiastic" She replies. She blinks as Phillip looses his balance and grabs him quickly by the arm to prevent the domino affect onto Morris.

The Grey Tabby Purs at Meg and Paige, stepping forward to rub against Meg's Leg. She turns and eyes Silas who May or may not have kitty treats..or perhaps he smells like katnip. Reguardless, kitty girl is drawn to the sourpuss and she trots towards Silas with a mew.

Meg looks down at the cat and back at Paige, "I suppose so, though she seems to share her attentions." she says with a laugh, having had a mouthful of cotton candy before and thus could not respond immediately. "Shall we have a look at the booths first. I'm sure someone has a birthday coming up, or maybe we'll just find something fun we like anyway. Never know what will turn up at a festival booth." she says with a grin.

Morris was somewhat intent on the stall itself but was quickly intercepted by Phillip. He frowns at the young man as he cheerily offers the book and then begins to stumble. Being short and stocky, he is fairly stable in his balance and actually puts out an arm to keep the boy from fully falling, only to see Abigail grab him. "Careful there." he grunts, taking the moment to pocket his money.

Perhaps that's him, way over in the distance? Silas begins trying to forge his way through the crowds to get a better look, but finds himself tripped up by a kitty. The man scowls down at it as if seriously considering kicking it. But Phil likes cats, and Si's gotten much better with them. "Are you going to bite me if I share?" he asks her dubiously, as if he were speaking to a person. Because yes, he knows what she wants. It's not catnip, but it's in the same family, and it's in his pocket. One last glance is cast over the crowds with a sigh as he digs around, then crouches down with a tiny little leaf. "Here you are, minou, you great mooch. I usually charge for such favours, eh?" he murmurs, giving her a scratch behind her ears. Silas is struck with the most absurd notion he's ever had in his life; in the absence of Phil, he should adopt a cat. HA HA HA.

Paige reaches down to pet the cat before she wanders off. "I want a cat," she says with a grin. Not that she has time to even take care of her dog, which is why it is at her parent's house. "Yeah, lets check out the booths, that works for me. I'm a bit wary of any rides. Just because, if something happens...we'd be stuck," she says. She's not fond of that idea and attacks at these things are just all too common. "So booths sound great."

Phillip is pretty graceful, in truth, and only stumbles but a step backwards before he catches himself, lifting a hand to push his hat back. Wrinkling his nose, he fixes his glasses so that he can see more clearly only to smile again, warmly but not largely, in the least, "I'm all right." He looks to Abigail, blinking yet again only to flush with embarrassment and rub a hand against the back of his neck, "Sorry. Thank you." He tries to remember precisely what he was doing only to look at Morris and say, lightly, "You need a book!" There's no question there. He glances down at the navy volume in hand only to hold it out towards Morris once more, "This book." Why is he so sure? Because if Phillip knows anything about anything, it's books and what sort of people like to read what sorts of books. It's good knowledge to have when one works at a bookstore, after all.

Long distance to Meg: Abigail Grins 'Keep an eye out for more pages";)
Kitty Girl Mews softly and is almost on her hind legs. YES she wants to share!! She nibbles at the leaf in his fingers and leans into his hand as she recieves scritches.

Sebastian purchases a cider with a relieved smile. "Thanks, mate," he offers the vendor. Anything to put his back towards those.... creatures. Who squeal. It's perfectly acceptable when he's singing and rock godding it up on stage, but he's... not there right now. O.O;; He's getting terrible flashbacks to the Duelling Competition of a year back when he was seriously molested while half-conscious. Sob. He has a long swallow of cider and tries to push back those traumatic memories while eyeing the booths. And the coaster. That line is soooo long. Though maybe not if he sidled in and flashed a grin.... But no. He's not going to go that route. Swallow. Another bout of cider gone. He glances into the glass and blinks. He fishes out more coins and sets them down on the stall with a thin smile at the vendor. "I'll be needing another." Oy vey.
You paged Paige with 'The cat's fur feels slightly damp when you pet her.'.

Meg looks down at her stockings and wrinkles her nose. "The cat was into something." she says to Paige as they move towards the booths, "I hope it wasn't anything smelly." She stops to look at a booth with an assortment of jewelry and hair accessories. "Oooh, these hair clips are pretty aren't they?" she comments.

Grumble grumble. Vincent Nosfertum mutters beneath his breath about the crowds. Oh look, there's a cluster of people around the rides. What a great target they'd make if the artifice came crashing down towards them. The Auror snorts as he reaches into his trenchcoat, fishing about for his mirror from one of the inner breast pockets. Low words are murmured as he checks in with the rest of his squads. No mayhem so far? Good, good. Just give it more time.
Fred looks up and about, having finally decided which book needs to be brought to a loving home, to be read and cherished for a good long time to come. Now he has to find Abi so he can pay for said book. Ah, there she is!

Abigail smiles to Phillip and pats his arm then looks to Morris "everyone alright then?" She asks them both then chuckles 'he's rather enthused" She murmurs to Morris as Phillip goes into his spechel of book selling. Abi glances back up to the roof. Grumpy little rain cloud on the chimney? Check. All is well. She stands beside Morris and Phillip doing damage control.

You paged Meg with 'You feel a little light headed but nothing to get alarmed by. More like a little excitement tocuhed you and you're a bit buzzed.'.
Paige looks at her hand after petting the cat. "Yeah, something wet," she murmurs, going to a booth and getting a napkin to try and wipe her hand off. "I'm hoping it's not something really nasty since I just touched it."

Morris look suspicious and unconvinced by Phillip's insistance. He smirks a bit at Abigail's comment about enthuasim but reaches out and takes the book, looking it over, glancing at the title at least. "And why do I need this specific book?" he queries the young man, lifting his gaze to look Phillip directly in the eye. "Or rather why should I spend my money on this particular book?"

Silas wrinkles his nose and lifts his hand to inspect it. "Been rolling in puddles, have you?" he drawls, lets the cat finish up the leaf and taps the top of her head again. "Well then, you'll have to earn your keep. There's a young man selling books here who adores kitties. You make sure to mew prettily at him if you see him, eh?" he bargains (with a cat, whom at this point he's likely hallucinating has a cheshire cat grin) and rises to try and find a vantage point from which he could watch the crowds. Hmm. That railing over there might do.

The Cat tilts its head. Yes, she has no idea what you're saying. But she's so cute it doesn't matter too much. She mews again as if to say "Yous have gooshy foods?" at him. The leaf is enough to make her Silas's best friend forever.

As if asked to explain the reports for next year's earnings, Phillip pops the book open and clears his throat lightly, showing off the tiny writing inside, "Because it is populated with sensible characters who ultimately are forced to solve a dangerous mystery. The main character is a man named Harold Starling who has no interest in being there in the first place, but had to for the sake of proper decorum and as a duty to his business partner. The scenery is largely dark and jagged, the mystery itself somewhat horrible, the ending startling, and the wording succinct yet descriptive." He pauses for a long time, then glances aside at the book, adding, simply, "The cover is also attractive." Phillip does quail somewhat from the rather direct gaze Morris gives him, flushing once more, but he manages to say all of this without pause.

As Sebastial wanders he may notice lurking in the shadows behind him are his four fan girls. He can probably hear the tell tail giggling as the stalk him slowly and continue to whisper about what color underwear he is wearing..or if he wears it at all! HEEHEEHEEHEE!!! They creepy closer...and closer...and closer...dundundun...

"Hehehe, you know cotton candy after having an ale makes me a bit loopy. Never noticed that before." Meg says, giggling. "but you know I don't think I've had cotton candy after ale before anyway. What do you want to look at next Paige?" She grabs a napkin from a nearby food booth and dabs at her tights where the cat got them damp.

Paige giggles as well. "I think maybe it's just the cotton candy, because I didn't have any ale." She shrugs a little, looking perfectly content and happy at the moment. "Whatever you want. I'm sure it will be loads of fun." She's gotten a bit more giggly since she finished off her cotton candy.

Two steps, and the cat's still mewing at him? Silas glances over his shoulder down at her and smirks. "Oh, you know who your sugar daddy is now, don't you?" he says wryly, makes a noise of frustration and rolls his eyes. "Oh very well. We strays must stick together, and all that, right?" Assuming she'll keep up, he hops up onto the railing just below Nosfertum and gestures for her to jump up. Then, noticing a man staring at the last bite of a hotdog like he's about to be sick, Silas reaches out and plucks it out of the mans startled hands. "I'm doing you a favour, my dear man. I suggest walking it off." he tells the stranger lightly, fishes out the last bit of weiner, and offers it to his new companion.

"Scintillating." Morris drawls somewhat sarcastically. "I do not have time for such frivalities, however." Actually the way Morris looks around at the crowds, he consideres this entire affair friavlous. However he looks back at Phillip. "If you are looking to make a sale, I require a book on brooms. The cleaning kind. Not the flying kind." he says matter of factly.

Sebastian would shake his leather clad bootay if he weren't, you know, being summarily stalked like a gazelle in the African savannah right now. o.O;;; You don't SEE the knicker lines do yooooou? All the same, he glances over his shoulder at the four girls. Tossing one empty cup into a trash can, he slowly edges off with his other cider in hand. He doesn't meet their eyes and he's backing off sloooooowly. Just in case they get the urge to become aggressive in their native habitat and territory. Maybe he won't do the coaster. Because they may sneak on behind him and he'd be trapped like a freakin' RAT on the thing with them with the only way out that of flinging himself to his untimely demise below. Rather than go that route to the cheers of certain prestigious Aurors in glowering attendance of this event, Sebastian instead moves off in the direction of Paige and Meg. Not that he knows it. It's just the direction he takes.

Fred finally gets someone to take the money from him for his book, before frolic--- walking off to look around some more. He still has what is left of his cotton candy in one hand, the book in the other. "Afternoon, Paige!" He waves toward her in passing.

The Kitty hesitates then leaps into Silas's lap (if he's sitting. She mews and rubs up against Silas with a happy purr. She nibbles at the hot dog.

Oh, droop. Phillip does so very much so, his shoulders falling slightly as the book he seems to find so interesting is so summarily dismissed, though he does sigh soon afterwards as he admits, "I thought such." He contemplates lengthily before he cants his head to the side, "Why do you need a book about brooms for cleaning? How to make them or how to use them?" There is an avid curiosity now, even as he curls the book against his stomach, expression intent and bright still. It is a sales associate's job to make sales. Phillip, however, is only interested in books. Which books or why isn't the point, nor how much they cost. /Books/. It is only his interest in books that causes him to question the man innocently enough.

The fangirls are about to pounce! But not before their rather pudgey supervisor steps in. He scowls at the four girls and waves a hand to them "Girls, get back to work collecting funds" He gruffs then shakes his head as the ladies slink off with their tails between their legs. "silly girls. Sometimes they aren't reliable." The supervisor looks to Sebastian a moment then smiles a little too warmly. "...I'm a large fan." I'll say..a very large hairy one.

"Fred!" Paige says excitedly. "Hiya, how're you?" She's very...chipper. Cotton candy must be good for the attitude. "Oh, you've got cotton candy too, have you? It's just brilliant isn't it? Meg and I just had some," she beams. She lifts a hand to push some hair from her face. "Oh, this is a friend of mine, Meg. And Meg, this is another friend of mine, Fred," she intorduces.

"You had soda! Soda and cotton candy is sugar plus more sugar!" Meg says cheerfully and gives a giddy sort of laugh. Wheee! "You know spinning around sounds kind of fun. It probably would look too silly though. I used to love to spin when I was a little girl and I had a skirt on. Oooooo what's this! Shiny!" She giggles. "Hi Fred!" She beams happily at Fred.

What is that wretched sound? Nosfertum blinks and looks further down below him, leaning forward on the balls of his feet to peer into the alley. It's a noise like nails on chalkboard, like breaking glass.... God, it's fangirls. He tilts his head curiously. Is that Sebastian Binns? Why yes. Yes, it is. Being followed by.... a horde of girls and a warmly-smiling bear. The Auror snarfs back a laugh and settles into smirking broadly from a very safe distance. HA HA HA.

Sebastian just blinks and stares at the bear like man after his stalkers have been sent off. "Good!" he offers with as much of a smile as he can muster. God hates him with the raging fiery passion of a thousand flaming suns, obviously. "Keep an eye out. I'm still trying to write the stuff for the second album. Writer's block I suppose." Scoot. Scoot. "Oh, my cider's gone," he notes breezily. "Thanks for being a fan!" He turns and casually walks as fast as he can manage towards a trash bin. Sob. Why does everyone and everything in the world have to HATE him like this?

Morris looks a little ataken aback by Phillip and his more direct question. Obviously the man is used to clerks who respond when he tells them what he wants. "I have staff who do not believe brooms can be used for cleaning. I plan to teach them." he states simply. His eyes slide along the crowd quickly, eyeing two women giggling happily together. "Your book might prove interesting to them." he points out Meg and Paige before nodding to the book he was previously offered. "Why not tell the interesting synopsis to them." he suggests.

Silas is certainly sitting at the moment. He's feeling too light headed to do cartwheels on the railing -- that will come in about half an hour, when he's convinced he also can fly. Scratching his new friend's head, he cranes his neck around until he finally spots Phillip again, and a rather distant, fond look softens his features. For now, he is utterly content to sit and watch the boy discuss books -- the subject that pleases him most -- from a distance like a creepy stalker.

. . . Females are frightening. Soon enough it might seem that the whole alley is full of fangirls. Fred looks a little concerned by the over-giddy behavior of the two young woman. "Whoa, yeah, I'd say you need to lay off the sugar." He replies.

Abigail looks to Phillip a moment then blinks a moment then chuckles "That...was impressive" She replies. Phillip is suprising. A bit odd but suprising. She gives his back a pat then looks to Morris "Wel...I think you should by that book just for that effort alone" She replies to Morris with a little wink.

Kitty girl gives her lovins to Silas one more time then in her fickle kitty way she leaps off his lap and trots off again, weaving her way through the crowd. Who will she love on next? Who will see her next?

"I'm not stupid," Phillip says to Morris in a surprisingly pleasant, matter-of-fact tone, though he adds soon enough, "And I believe I have a book that will serve your needs, though it involves more than a broom." He turns away only to trot off towards the direction of Abigail's stall, moving through the available choices with ease before he finds a children's book and turns back to serve it to Morris post-haste. It is a child's book about cleaning and he opens it to the pages that show a cute little girl with a topknot ponytail in a knee-high dress sweeping with a small broom, "See? It also shows dusting and things, should you feel the need to point that out, too..." He sets the smaller navy book on top of the hard-backed children's book and holds them both out, "Here. If you buy the book on cleaning, you can have both. I can pay for the other one." Because, you see, Morris NEEDS that book. Phillip is a hopeless young man. As for Abigail's compliment, the dark youth only smiles at her brightly, blushing once more before he says a quick, fairly shy, "Thank you..."

Again the Auror reaches for the mirror in his pocket. He speaks quietly into it for awhile, and roughly ten seconds after he's tucked it away, there's a sharp, whip-like crack of air next to him. Standing up and stretching out stiff muscles, Nosfertum turns to the younger Auror and speaks to him. His replacement's here to keep watch upon the rooftops, meaning the Enforcer is free to go walking the crowds. The man turns and descends a fire escape, clanging his way down the steps and then emerging into the flow of people. Nnnngh.
It's such a lovely spring day that Gabrielle has decided to wear a cute empire waisted sun dress in a bright green that flatters her red hair and freckles quite well. On her feet are a pair of sandals and on top of her head is a floppy straw hat. She walks along in the festival and looks around, laughing softly as she looks at a vendor selling little ships in a bottle. She picks one with a small sailboat up and hands over a few coins before looking around again to see who's there.

Paige rolls her eyes at Fred, very over dramatically. "No, no, no, we /need/ the sugar," she explains to him. "You should have more." She turns and buys him another cotton candy, handing it over. Her giggling is fading now. Odd. "MR. NOSFERTUM! Hiii!" she calls, waving her arm back and forth in drastic movements to get his attention.

The grey tabby trots amongst the crowd, her tail held high. She's a fearless little cat, and rather adorable too!

Morris looks towards Abigail as she comes to assist. Ahh here is the actual business woman. However suddenly Phillip is rather helpful, disappearing and re-appearing with a children's book. He tilts his head a moment, scrutnizing the book he offers, then reaches to take and flips through it casually. "Actually this will work quiet nicely. However I will have no time for this other book of yours. Unless you feel through some prophetic knowledge that it being forgotten on a shelf in my flat wil lead it to its one true admirer, I suggest you attempt to find a interested owner." He begins digging into his pockets for his money.

Hearing his name being /screeched/ through the crowds, Nosfertum turns on the ball of his foot to peer around with narrowed eyes. It's impossible to miss Paige spazzing a greeting at him, and he sighs to himself. "What the bloody Hell," he mutters. Reluctantly and half-arsedly, he lifts his hand and jerks a wave back at her. Yeah, yeah. Hi.

Abigail smiles to Phillip. She leans down to the boy and murmurs 'you're doing lovely. Keep it up. I do think yuo may have a sale" And low and behold! Morris is buying a book. She grins to Phillip knowingly. One sale out of two ain't bad! She gives him a smile of approval. The sqeal of Paige catches her attention and she turns quickly. Ah..just another girl. Hopefully not a fan one. She goes back to her gentlemen and her sale "The book will be one sickle."

Smiling brightly at Fred, Meg says, "Nonsense, Hufflepuffs have a high sugar tolerance. Just ask anyone." Though her smile seems to be starting to fade. Maybe the sugar high isn't so long lasting after all? She looks at Paige and says, "I think I need more cotton candy." The giggling has definitely faded.
Silas sighs as the cat leaps down. "Loved and left. Sad tale of my life." he comments in an amused tone. Fickle things, cats. But the melancholic, brooding and wistful expression is replaced by something a bit more chipper.

It's a beautiful sunny day, and apparently not even Silas can resist the charms of cotton candy and soda... mmm, just over there. And perhaps a caramel apple. He should be spending this fair with Phillip, but thats not possible. He'll have made amends before another fair goes by, however, and then things can go back to being right again. So he hops off the railing and begins to browse stalls, searching for something paticularily shiny to buy for the other man.
The Bear of a man grins and watches Sebastian wander off....but one may get the sneak suspision that there is a fat man following him now...hmm..Those fat guys are sneaky...wait. Did he just giggle?

Sebastian peers at people speculatively from near the garbage bin before making his way out again. A cat is spotted and he halts to peer at it. Pretty thing. He's never had the chance to get to know many cats in his time. His family has dogs. Lots of dogs. And now his current paramour has dogs. Lots of dogs. His last ex did too. The one before that had psycho cats, though. PSYCHO. KITTIES. He realizes with a blink that he's lost in his own little world of cats and dogs and exes and oh's and snaps out of it. "Obviously, I need more food," he laments to himself - and only himself right now. "My blood sugar is causing me to stare holes through things and get lost in thought. And .... was that a giggle? Baz whips around and peers behind him, but can't spot the big guy. Askafajajsjdjlkdjfd! A little flail escapes him. THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD!

"Right right, I forget. It's been too many years since I've been in school." Fred rolls his eyes. He winces and covers his ears as Paige bellows her greeting to Nosfertum. "Yeah, yeah... high sugar tollerance my foot. I think you two need to lay off the sweet stuff for a little bit... thanks." Yay, more cotton candy! It better be the blue stuff!

The kitty trots around passing by Sebastian. She mews sweetly then rubs up against his leather clad leg in a loving manner.

You paged Gabrielle with 'Still here? I might have missed your pose'.
Phillip is still rather droopy, though he ultimately explains why he pushes the book so, "I just think you'd enjoy it more than you'd guess." He gives up on it, however, blinking over at Abigail with curious interest, "Hm? Doing what?" With his what-what? Exactly? Huh? Oh. He tucks the navy book back into his basket and holds out the children's book, smiling cheerfully once more as if his own proferred book had never been slighted, "We appreciate your patronage." Once the book is taken, he watches the transaction absentmindedly only to wave cheerily at Morris as he turns to trundle back through the crowd, certain to find more people that require books to live. It isn't the draw of passing on literature that pulls the young man through the crowd now, but rather the scent of sweets. He 'sneakily' approaches one of the vendors - that of the candy apples - and peeks in with distinct curiosity. Mmmm.

Morris cringes a little as the yelling and laughing and general merriment of the festivile seems to have increased. He glances over his shoulder, causing him to slow in fiddling for the money he needs to pay as he looks around the crowd. However ultimately money is transfered and the item bought. He glances at Abigail and gives her a bit of a look. "An interesting helper you have there." he says simply before turning to look at the crowd. He spies that cat again, which makes him frown more than Phillip did. "Unnatural." he mutters to himself.

"Mr. Nosfertum. Come over here," Paige says sharply, pointing beside her, her eyes narrowed at the man. This is apparently not a request. She looks back at Meg and Fred, eyeing them carefully. "Are you going to eat all of that?" she asks Fred, looking at the cotton candy she just bought him. "I'd rather like to have some for myself."

Abigail lets Phillip get lured away by his sweet tooth. He'll do less damage. She looks to Morris with a chuckle "He's still learning I suppose" She replies with a little shrug of his shoulders. "He is persistant isn't he?" She asks.

And just when the world goes mad? Sebastian feels a kitty rubbing against him with a pretty little kitty-mew. He blinks and glances down at the cat. "Oi there, sweets," he says with a slightly Irish-tinted voice. He slowly kneels near her and offers a hand to rub on her and pet her. "What's a pretty thing like you doing out and about here, hm? You need to be inside getting toys and food and love. Not safe for anyone out in the wide world these days, sweetheart." He does have a gentle petting hand despite the callouses on them. "You're the one little fan I don't think I mind today," he admits with a lopsided grin. And she likes him too! Doesn't even know him, but likes him! YAY!

No more cotton candy? Meg's eyes widen and actually she looks a little teary. "But I want more cotton candy!" She's not sure why but she's very sure on that point. For some reason it seems almost a tragedy not to have more of the sticky sweet goodness. She looks really sulky. "Fine! A candy apple then. Hmpf." Bossy man telling them to lay off the sweets. She stomps over to the vendor with the candy apples and gets one biting into the caramel almost defiantly.... only to make a face. Without being the least discrete about it, Meg spits out the apple. "Ewwww." She throws the rest away. "That wasn't good at all.

The tabby cat purs and headbuts Sebastian's hand affectionately. She likes the rock stars...but luckily isn't a fan girl. If anything she is more atriculate.

..... Someone is having mood swings. Nosfertum arches an eyebrow at Paige's sudden abrupt change in demeanour towards him. From screechy hellos to a demand to get over there. "What the Hell," he repeats to himself, before he comes forward with a grim, irritated scowl. "O'Calahan," he snaps, "I'm on duty. If this isn't important, I'm going to smack you upside the head, girl or not. What the Hell do you want?"

. . . Fred just stares between the two females, trying to figure out wtf it was he did wrong. "Yeah, sure, here." He hands the cotton candy back over to her, obviously fearing the moodswings. There is a softly muttered and exasperated 'women' under his breath, too.

"He is." Morris admits to the red headed bookkeeper. "If my interns had half his spunk, I could take these... sabatacles, more often." The man's tone doesn't suggest if he finds this a good or bad idea. He turns again to face Abigail and nods his head. "Good day." Taking the book and tucking it into his belt, he turns to move back into the crowd.

"You can be on duty over here just as well as over there," Paige tells him shortly, practically rolling her eyes at him. She's almost never short with anyone. When Fred hands her the cotton candy she inspects it before handing it to Nosfertum. "Here. You should eat this. Maybe you'd scowl less. Or maybe it would turn your scowl blue." She raises her eyebrows at Fred. /What/ did he just mutter?

Abigail glances around the streets. She spots Gabrielle walking by and smiles brightly "Good afternoon Miss! Having a good time so far?" She asks, trying to start up a conversation. She looks to Morris again and smiles "You don't seem to be a crowd person. Am I right?"

Sebastian squints at the feline and lifts his hand away with a rather rueful look. "You're wet, though," he tells the tabby cat. "I could make so many really inappropriate jokes right now, but I won't offend your delicate and sensible feline ears, my dear." He chuckles and shakes his head. "Sticking with me, or off on your way again? Can dig it if you have business, baby." He gestures at himself with a little grin. "I live carefree too. You just keep a watch on yourself, Miss Kitty, if you go off doing things. No telling who's out there looking for a kitty skin hat, you know?"

The Kitty shakes its fur after the petting. She sneezes then mews at him in understanding and starts to trot off. Love em and leave em..its the way of the kitty.

You paged Sebastian with 'You feel a little light headed but nothing to get alarmed by. More like a little excitement tocuhed you and you're a bit buzzed.'.
Gabrielle looks up at the call for the grumpy auror of the year and then chuckles softly to herself. She shakes her head and continues to walk around, tucking the little ship in a bottle away in a bag she's carrying. She spots a certain white blonde and grins slightly. He won't remember her, they met once. "Silas! Hi!" She waves her fingers and starts moving in his direction through the crowd. "It's Gabrielle..." Saaand castles!

"I HATE caramel apples." Meg says as she rejoins them. She feels really tense now. Tense and melodramatic aren't a great combination. Apparently not liking caramel apples is a tragedy because Meg bursts into tears. "Why are caramel apples so icky????????" she wails.

Anyone that has ever eaten a candy apple - not a caramel apple, but a candy apple - knows the true insanity of trying to consume one with any kind of cleanliness or success. Phillip has both, one caramel wrapped for later, and the candied one's shaft held tightly in one slender hand. He has found a bench to seat himself on for the time being and is doing his damnedest to sink his teeth into the candy shell. At twenty-two, one might expect some better decorum from the man, but all he can do is gnaw at the crimson shell nigh fruitlessly, getting sticky red stuff on, around, and in his mouth. HE does manage at least some kind of skill with it, in the end, but not nearly enough to save him from this sticky fate. Alas... mm.
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